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I wish I would have read reviews before taking my computer here. He did not fix my computer but charged me. He is a creeper. I took the computer to a different place and they fixed it. It now runs better than new with a different operating system.

I took my computer in to have a virus removed but when I got it back it was not fixed. Like someone else on here said, he gave me the creeps so I took it someplace else and they actually did the job I paid them to do.

I took my computer to Heckey's. He did not fix it but charged for fixing it. I would have called and complained but he gave me the creeps.

This is the best laptop Shop in the Appleton area. I went there and my laptop wasn't powering up and Rick fixed the problem for $45.00. He also call to let me know what was wrong and the price before he fixed my laptop. He said he don't charge for diagnostics on laptops or desktops cause its

Met him while he was completing some continuing education units at Fox Valley Technical College. My laptop became infected with the Vundo and fake FBI virus. None of the techs at the college could completely eradicate it or save my files. Even their IT people threw their hands up in the

I have had Heckey's Computer Service as my computer expert for several years. Never have had one complaint or problem that Richard (Heckey) couldn't solve. In fact he has built my last two computers. The present one is only 7 months old and no problems so far. The first computer I had over

Had my computer back in less than 3 hours! I can't believe it.

Brought my tower in around 10 am because it wouldn't boot. Had it back mid-afternoon, in working order. That was decent service! You'd think with the quick service you would pay out the yingyang, but it was only $40. I'm happy to have found this guy. He even called me 1/2 way just to update

Dropped my computer off at heckey's computers. The people were friendly and may me at ease. By the end of the day they called me and took me it was finished. They even stayed late so I could pick my computer up.

I got infected with an Adobe Flash player hijacker and the panda virus. Moments after they started destroying my computer a fake antivirus program came thrоugh my email contactsI had Mark's card and flyer I saved and called him. He bumped 2 jobs and arrived within hours. The malware was

Worked on my PC for over 5 days. Didn't give up. Saved 10 years of data and all my songs, documents and pics. Worth the price.

Jeff is the best. I'm from chicago up on bisiness called milwaukee pc and they said they didn't do laptop repair but told me to call jeff unbelievable. Jeff called back told me to bring the computor over 59 minutes later he handed it back to me saying i was good to go. I was back and able to

Other companies charged me money for not even fixing. This company charges only for results and they got it right the first time.

Pretty sure Cyberworks said over $100 for what issues I have. Called this place and paid $30. Never again will I use the big name places. Super job and it was super quick...I'm talking same day.

Had this place mod my wii and it is awesome!

Had a few laptops that needed cleaning up, dropped them off and had them back 2 days later in great working order. Will keep this on as my guru.

The first time I went to Computer Repair Pros, the service was fine. I paid $100 for them to clean my computer put better spyware software on it. About 4-5 months later, I lost internet access due to viruses. When I went back and spoke to the owner/manager, he quoted me a 50% (holiday)

I love this company!!! Great response time and awesome repairs with no hidden costs! My computer was picked up and up and running in no time. Thanks $30 Flat rate computer repair!

Hello, I really have to say that I was really upset about my computer not working the way I wanted it. I called around town to get a couple of quotes and see how long it would take to get it fixed. I called Digital Forensic Technologies and was very impressed with John who talked to me in

I'm very surprised when my order got to my home. Because this Antivirus Softwares are only $19.99.

Mike Gondek is a wonderful employee with excellent advice. Great prices and perfect service. I love all my computers that I have purchased.

Pros: They know what they're doing and charge a very fair price. Con: They don't know how to meet deadlines. At all. I dropped off two computers that needed simple fixes, and they said they'd have them done in 1-2 days. It took one 3 days and the other one over a week.

Very friendly and reliable service. Best prices and no surprises. Always kept me informed of what was going on. Highly recommended.

I recently had Matt out to fix our computer and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. He was very professional and fixed our fan and hard drive and got all of the bugs/viruses out. Our computer runs like new again. I have already recommended him to friends and family members.

Computer Dudes were able to fix my pc the same day I called.I have NEVER gotten service like that before! The Dudes are AWESOME!

I dropped off my laptop for a thorough cleaning. The work was done quickly and the price was within the reasonable estimate. An additional minor problem, which was more of an annoyance, was diagnosed and repaired for just a few dollars more. Another Appleton computer repair shop was unable

By far some of the best customer service I have ever recieved. I called them on a Saturday and talked to their on call rep about my computer. The owner came out on Sunday even though they are normally closed and went over my comptuer with a fine tipped comb at no charge. He made everything

My hard drive crashed and they recovered all of the data in my home, the geek squad said it was impossible! I will be coming back to these guys.

I was recently in Beloit due to a family tragedy, and needed some printing done for my sister, Janelle Gavin's Memorial Service. I went to Staples, and was helped by Greta. The service was amazing, and in talking with Greta, I found great comfort. Greta went more than the extra mile in helping

Great Place to get your computer upgrades and Computer Accessories. Windows and Linux compatible hardware! an A+ In my book.

If you don't want to pay a lot for labor, call Rodenkirch Computing.

Have worked with Will Cummings on a Time & Attendance project for 6 months or so and he has been great. He works tirelessly to be certain that everything is running perfectly. Kent Talamo - Time One, Inc. - (800) 998-7671,

Likes: They are very friendly, helpful, and know what they have and dont. They also know a lot about their products and can answer any question you have. Dislikes: I think of the there stuff is priced a little high but then again I dont know what most of that stuff would normally go for and

I highly recommend the PC doctor. Great service. Thanks. I have three teenagers, and even though I have done every thing to avoid virus infections.It happened. My PC was infected with the Danger your Privacy is in Danger Trojan. The screen was red with a biohazard looking symbol with dripping

Generally a computer store that caters to the more tekkie crowd and not to the mass majority of people that use computers for work, emailing and surfing the WWW. Service performed at this store is top notch, the problem you will run into is finding out when you computer will be finished and

The worst service ever! They treat you like you are the stupidest person on earth.service is very unreliable. They know they are the only game in town (rural area) and really stick it to you. I cant wait for the day when I can get better service from a better run company! I agree about the

I would not recommend anybody to go there. Furniture and equipment look old and quite overpriced. These poor guys still sell used $50 computer monitors (not flat ones) that you can buy new for $20 in the Circuit city or Best Buy. They have only couple people working there and they do not communicate

I had a virus (msblaster) and they came to my home and had me up and running within a few minutes! Bill was lower than expected! I recommend DNA to anyone with a computer problem. He explained things so I could understand, I am pretty computer illiterate. THANKS!

Just last month I have purchased a computer from Team Electronics and I have been in heaven ever since. I have been a customer of Team Electronics for a few years now because their knowledge, understanding, time, and expertise has made a big impression on me. I would pay a little more for a

They responded quickly to fix my computer and they were very inexpensive

I LOVE! your huge selection! Good job keep up the good work!

I have been on the spot many times with printers and faxes going down, & have relied on this company to get it done quickly, cost effectively, and done right! Mike Vance IT Manager Sapko International

Fast professional service with customer service the number one priority.


We had a virus problem and got pops ups continuously. We took it to Best Buy and had to pay an arm and a leg for service that took a week. Almost two months later the same problem occurred and a friend told me about Fixyurpc. Not only did they fix the problem that same day, it was almost half

Estimated wait time = forever! In short my reported easy fix which he stated would take about two days ended up in me calling a week later where assured me it would be done that evening. Surprise, not done, and he stated maybe sometime next week I haven't really even looked at it! Feed up with

Amos came to my office and fixed the problem. Thank You Amos

Unbelievable Computer Knowledge & Support! Call them - they WILL help!

I was going to only give Shaffer Electric 2 stars, but to be fair, they did do a good job on the work. What I was upset about is that when I called, I was quoted my price per hour plus parts. They neglected to tell me that I would be charged an hour for drive time, and that the business had

Iv'e had my computer repaord before but no one adds that personal touch like they do they were very helpful and did alot of little extras at no charge most places won't do. I recoommend them for all your computer needs