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Don't waist your money. This outfit is just terrible. Nothing was done in a timely manner, in fact my computer ran worse that before they took over. I wouldn't use them if they were free. Terrible customer service and brain dead techs that treated me like I was from another planet. If you use

Awesome staff, knowledge and products -High quality all the way around!

These guys are amazing. They can fix almost any computer problem and recover data from hard drives. They are super cheap too! They charge $6/15min that.

We have been a customer of On-Site Computer Repair for almost 8 years. They are prompt, efficient, and work to provide our company with the best of everything computer. They visit our company monthly to update and fix any computer problems. They have a customer service system that can fix problems

I like both the neovest and FirstAlert product. FirstAlert has slightly better analytics, while neovest has slightly better trading functionality.

Upgrades Etcetera Computer has great expertise with providing service for PCs. The prices are fair and competitive and they are pleasant to do business with. - Kaydell Leavitt Tooele Utah, 84074

Guys there are alway willing to help and get what you want at a great deal. Never had any problems with my computer after it has been taken into there store; saying that, 5 stars because of there willing to help you with your problems and there prices insure that there here to stay and make

I have always taken my computers to PRIME SYSTEMS when they were in need of service. They have always done a perfect job in repairing and at a reasonable price. The ONLY problem with them is that they are so popular and busy that one usually has to wait far to long to get their computer back.

This place sucks! the kept my computer for over 6 months without working on it and everytime i called they would give me some Bull Sh't story. I finaily had to get the Cops to force them to give me my computer back and it still was broken. if I where you I would stay clear of this place at

My one and only time of doing buisnes (and last) with this guy. He nailed me for nearly $200 for a simple video camera cleaning. Then nailed me a small fortune for some copies of VHS tapes that were bearly viewable. I told him the tapes did'nt work properly and ask for a refund. He finally

Fantastic! My hard drive completely failed and I could not get any of my data. all my photos and my work files. Celtic Wolf was able to recover everything for me.

First of all, the tech working on my computer didn't bother to read the written instructions I had included when I dropped off my computer until he called to say he was finished and I asked about the problems I had listed. For some reason, that then put me in the back of the line and what was