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KC computers for tha last 4 years has been tha only place I will take my computer's. Plus they are right around the corner from where I live, so they are very local and convenient for me! Even if you don't live near because they have excellent service & do a fantastic job you should still pay

He and his team helped me with several problems and upgraded my computer. He was most helpful and gave me great advice. I highly recommend KC Computers for anyone’s computer needs.

Employees will go above and beyond to find a solution. I’ve used them several times for computer repairs and purchases!

Always the best, and always current. What else is there to say?

I brought in 2 very old and unusable CPU's, and asked Ingram's to try to recover the pictures. They were able to recover almost all of both hard drives, Yay! Mrs. Ingram was friendly, professional and helpful. They nailed the big 3: The job was done correctly the first time, the price was fair

Thank you Jeff for your excellent and very fast service on my laptop!! If you want a dependable and very reasonably priced service for your computer needs, this is the business to call!!

Best computer shop in Memphis. Knowledgeable, fast and friendly. Kevin and his staff are the best!!! Cleaned up my laptop and got t running like new!

Took my laptop right away and fixed it faster than expected. Great service.

Thank you for your excellent service on today! My computer is back in business.

Got us in right away. Had my daughters computer fixed in like an hour. Love the flat price for fixing computers.

I dropped it off and then got it back all in the same day! My laptop is working great! The price was lot less than expected too!

A total waste of time. This place is out of the way and a dump to boot. They can't fix anything. Three trips to get viruses removed and $202 latter my laptop is still infected.

I had a virus on my computer, and Micom Systems had it ready to use in a day. When the virus came back, they showed me how the virus jumped into my backup and they took it off and sanitized my files. Now my computer runs like the day I got it. Thanks MICOM!

Jeremy came out to my office and got viruses off the computer while beefing it up to prevent from happening in the future. What a releif! Haven't had a problem since.

I took my PC in the shop off of Oakland after seeing the sign on the road. I was having issues with the PC booting up. These guys gave me a free diagnostic, which, I ended up having a virus. They cleaned my pc up for $69. No gimmicks or anything. My PC runs better than it did before I got the

Premier Customer Service. All that needs to be said. Thank You Tom

Let's just say they are FANTASTIC! The several times I've had dealings with them showed them to be skilled, knowledgeable ans very HONEST. I wish all companies were as dependable. Jennifer brought over papers for a protection plan and delivered them to my door. When I asked about some trouble

Too many times I have had to call back repair services to get it "right". Besides repairing at a reasonable price, they get it right the first time. While I hope I do not need the srevices again, if I do I am calling Massey.

Great service.

They are they best. They tell you what you need to know. THEY ROCK!

Great customer service. Forget the 800 numbers that think restarting your computer will fix everything. You're talking to a friend here!

I called around to different places... DogHouse, GeekSquad, and PC Glitches to find out how much it would cost to replace the cracked LCD on my laptop. GeekSquad wouldn't even tell me how much it would cost. DogHouse totally tried to rip me off and PC Glitches wouldn't even listen to my problem

A friend of mine spilled a drink on my macbook. I took it to Mac Authority in the mall in Chattanooga and their techs referred me to Corptek I.T. Solutions for data recovery. The tech at their office in Cleveland took my hard drive out of my Macbook Pro and was able to get all of my pictures,

We had some security problems with our network. Jeff was able to access our network and solve the problem quickly. He also built our personal computer and we've never had any problems with it at all. He knows his stuff I highly recommend him for any thing you need. His office is a little

To me Betterbuild Computers is a more reasonable computer repair shop because they take the time to really explain to you whatever the problem is with your computer and help you find a more afforadable solution to get it fixed.

AAA+ wonderful fast personal service!! Best in NE TN. Very friendly and professional people, there isn't a time that i can't call and most of the time get answers or help over the phone, any time I have taken my pc into them,it is expedient service would recommend to anyone commercial or private!!

My husband and I moved to Greeneville a little over 3 years ago. Shortly after we moved our PC acquired multiple viruses despite using a big name anti-virus. We were devastated! All our photos and of course no hard drive back-up. We chose BetterBuild at random from the phone book. We called

I recently had a sick computer (desktop) and when I called Betterbuild Computers, I knew right away I had gone to the right place. They actually understood what I was explaining to them and started down the correct road to a healthy machine. 24 hours later I was up and operational and my system

I couldn't believe how much GeekSquad was going to charge me. I ended up finding ClarksvilleComputers and I am glad I did. The owner, Gary Conn, was extremely helpful. As it turned out, he discovered that the cable that connects my hard drive to the motherboard become loose. He reconnected

Do you know this company offered to look at my laptop for free before any repairs were made???? I called another company who would charge $40.00 just to see what the problem is then charge me almost $100.00 per hour! Massey systems only harged me $49.00 per hour and I only needed one hour of

I had a desktop that was not working well and I took my computer to Massey Systems and they looked at it for free! Then it was only $49.00 per hour, which was cheaper than the computer Guru that charges $80.00 an hour and Geek that charges $120.00 an hour. They saved my life and my homework

I live in Collierville and it is hard to get people to come out to fix things. Bensman Home Computer Repair had no problem making the trip, diagnosing the problem (busted hard drive) and fixing my pc on the spot. Now it runs better than ever. I would not hesitate to call Bensman Home Computer

I had a computer that needed memory and I had it installed on my computer that same week, he also fixed my fax and helped me setup my bluetooth on my laptop. He was very friendly and helped me understand my computer better. And he gave me 15% off for being a veteran!! Thank You

I am very pleased with the repair Cooper Systems did on my laptop. Their rates are very reasonable and the turnaround is fast. I also purchased a PC for my office and am very impressed with the deal I got. I recommend Cooper Systems!

I have had the opportunity of having Corptek work on my computer equipment for years. If you are medical Doctor or have a Medical Practice they can be there to provide you all the hardware and software support you need. Their experience shows with over 15 medical practices and over 20 individual

Stopped in to ask a few questions and ended up taking my laptop to them. They got it back to me the same day, and they also cleaned the outside of my laptop including the fingerprints off the screen. That was above and beyond the service I expected!!! A+ all the way and will go back again.

They are great! Good service, supper friendly! They fixed my G4 and it works great. I have not had any trouble with it since they fixed it.

Steve is my best resource for solving computer issues. I simply call him and it's fixed. No more computer frustration and hours of wasted time for me! -Jennifer Way, Way Solutions

These guys are at the top of their game in web design. They are using all the up and coming techniques and creativity. Definitely worth checking out!

Great store, great customer service, i had a great buying experience from them. I highly recommend going to these guys with any computer needs you have. Go and see the sales rep Andy H. he is a great guy and did an awesome job.

Too expensive. I got a quote: for simple back up & hard drive recovery would be $200+ So, I went elsewhere for the same job at half the price.

I have never worked with any company so willing to go over and above what was asked. They removed a virus from my computer and taught me how to properly scan my computer to keep it clean when he was done. The price was reasonable, and the technician was great and came out to my house. Highly

Highly friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff, great prices, incredible service. The atmosphere in the store makes you want to spend more time there.

Corptek is awesome! They came to my house late in the evening (to fit into my schedule) and fixed my power supply to my computer (at a very good price). Not only that, they offered me free antivirus spyware! They went WAY above and beyond what most companies offer. I would recommend this company

I had a PC built by INFO Computer and since had them do some upgrades. Always quality work and timely. Highly recommend them for your computer needs. I don't shop anywhere else.

Went to the store not knowing much about what I wanted to buy and they answered all the questions I had. Ended up buyin a great computer at a great price.

This shop is the epitome of hard core gaming.I eat sleep and breath good places like this.

I was really happy with the service I received. Plus, Systix Solutions tried really hard to work within my budget. No one else would work with me, but Systix Solutions did! Thanks.

Dealing in computers myself, i for one would suggest to everyone that you go here you cannot beat the prices and the work he does is excellent and the parts are top Quality parts dealing with tre/travis you cannot go wrong most people try to cheat or make what they can off of you but he will

Very poor service, took my computer to Shadow Computer Repair in Heiskell and paid only $15 for what Computer Depot wanted to charge me over $170 for! what a rip-off