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NEPA Geeks had my MacBook Air up and running in less than 24 hours.

Prompt service, knowledgeable and honest regarding repairs

Had nothing but very good results working with these folks and their support is second to none! Their rates for service are very reasonable if not the lowest around.

My computer had a virus. Spyware the whole works... I brought it in and it was ready by the next day! I found them on Google! What I loved best was that they were up front about prices and the most reasonable! Awesome service...

Good job, fast and fare price!

I had "blue screen" error and couldn't get into my computer in any way. Came to MDofPC Doctor of Computers and they cleaned it without a problem and installed a free malware antivirus program for me. Great Service.

I was looking for an affordable PC repairman and was referred to MDofPC Doctor of Computers by my brother. I followed his suggestion, I sent my broken laptop to this shop. The technician was professional and honest. He repaired my laptop issue at the same day and charged me for $75.

Fixed hardware and software problems on my computer for an extremely reasonable price. The guy who worked on my computer was very nice, explaining what was wrong, how he fixed it, and giving me tips on how to improve performance on my old laptop. I will definitely use MD of PC Doctor of Computers

My laptop ran too slow so I need to upgrade my RAM. I brought my laptop to MDofPC Doctor of Computers. The technician diagnosed my laptop and found a ton of viruses on my system. He cleaned them up and improved my laptop performance. My laptop now running like a new again and I don't need to

I have to send a huge thank you to MD of PC Doctor of Computers this week for assisting me with immediate tech necessities! We needed a quick solution to a problem and they provided it within a few hours. What more could you ask for when it comes to computer solutions?

Our computer was making an odd noise for days, and I finally decided to call Chris. He came over within an hour or so! I was so grateful for that, as I was quite worried. He checked everything out, and said it was the hard drive, but it would be fine for probably quite a while, and to let

Thanks for an excellent PC repair service! I really appreciate with you. You're professional and friendly. That are the reasons why I always back to MDofPC if I find a PC issue both for personal or business purpose. I will recommend MDofPC to friends and family and will use your service as

I found MDofPC on Google and I'm satisfied with their pricing and repair service. Since the technician repaired my PC problem a year ago, the problem is not back again until now. I will be a customer of MDofPC for life!

Excellent work guys! You don't charge enough. My laptop working good and it was better than before. Will use MDofPC again in the future if I need a PC repair service. Keep up the good work.

Quick, friendly service, spoke to me in terms I could understand...came to our home for a wireless installation. Thanks MDofPC!

After reading positive testimonials about MDofPC I called and the technician came to my home that same evening. I had recently changed my ISP and was having trouble connecting to the internet. Also my wireless had not worked properly since the change over. He promptly fixed those problems.

I had viruses on my PC. I called MDofPC and scheduled a visit. The technician showed up promptly and worked efficiently to resolve the issue by successfully removing several viruses and installed an antivirus so the same problem would not occur again. All in all I'm very satisfied with the

Friday noon my computer crashed. I was in dire need of help. I found MDofPC on Google, made the call and talked to the technician. I took my crashed computer over to them the same day, freaked out. I was afraid I was going to lose all my data. The technician worked hard and was able to save

I had MDofPC technician install a new computer and transferred all my data to the new one. Advised me on what external back up hard drive I should purchase, which was extremely helpful because, I would have purchased the wrong one, which is USB powered. Also, he was able to retrieve all my

I'm very limited in my knowledge of computers in terms of when things go wrong with them. This lack of knowledge scares me when it comes to taking it somebody to fix as 99% of the time the issue is above my head. Chris does a fantastic job of explaining what's wrong in laymen's terms that are

After being told by Best buy that the Charge to fix my computer would be $280...They tried to sell me a new one and the expanded "Geek Squad" coverage I walked out, thinking "There has to be a cheaper way"? Well I found it with Chris.. 1. Explained everything so I could easily understand

I contacted Chris Millroy by searching for computer repair in Cranberry Township. There were several listings but he had a good rating so I called him and he repaired my computer and cleaned it up a bit. His turn-around time is great and I am very happy with the results. I will use him again

I am somewhat capable of handling common viruses and the standard disk cleanup. But I ran into a nasty FBI virus. I had a good anti-virus program but it failed altogether putting my computer on the sidelines. Chris cleaned up the virus. He did an expert disk clean up. I have a link that would

Left computer with Guru at least 8 months ago with no contact about the progress unless we inquired. Poor business practice.

I found Alliance Computer Repair after trying several in the area and found them to be more helpful above and beyond all the others. Their work is great and done right! If you still have a problem they will get to the bottom of it when all others fail. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Fix my loud pc fan in no time at all.

I contact Chris to fix many types of problems on my laptop. He is great at troubleshooting and he has always found and corrected the problems on my laptop in a very efficient manner. I love that he provides pick up and delivery, if needed. Chris is easy to contact and is very prompt in returning

Their customer service exceeded my expectations. I needed what I thought was a simple adapter, but I couldn't find it at places like Best Buy or Staples. Officemax was going to order it in for me, but I then found it at Alliance Computers for literally half as much. Actually it was a different

Chris was extremely helpful with repairing my computer and removing a virus. He was easy to contact and willing to meet the same day to pick up my PC. He was able to finish repairing it in 24 hours! He is very professional, efficient, and willing to help with any problems you may have with

Prompt service and a fair price. Can't beat it.

Removed the FBI virus from our family computer in less than a few days. Thank you so much Tim.

Great Service and Extremely knowledgeable. Will definitely be using their service again in the future.

Chris helped me out of a jam with something I had no clue how to figure out, and was sincere and honest.

Great job.

Chris went the extra mile to determine what was wrong, what my options were, and to help me liquidate the leftovers. Definitely reusing this service again!

They are very knowledgeable and have a great rapport with clients because they can describe in "lay terms" what needs to be done. They'll help with every step along the way, depending on what you need. We highly recommend MDofPC for any PC repair issues you may have!

The technician arrived on time, hooked up my new printer, was polite and just a nice person to have working in my home. Your service was excellent. The work was done quickly and I will use MDofPC again when needed.

MDofPC technician is very knowledgeable and efficient in cleaning up my computer. It was no hassle on my part and they took care of everything and returned it in great operating condition with all of my files intact. To this day my computer is still running at top speed. Thank you.

Nice place. I love them. They treated me very well. I felt like go to an expert PC repair. Will use MDofPC service again in the future.

No one PC repair company like MDofPC. Overall we were satisfied with their service. 100% recommend to anyone!!

Honest, courteous, inexpensive, and effective computer repairman! We will definitely patronize PC Buddy in the future!

Chris responded immediately, met me to pick up my computer and had it back to me in excellent condition in 24 hours. My computer was nearly frozen and inoperable and I was in a panic. I expected, at the very least, significant costs and possibly a re-build. Chris tweaked and cleaned up my

We had work done on a PC at our Cranberry Twp office. PC Buddy explained what would be done, and when. The service call was professional, prompt, and most importantly thorough. After the work was done, we were made aware of an issue unrelated to the work to be performed on this PC, and thanks

Excellent response time. Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient.

Completely setup my server for my business and networked all 20 workstations including printers and my cisco VPN all in a day with 2 technicians here at my office. Highly recommend, there experience shows.

PC Buddy did a wonderful job fixing my computer. I had it diagnosed at Best Buy and they wanted to charge me $280.00. I called PC Buddy and he fixed it for under $90.00. He was very friendly and had my computer back to me in a day and a half. I will call PC Buddy anytime I need work done again.

Very complete service from beginning to end. Has great recommendations, cost efficient, very fair, and does not dazzle you with technical nonsense. Diagnoses the issue, repairs only THAT issue and moves ahead. Speaks to you in understandable terms and has great follow up and care for the customer.

My computer crashed and this place had my laptop back in 1 day! Great service and even better price. Recommended!

My PS3 stopped working, just froze up and shut down. I wasn't sure what was wrong with it at all. I started searching the web to find some answers. Turns out there is something called the YLOD. Only way to fix it is to send your system back to Sony or find a local electronic repair store. I

I found this computer shop off the beaten path of MacDade Blvd. What a hidden gem! I took my PC there to get a virus removed. They did a great job and it runs so much faster as well. The service was quick and the price wasn't bad either. Would definitely go back! I highly recommend this place