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Lexi was very clear with what was going on with the computer and wouldn't stop working on it until it was fixed. I applaud her dedication, expertise and professionalism.

It's a rare thing to have awesome customer service nowadays. It's almost like it's a forgotten thing of the past, but Price and the rest of the team prove that wrong! Great service, fair pricing, and very inviting to do business with. I'll be a return customer for anything I need that you

Could not have asked for a better experience. Fast and communication was excellent. Will be recommending to all.

I had a hard drive that had gone bad. I contacted Ed Scott who advised that I should buy an external drive so that he can retrieve my data, which had over 400GB of pictures. Ed took my pc and external drive and was able to extract all of my data and move it to the external drive. Ed ran some

Friendly, fast, and very reasonable...

James was super helpful and very resourceful! I had a unique problem with some software running incorrectly and refusing to download and reinstall and James was able to repair my computer in about 30 minutes. Saved me a lot of frustration and time dealing with it myself and the remote access

I am not computer literate but am smart enough to know I needed an expert to do the job for me. James backed up all my documents, music and pictures and fixed several registry errors and got my computer back to me promptly! I know when I call James, he can fix anything and quickly. He also

James spent about 5+ hours and completely rid my computer of a very hidden virus! My computer ran so slow, and it was so hard to do work on it. But now, it run perfectly! He was very professional and called me many times during the process to explain what was happening.

Ed provided excellent and convenient service at a fantastic price. After the job he did on my laptop I didn't hesitate to take another computer to him - and refer him to my friends.

I needed a new battery for my laptop and had been putting it off for almost 2 years due to the expense. James ordered the battery and delivered it to me within the same week. Now, I am not tethered to my desk. The price was unbeatable. Thanks, James!!!

James was very diligent in getting a tech out to my home to diagnose my computer problem. I am very pleased with the prompt service. I am also very pleased with their prices. Gage, our tech, was able to diagnose the problem as well as offer a solution within the 30 minutes he was here. I will

James worked really hard to get a new build (someone else built it, not him) that wasn't posting working again. It took a while because of delays in parts and just overall 'life' but it was so worth it. He picked up and delivered my machine and also picked up a part or two from me as I ordered

I called James, he was very helpful and ready to check out my computer, I took my computer by and he called me back promptly. James sent me all the information I needed to order the hard drive, he made everything so easy. The repairs were made in a timely fashion. I will call and recommend

My computer hard drive made a whimpering noise and just died on me, and I thought that was going to be all she wrote. I had saved most of my important docs, but not hundreds of cherished family photos. Desperate, but not terribly hopeful, I googled for data recovery techs on my husband's computer,

Mr Hinkle with Oklahoma Computer Repair is incredibly versed in all things computer. He recovered my corrupted hard drive and then placed all the old information on my new hard drive seamlessly. He is always very professional and punctual as well as meticulous about every detail. His rates

Mr. Hickle Washimry helpful and had a diagnostic of my Dell laptop quickly. He was honest and great to work with. He knew I was in town for a short time and didn't take advantage of my situation. The price for what he did was very reasonably and I will do businesses with Rdptechs again.

My laptop went through the April 15th Tornado in Woodward. RDPTechs analyzed it and returned it safe and sound, working good as new now! I also had a n external hard drive however that suffered considerable damage to its case. RDPTechs secured ab new case and returned it with all data intact-

I am very happy with the fast service from Corey. My computer runs like new and he's a great guy. Very patient when I asked questions. 10 stars.

My business computers hard drive crashed on a Saturday morning in Woodward, OK. Anyone from here knows what it's like trying to get tech help in Woodward in an emergency. Wasson's didn't answer the phone and never returned my calls, Radio Shack laughed and said it would be two weeks minimum

Bruce and son are wonders. They healed my husband's puter from its many viruses and dying hard drive, saved all his stuff and didn't charge me a bundle. They both listened and didn't talk to me like I was a computer illerate (which I am ) and explained things to me so I could understand. They

Took my laptop in and got it fixed in two days, the others i called said it would be at least a week.

I loved there service was super great price and they came to my house. It's a small company and phone number is owner's person cell. So when I called first I was thought I had wrong number. But he took care of me and is a good guy. As far as my PC it was running very slow. Not anymore not it

These guys are great! Mr. Hinkle had my laptop fixed and returned to me in no time and the price is right.

I took 2 laptops in thinking both might be fried or damaged beyond practical repair. Not knowing the real problems, this company could have taken advantage of me. They did not. My computers had simple problems, QuikFix repaired them very quickly and checked on what I wanted repaired before

Brought G5 powermac to have hard drive. OS checked and if necessary replaced/replaced. They said our old drive was to blame and quoted a relatively high repair price. We had them do it anyway. When the computer came back, they didn't copy all of our data and our adobe products still were

PC Help, helped me with my computer when I thought all of my personal pictures were lost! Rob set me up with backup software to save those valuable photos!

This technician provided excellent service regarding my laptop which has had numerous problems. Right now, my system is working better than when it was new. I appreciate the quality of service and his prompt response when I called to get me up and running. He persistently fixes and diagnoses

These tech's know there business. One call and they did what they had to do to get this request completed. Not everyone can program a Mitel Switch. They said they also service various top Name Systems!

If you're a Mac fan and live around Tulsa. then this is your type of store. I've never seen so many iMac's and G4's all in one place. They have a selection of just about anything you can think of for Macs G3 and up. Prices are somewhat higher than your typical computer salvage store, but if

Mr. carnell Help me with my computer,Off course it had a lot of problems but he explain to me everything that was wrong with it and give me a list of the things I need to do to it to make it work better.Very nice gentelman,Thank you very much!

Great place to go: These people are not always the cheapest, but they are always the best. And usually not that much higher if any than others. Nice thing about them is, they actually do care about your computer problems. They also custom build real nice computers, and servers as well. They

This false person-Adam W,does NOT exsist in our files! This information is a false review & untrue. We have many satisfied customers & we would be glad to give referrals to any customer looking for a professional computer service specialist, who is A+ Certified through COMPTIA. We are a homebased

Kodi did an outstanding job helping with my puchase. She made it a very enjoyable experience, I will be going back for any future needs. CLJ

Xtreme Internet is the most reliable provider in the area. The staff and the service are great!

I can't say enough good things about this guy. My computer was a total mess, modem was defective and he called AT&T FOR ME to make sure they would send me a new one (and we all know how much we love talking to AT&T when we have internet problems). I live in Dallas and he took the time to help

Great local business! Very helpful and good at giving back to their community.

I took my computer in to Same Day Computer Repair. It was getting progressively slower. The guy got it fixed up, added a few things and it's working better than ever now.

I know that if I have a problem with my computer, Danny will let my husband know whats wrong with it and he will get the parts quickly and at reasonible price. He is a very good person to do business with as well as a good friend. He will treat you right, so go talk to him about all your computer

This place has all your computer needs! If they don't have what you need then I'm sure they will order it for you! Its locally owned and almost always open! Friendly prompt service!They will even sit down and play a friendly game of chess if you ask! you cant get much more friendly than that!.

I love to shop at staples for all my buisness supplies. The service is great. All the sales people know exactly what they are talking about, perticularly Binh, Jason and Mark. The store has every office supply I could think of, even coffee and snacks. I also do a lot of my personal shopping

I have always had great luck with dealing with computers at TCS even when I have screwed somewthing up myself. I have learned two new phrases from Debie: #1.) What did you mess up now and #2) We can fix it!

I know that if it's a computer problem, D&K Computers can fix it. Only place I'd take a computer to have it upgraded replaced, or repaired, without a doubt!

It is the most great company for computer i buy from it thanks m&n

Friendly, helpful, quick and knowledgeable. I had a virus on my computer and took it into them. They had me fixed up the next day and were cheaper than Best Buy!

Great Service, Honest and makes sure the computer is in optimal performance before it leaves. I have had my computers worked on many of times there never have to worry about stuff coming up missing of programs not working, This is my computer repair center and will be for a long time. Have

I took a computer in for repair and the technician, who I later found out is not yet certified in Apple products, did not perform the work that he told me he did. He also reached the conclusion that my hard drive was trash when it wasn't. If he had performed the work that he told me he did,

This is one awesome company - they are fast, effiecent, friendly and reasonable - couldn't ask for anything more.

Charlie and his wife are very good and fair if you need anything done this is the place to go give him call at anytime trust me its worth the call if he can't fix it at the best price (which is rare) he will tell you where to go so check them out at A/Z Comp Solutions they know there stuff.

The technician was very knowledgable about our computer and our needs. They were upfront with us about our options on repair, and worked with us for OUR budget. We would very much recommend them to our friends and family to take care of all of their computer repair and sales needs. Its nice

Sometimes we just need help fixing a minor computer problem, sometimes need some type of system to accomplish certain goals. Affordable Geeks will come out and take care of your computer needs. Tulsa's best!