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The techs here are superior in their craft. Would definitely work with them again.

Owner Lewis Gast was hired to recover data from my daughter's MacBook. We urgently needed the information for her college finals. Lewis Gast said he would have the service completed within 2, NO more than 3 days. He would not return calls, texts or emails. Finally reached a lady who answered

I took my computer in to have a new processor installed and told it would be a week. He had it 2.5 weeks and now it is ruined.. everything lost... I'm sick.

Absolutely great service and saved my life when it came to my Masters!!! I just got a new laptop for Christmas, only 4 months ago and I was unable to complete my tasks due to not enough storage space. Brad helped get rid of all the unnecessary apps on there and cleaned it so now it doesn't

The crew at TCR Computers is the best I've ever used. I've been a computer user since the beginning of the computer era. They listen and then "heal" whatever I've taken to them.

Honest business! I'd recommend Home Operations to anyone! It's worth the drive to Attica to work with Dutch!

While on vacation in Myrtle Beach, my computer started acting up. It kept telling me to enter BIOS settings and to reboot my computer. Not knowing anything about BIOS settings, I restarted my computer. The same BIOS screen popped up. I left the computer alone for a couple hours and it finally

I have been procrastinating for months now to get my screen repaired because I thought that it was too expensive but I found Lewis which has to be so awesome and very inexpensive. He got me together.

Very happy to have found Brad and Home PC Patrol to help me! Now I am all set with a new, lightening-fast computer, and he even found my 'gadgets' to complete the set-up. The post-installation support is fantastic, via remote/phone. I definitely recommend this company!

Lewis did a great job fixing my computer issues with a remote service. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks, Lewis

My computer was being held ransom by a virus and I couldn't do anything with it without giving out some personal information and money to release it. It turned out it was a virus. Dayton Computer Guy not only was able to remove the virus but was able to save all of my files and pictures that

Having had a few items repaired at Computer Design & Repair over the years I felt compelled to write a review. They have excellent professional service and don't make you feel as if you are getting ripped off! Very honest about what level of repair you should get for your needs and also have

This place does great repairs for very low prices. I love the fact that they sales new and used items to help you save even more money. I also asked about upgrading my memory, the guy asked what I used my computer for and he said that I would be wasting my money as I had plenty of memory for

Okay, I've been taking my computers to this place for several years and have never really had trouble...until now. When I called them for an estimate I was told it would only cost $64 to get my computer fixed and that it would be ready the next day. Then when I went down there, the two men

The technician came the same day and had my computer fixed in just under an hour. Thanks again, Derek

My Niece was playing with my Gateway laptop and inadvertently picked off the right side "shift key". I called around a couple of computer repair places near Solon and found they wanted to charge way too much to repair (could have bought a new laptop with some of their quotes!) I called Affordable

I lost my internet connection just before I had to complete an internet based project. I called my internet provider but they couldn't get me back online. Called Friendly Computers and they came out and had me back online in no time. They also got my computer running much faster. Very impressed!

I called Fast-Teks in Fairborn and had someone to my house the same day found the problem and was able to get it fixed. They gave me some software to help me if I have any further problems. I like their remote program because something came up and he remote into my computer helped me from

Thanks Simple Solutions for the prompt and professional service to my computer. I would definitely use this service again and recommend to friends and family.

Data Recovery Laps is a false and deceptive corporation. They claim to be in nationwide organization with offices throughout the country. If you send your devices to remote location they all get sent to Ohio. They advertise $199 dollar recovery costs, mine came back with a cost estimate

I run a restaurant that has high morning traffic. I came in and our computers/registers were on the blink. I would have done it the old paper way but there's no way I could have serviced my customers efficiently. I called Computer repair on the square and explained what was going on. They were

I recently had a computer build by Komputer Kraze and am very pleased with how dilligent Brian worked to make sure I was completely satisfied. He was able to get a great deal on all of the components for my computer and was very speedy at getting it assembled. I would definately use his services

After the guys at the big yellow box store told me my computer was unrepairable and all my files were lost, I went to Brian at Komputer Kraze. He fixed my computer and saved all of my irreplacable files and photos. He may not have a fancy store or Geek mobile, but Brian knows his stuff and

I tried your service last Thursday, and Wow, what a find. Brian was personable and prepared, and the price was more than reasonable. Now, here I am on the road and my laptop works like a charm. Your service is far more than I expected.

Your company's service is wonderful. There are many people like me who are not very savvy about the internet and reluctant to impose repeatedly on their friends who do know. No doubt we will meet again. February 11, 2010 Dale in Piqua, OH.

I don't normally do reviews but I have to. My computer would not start for a couple days. I searched online with my laptop trying to find out what could be wrong. I finally gave up. I called around and got this company. The person on the phone was super friendly and he did one thing that most

My computer is working much better now that my viruses are gone. I also found that YPCE has lower prices than other businesses.

Your Own Personal Computer Guy is exactly what it sounds like, Steve treated me very well and went out of his way to save me money. Went to great lengths and at times inconvenienced himself to fix the problems, I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

Hardparts crew came out on a Saturday, installed & set up a fiber network for our factory. They came back Sunday to verify that everything was working properly. On Monday, the network performed without a hitch.

These people fixed my computer, helped recover my business data, helped me get my back-up straightened out, so I'll never have to panic again over a crashed computer. They spent time with me explaining how to run the back-up and run maintenance programs to keep it clean. They are very knowledgeable

Last year I took my pc to these guys. It was getting really slow during bootup and said there were errors on the hard drive. I could have installed one myself, but these guys said they could copy my files and programs onto a new hard drive and save me tons of time and effort. I waited over

Jason from Lenke Computer built me a new computer and it has been terrific. It still runs nice even after a year and a half. I've had other company's computers that seem to run slow not long after I've bought them.

Very knowlegdable did not talk tekkie but in plain english. Had our system back up on its feet in 2 days. Would not go anywhere else.

Horrible service. Never returned a single phone call. Kept my laptop for TWO MONTHS and did nothing to it. Every time I called they said they were still looking for the hinges that needed replaced. For two months! Two months of my wasted time and still have a broken laptop and they were not

Cheap and easy.

Fast, Efficient, Service. Great Price.

We dealt with this company and the owner several years ago. He sold us a computer that didn't work. We took him to court, and the judge found in our favor and ordered him to pay back our money. We still have not received it. He will rip you off and then never pay back what he is ordered (in

The GetTeck technician provided excellent & prompt service. Highly recommended.

Bought a repair token for my system we think we had a virus. Tech connected and ran several scans and did a few things we didn't quite understand. System is running great now and the virus pop up is gone hopefully for good. Kinda cool to watch him do the work there is even a chat window just

Excellent Service! If you are tired of people from the service centers keeping your computer for 6 weeks to fix it or someone that you get from a sign on the road trying to figure it out. you need to go where I did. This is a little place off of Winchester Pike and Refugee Rd. The owner is

This store has bad customer service they also argue a lot with the costumers they did with me please dont shop at this store aney more go to a more happy store and the person name at this store is named Josh this store is in Parma Ohio

Great place for a non-techy computer user. Tom was very patient in discussing my computer's performance issues and printer needs. Was quick to give me least costly options and did the work as I watched. They've been in business long enough that I know they'll be there to back up any issues,

D&E IT Solutions is one of the best in the area. They offer professional service at reasonable prices! Highly recommended and will use for all my computer needs in the future!

They have great prices, far better than bestbuy or compusa. Very polite and friendly. After using thier software called Host Stopper, I hardly ever run Ad-aware anymore.

I highly recommend them! They are far better than Computer Zoo when it comes to efficiency and customer service. They may not have as big of a store or has a lot of merchandise but they are not pushy about it either.

Honest estimation in pricing and quickest service. Mossor Computers is a smaller company with better quality service than other companies. Thank you!

Great place to play any video game you want, I love the Ebay drop off too. Made me some dough.

Thank you! I will never shop a best buy again! you guy know your stuff!

Great Service fast and cheap I would use them again. I had a motherboard and a processor installed in my old case

I've been to allot of computer places, and let me tell you, I have never had a better experience then I did here. quick, complete, was done in one day, 9 hours to be exact, they didnt treat me like I was a kid, they listened, and had what I wanted in stock. even explained how to install it