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They upgraded and serviced my laptop all remotely. Safe and secure. I highly recommend them

I got my computer downloaded with window 10. Then my printer wouldn't work, Jonathan's fixed it through the phone. Very satisfied!

When many said it couldnt be fixed, this computer doctor did. Amazing quality of service, stand up business and rate the company best in what they do. Cant thank them enough.

Top data recovery in NYC. We use these guys for everything, we have many times. Data recovery experts are true to their name, they do great, quality, fast work and the prices are perfect

I called John mid morning with a question about my wife’s laptop. He gave me a quote, stuck to that quote, and had the laptop back within hours of me dropping it off good as new. We will for sure be bringing any and all computer issues to John from this point forward. Skip all the BS at Apple

I'm so glad I chose Alphaurax to fix my laptop!!! I had to get my MacBook Pro 2016 screen replaced. I went to Apple and they quoted me a ridiculous price, so I decided to look elsewhere. Quan is wonderful He's super helpful, thoughtful, and sweet. The price was very, very fair and he

I spilt an entire glass of wine on my MacBook Pro keyboard and they managed to save the motherboard, clean everything inside my computer and also find a solution to my keyboard being broken. All for half the price of what Apple would've made me pay in total for the repairs! It took them about

I went in to get my laptop repaired and the employees fixed it right away. Provided excellent service. Highly recommended!!

Always a helpful solution to my computer problems!

He's the best and I can walk to his one man repair shop. He has never failed me, and I break a lot of stuff. Before I buy anywhere else for new equipment, I always call Jonathan 1st and see what he has. I have bought a lot from him over the yrs. Plus he's a good guy and I really like his dog.

Expert repairs done timely.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, New York Computer Help saved my computer not once, not twice, but three times! Each issue was different--one was with my security suite, another was with my hard drive, and the most recent time involved a corrupted Windows update. Yet, in spite of those different

My screw was stripped while I was trying to repair my own computer and they not only spent 30 minutes trying different screw drivers to remove the screw, but when they finally got it removed, they told me it was no charge. I really appreciate their help and kindness, especially in such a busy

I am very grateful for the recovery of my treasured pictures, many years worth!! This company, went above and beyond, not once but twice in retrieving data/ pictures that are worth so much more than money!! The final bill was 1/2 of what other company’s were quoting !!

Jonathan has bailed me out of a dozen or more computer emergencies.

These guys were so great. They came right away. They were very patient with my complicated problems and resolved everything Prices are so reasonable compared to other places.

This was the best service ever

My custom built computer completely stopped working. It kept looping on start up. I was ready to send it back to the manufacturer. Right before I did, a friend recommended that I contact Scott, and he was able to come to my home within a half an hour. Within minutes (less than 10!) he figured

I will only call them for problems with my computer from now on. My computer is like new

She worked on my site and now we are #2 on the page for search term = hair salon riverhead. Almost DAILY I am getting calls from prospective new customers from my website. This is one of the most profitable ways I have advertised my business. Thank You

I was incredibly impressed with the service and care I received from Alphaurax. I had attempted to replace the fan on my Macbook Pro by myself, and detached a few fragile wire connections from the logic board. I thought I had ruined the connections for good but this was a very easy fix for

Marc was very polite, friendly and professional. He did not charge to come to my house. He fixed my Windows computer in 2 hours and explained to me every step. My computer is incredibly fast now and he removed all the junk and viruses I had. He is very passionate about computers and you can

Fair prices and amazing service. Highly recommended!

Mike repaired my laptop that I thought was not fixable. He got the part from the far east and installed it expertly. Now it is my go to laptop. Great work Mike!

Don't bother contacting any other company for all your tech needs!

Eric went above and beyond to help me solve my issue. Thanks again, Eric!

Cheapest and fastest service I've ever received! Most places I called before New York Computer Help weren't even capable of fixing my phone because it was too new of a model...Not only did they fix my camera screen, but they fixed in 10 minutes and for way cheaper than any of the other places

They fixed two of my hard drives that were pretty damaged (water damage) and they recovered almost all my data! Thank you so much

This computer repair expert is amazing. He did what others couldn't do without charging an arm and a leg. He removed all my viruses and gave me 6 months of internet protection for free. I can call him anytime within reason and he is there to help me. He remotely connects to me and helps

I highly recommend tech superhero for any of your phone or computer needs. Teach superhero was quick to help, friendly and very accurate. I also like that it's a local business

If you are looking for a very skilled and honest computer man this is your guy. I met Dean of DJR Computing about three or so years ago when I sold him a truck. While he was paying for the truck I was fighting with my computer and he then told me what he does and proceeded to fix my computer

I work for a West Coast Software Company, out of my home office on Long Island, and have had to rely on DJR more than a few times. The service is always top notch.

Just picked up my sons computer, dropped off Wednesday, ready Friday, new hard drive and expanded memory. Great, quick service!

Tablet glass was broken and they replaced it, great price much cheaper than sending my laptop out, professional job and does extra things for you like speed it up included in the price, etc. Great experience.

A+ builds our office machines so we are able to save with a better price than most companies in this area and the service is great. We have had the machines in our office for 4 years now with no hardware problems. They sell their own brand of computers called A+ Computers that are built the

The work they did was more than adequate and their customer service was phenomenal. Less than a month later, my computer died. I called Alphaurax and they responded to me within hours with a solution and an offer for a free loaner in the mean time. Great responsiveness and explained everything

I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Quan runs the operation and he is as helpful as is humanly possible. Before I ever gave him any real busines I called several times and it was like getting expert tech support over the phone! After the 3rd call I practically begged him to charge

The hard drive on my laptop had crashed, before I was even sure that I had fully & completely backed up the contents to an external hard drive. I figured even if I had lost everything, it would still be worth it to try and get it fixed by someone rather than buy a new computer, or worse, send

We are faster Honest and less expensive.

Highly recommend, best place I have found in Albany County. Real professional work at 1/2 the cost of all others.

Offers the same quality service at 1/2 the price as major outlets, excellent customer service, job well done.

I have been using DJR Computing Services since 1998. Purchased several custom computers from Dean and have always been happy with his services.

Can't say enough about A+ emergency computer sales / A+ tech. This guy is a genius.

Scott is infallible. I've had him fix several of my computers and now I won't go to anyone else. Not only does he fix them quickly, they come back running better than the day I bought them. High quality work at a great price! I highly recommend Scott of Rockland County Computer Repair!

I was very impressed at the prompt response Scott gave me when I first called. He answered immediately and offered to fix my computer right away. He was very honest with me and he didn't try to rip me off or sell me anything extra as so many salesmen do. My computer was incredibly slow and

A friend of mine referred me to Scott, as she recently used his services for her laptop. With her reference in suggestion, I called Scott in regards of my PC. I am a full-time college student so computer usage is vital. Scott immediately worked with me on setting up an appointment accommodating

My computer was not booting up, I found i2htech computer service in Richmond Hill. Very knowledgeable tech, provided me free diagnosis and estimate. It was low cost, I got my PC fixed and I got it same day.

Are tech was very informative and did a wonderful job. I Wish more companies worked like New York Computer Care. Thanks.

I recently bought a custom built computer from them, love it! Can't say enough about it, I had an old computer and they transferred my information over for me all of my music and pictures were there I almost went with a dell but there is nothing a dell has that the one I bought doesn't thanks.

I went here to have my Macbook laptop fix that was broken for almost two years. They conducted a free diagnostic on my laptop to examine the faults. My laptop does not turn on and theres no life on the screen at all. After an hour, I recieve a phone call telling me theres a white liquid(spilled