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I called Jeff on a Friday morning, and after talking to the references he gave me, I dropped my HP laptop at his place on Saturday. I had my computer back on Sunday in perfect working order, virus and Trojan free. Jeff takes the time to explain the issues in simple terms that can be understood

I paid Ron Billings a visit in Portland Or. with laptop in hand. In less than an hour he solved all the issues I couldn't and then some. Simply stated, the man can juggle feathers in a wind storm. He had no idea I was going to show up and no idea what my issues were. While helping a woman

We had three laptops for 3 of our children. One of them was not displaying anything on the screen. Two others were very slow and possible was infected with virus. Before the school season opens we decided to have Control-Alt-Delete check all these out whether these 3 computers can be fixed

I must say that I used to bring my computer to the geek squad only to get disappointed and overcharged. I thought I would try CCN and I'm glad I did! The service is outstanding and their rates are low. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Jeff is fast, reliable and always professional. I would not go to anyone else for my computer repairs. Jeff assessed my two computer problems that I have had and quickly resolved them.

I'm so glad I stopped in to see what this store was, The owner stopped to talk with me and tell me what services he offers as well when I told him my notebook was running a little slow he offered a free vent cleaning to see if that would help, WOW was i surprised with all the dust and fuzz

Fast and cheap price, they did not charge оutrange prices and they certified.

Honest and clean A+. Microsoft Vertified.

The people at CTS Services in Bellingham have been very responsive and professional. They were able to remotely log in and fix our problem quickly. Over the years, their on-site services have been invaluable! I recommend them to anyone!

A technician came to my house unplugged the computer and took it overnight. They removed all the viruses and made a go much faster than it was going. I couldn't stand how slow it was going before they repaired it for me. They charged me a flat rate for the service and hooked everything back

The guys at CS2 Computers have done many repair and virus cleanup jobs for me. Very professional. Always have been pleased with the service and costs. Highy recommended!

Recently Jeff worked on 2 older IBM Thinkpads we have. Compared to other experiences I've had with tech support, Jeff was a breath of fresh air. He treats you like a friend, he does his best to explain things in simple terms, and most importantly he knows what he's doing. The computers work

I called Anderson Computer Service about a virus on my computer. They charged me a flat flate. Pick up the computer the same day removed the virus overnight and dropped it back off the following day. Very fast freindly reliable service.

Before I called BDR Computers for service I wanted to throw my computer out the window. The last time I had a problem I brought it to Best Buy, NEVER AGAIN!!! BDR is the best they came over to my home figured out the problem (stupid viruses) fixed the problem. I had my computer operational

We use Tech Solutions for our in house Business IT support and we couldn't be happier. Prompt service, and we have few problems with our equipment if any.

We found Chris to be as advertised, professional courteous and prompt. We informed him of a problem (virus) with our home PC. He made an immediate follow up call to our request for help. He followed this up with an evening on site service visit based on our convenience. What immediately impressed

As soon as I spoke to one of the tech's I felt comfortable leaving my laptop in thier care. I been negligent in backing up all my precious data and was sure I would lose every thing. In two day's for what I felt was an excellent price, I had my laptop working perfectly and an external hard

I was having extremely slow response time which was making me seriously ponder getting a new computer. I also had some hard drive cleaning up to do. Chris was great! He quickly solved my response time issues and stream lined my hard drive. Along with being very knowledgeable and professional

Chris was excellent! He solved a subtle, but thorny problem that crossed operating system, printer, photo printer, and LAN boundaries. I had 2 other IT so-called experts try to solve this problem unsuccessfully and had spent a ridiculous amount of time and $$. He diagnosed, then fixed the problem is the first computer service i have dealt with were i have said to myself, " That was easier than i thought it would be, i'm gonna use them again." I have dealt with a handful of other services that have given me lackluster results. When I used ChrisFixesIT. com i have dealt

For the past two years, I have used one of the Geek Housecall technicians, Charlie, and he has been wonderful. He solved an Outlook problem I'd had that no one else could fix. He caught a dying hard drive before it crashed on me, saving me a lot of heartache and allowing me to stretch out

These guys definitely went way above and beyond - and are running a tight operation. I have had several bad experiences before finding them - and not only were they extremely honest, they really delivered for me at a very good price. I figured writing a review for them was the least I could

I own a small business in Worcester, MA and we had been having many small computer issues that were affecting worker productivity. The guys at CS2 Computers did a great job for us. Their expertise and professionalism is outstanding and we found their prices to be very competitive. I highly

I own a small business and experiences a power outage. 2 computers would not turn on and I had no internet access. I called Northland Computers and within 2 hours had my internet back up and running and my 2 computers. Excellent service and very prompt. I highly recommend Northland Computers!

From my Live Journal post: (caution-long and detailed) The Tech Update. Around June or so of last year after it took me 15 tries to boot up the notebook and find the operating system, i figured that it was likely the HD. I ran all sorts of anti-malware. No boot sector problems, no corrupt

I love Geeks Mobile, let me tell you why- the computer repair technician that they sent to my house saved all the data on my crashing computer. I was shocked by the fast, friendly service over the phone and the professional and timely technician that they sent to my house. These guys don't

My Computer is spending the night (sep 3 2008)! Al says in will be good as new in the morning. so if you need your computer good as new go to the Hospital!

I found him to be on schedule, very professional, very understanding of the changes i wanted on my computer, answering every question i had. I thought he was great, and i would definetly recommend him.

I have had two computers repaired by SM Computers and I am very satisfied with their work. They were very quick to get the job done, and went out of their way to let me come in and back up my hard drive to my external drive when I wasn't able to get it to back up at home. I highly recommend

My Computer had a serious problem. We thought it was a virus so I called up William (we had gotten his number from a friend who recommended him) He agreed to take a look. It wasn't a virus. Most company's would still say it was. He immediatly fixed our problem. He even backed up our drive before

I was having trouble with my laptop and gave these guys a call on a whim. I've driven by this location for a year or so, and couldn't have been happier with.

Our company found AGC after problems with another electronics shop and have never had a problem since. The speed of service is notable, the shop manager friendly, and the quality of service excellent. We are experiencing massive failures in one product line on a near weekly basis. AGC had the

Micro Center told me that they would have to send my computer away to diagnose the problem, How many weeks would I be without my precious computer and how.

This guy has $100 used, good condition computers. I brought one home and it worked. Not exactly the high end guy, but best price/performance in the area.

This review is for Advanced technical repair and training in West Hatfield. Excellent! I have a Jetta, and they did great work and kept my costs low. Mark oliver and his staff are very friendly and willing to go that extra mile. It's a small business that runs on honesty and hard work.

Both Trillium Software and Harte-Hanks are part of this office. Kudos to the Trillium Software folks for solving my data quality problems.

By far the most well spent $159 I EVA spent, EVA!Chere's Log Saturday Evening 10/27/07 6:35pm Hmmm thinking to self really want to get this wireless.

I've used them two different times, for two different computers. Both times they were fast, professional, gave me all the options and I've not had a bit of trouble with the repairs. Highly recommended.

Ok, it seems a bit lame and irrelevant to review Best Buy. We all know what the store is and pretty much you're gonna go there if you need something they.

Always the best service, repairs under 3 business days. Yes Computers always help with software problems. I've been Yes Computers' customer for more than 5 years and it's a pleasure to deal with!

Great guy, friendly and quick service, would reccomend.

Excellent service!.Needed wireless network in my home.They set it up quite fast and is very secured.The price was reasonable also.

I have used this company since it first opened, they were always helpfull and had exactly what I need'd. Great service and prices. These guys are the best!

Excellant Customer Service here. The BF and I were on a mission to purchase a steam cleaner for our rugs. The associate in the rug cleaning isle was very.

Best computer repair and data recovery service in the Boston/Cambridge area: DATBOYS!OK, you know that you should back up your hard drive, and you.

Professional, reasonably priced, excellent technical support, in my home, home/office.

I just moved to Boston and needed help setting up my Mac. John from Mac Fixer responded quickly, came when he said he would, was super fast, professional.

No frills, No fanfare. Just Good Old Fashion Customer Service the way it's suppose to be! The way it use to be! A job well done! If you need your computer fixed, this is the place to go.

You can't beat the personalized service! You will just never find this kind of support and dedication at any of the big stores. We have bought a few computers here for work, and they are very high quality, perfect for our needs, and the prices were great!

Best place around for computer parts, Great prices too.