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Thank you so much for such outstanding service!! Michael did a super job and extremely knowledgeable in this field!! Back story: I had accidentally converted my 500GB external hard drive into a 32GB without my knowledge until it was too late!!! So everything was completely wiped off the hard

Steve Knight is a computer genius. I remember when he was in high school and he helped Howard with computers. He was a blessing then and is an even greater blessing now. He has a servant’s heart. Can’t think of anyone I would rather have care for my computer needs.

This was the first time I ever used a remote to clean up my computer. It could have not gone better. Trust was the main reason I hired Fran and why I will hire her next time. Handing over your computer is a little weird for a first time person. I could not be happier with the results. The price

Have several Macs (for work and personal use) in our home that needed attention. Wasn't thrilled with the idea of hauling them all in to the Apple store at the mall to get these problems resolved. Mac in a Snap was the answer. Fixed our computer problems in a timely, efficient and cost-effective

This is a great knowledgeable company that is very timely and fair priced. I would highly recommend scott for all computer needs!

Scott helped fix my wifi at my apartment, which has been a frustrating debacle for two years! He's very professional, efficient, and wasn't phased at all when there was a little hangup. This seriously saved me about $60 a month from going to coffee shops for their wifi.

Mac in a Snap is amazing, so much better than waiting in line at the Apple Store! I Highly recommend them.

I got to know Steve and Angela during this past year while living in Danville They are AWESOME! Not only do they know all things computer, but they are also some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The expertise they have with computers is extensive and so very helpful.

I had a laptop that i thought had all but died. I got it in to the computer solutions guys and they were able to get it back to me and intime for me to start school. Thank you all so much!!!

My computer wouldn't stay on. When it would it work it was really slow. BestBytes was able to get my computer to stay on and now it's faster then I can ever remember it being. THANKS!

Just wanted to let you know that if you are located in Lexington, KY this is the computer repair place to go with. I would highly recommend them. They did a great job on fixing my computer.

Excellent job on fixing my computer! The service was convenient, prompt, and friendly. I will be using this service again and recommending it to my friends!

These guys have saved me more than once now. I mean, literally dropped everything they were doing to get me back in business. I think most places wouldn't have cared that I had an important presentation the following day. Great Service and Great Price! They didn't even charge an emergency

I got this virus that took over my laptop and it would not even show my desktop. Steve was recommended to me through a business acquaintance who said he is truly the best. I am now a believer.

I was referred to MR Computer Services by a friend who had used them. I was pleasantly surprised when the Tech showed up. Very professional, from his transportation, his attire, and his attitude. After being very attentive and asking me some questions in a language i understood, he began the

Found the problem quickly and charged a fair wage! Next day turn around on the repair. Hopefully my problems with my PC are gone for awhile. If I should have another problem though, I know a good honest shop to take it to! Highly recomended place to deal with!

I've dealt with CK for many years and I suggest that lauraactid become acquainted with the real world. If someone orders a part they assume the buy won't change their mind. This is a small independent company - they aren't - and once they order a part, if the buyer backs out they

This company REALLY KNOWS how to do imaging on an outsource basis.and is one of the TOP litigation support firms in the US.

Quiet, clean, and verym reasonable on alot of their prices. Will definately go bcak, and would not hesitate to recommend it to others for a fair/reasonable pricing of items.

They have the most friendly sales associates around.

Very nice guy, quite knowledgeable and helpful. Does pickup and delivery and housecalls, as far as I know he's the only one in the area who will. Reasonable rates compared to other shops around town.

ITS provides great service and has great customer support. Use them for all of your computer needs!

They came the same day I called. The technician fixed my computer and gave me tips on how to keep from getting viruses again. great servie

Knew exactly what I needed and had it in stock. Just got blank stares at the big stores in town. Great local service. Best computer store in town hands down.

Really great service - very fast - reasonable prices - my computer came back home working perfectly. I was very satisfied!

We had our Laptop Serviced at A-1 Computers they took time to explain in layman terms what I was paid for them to do as well as calling me to get approval before repairs were made. We had our laptop back running business as normal in less than a week everyone else said, well we will send in

They do carry a lot of games especially the new ones, yet they arent really friendly people there nor do they get a lot of copys of their games. But as the only place to go around here, its our best bet.

In the px. They do great work for a cheap price.They don't treat you like your stupid like most places.

I have depended on Computer Knights for several years for cost effective maintenance,repairs,upgrades, etc. both for business computers and personal computers. When I have problems they return my call immediately with courtesy and knowledge. This business is a real asset to the Madisonville

The Computer House is a wonderful place. The workers don't make you feel like your an idiot about things (which trust me, I They are nice and helpful. I love doing business with them.

Not only does Lee stock a variety of components, but he's willing to share some of his knowledge and expertise.

Very knowledgeable staff. Excellent customer service. You won't get ripped off from these guys. Matrix rocks!

Great shop! Work that was supposed to take overnight to repair was done in 3 hours. They are VERY reasonably priced. The shop is clean, local, and great customer service.

I had a problem with my computer. I could not get cd drive open, and my pc was slow. I couldn't afford Geek Squad. They helped me and I am very grateful. Thank you!

A very well ran business, Does a very good job. Would recommend to anyone needing cheap PC repair.

Great service.The computer repairman did a great job repairing my computer.

I've experienced the awesome service and prices at this store. They are very knowledgeable, helpful and really go the extra mile. You don't have to go a long way to Walmart to get competitive prices and fast service. Buying here locally really pays.

Folks, this guy is a true professional, not to mention WAY less expensive than anybody else. He even came to my work to pick up the computer! Highly recommended!

I bought a computer from Worst Buy and they wouldn't help me with any problems I was having. I called Computers Plus and they answered my question over the phone. From now on I know who I going to spend my money with.

This place is a great place to get simple to complex computer problems fixed. i reccommend this every time.

Powell's Computer is one of the best there is. If you want your Pc fixed right and for a fair Price see Powell!

Does great computer work. I've had Chris working on my computers & building my computers for years. Highly Recommened!

I would discourage anyone from using the Computer Guys for any computer work. I Brought my PC in to fix some network issues, and was treated very disrespectfully. When I picked up the PC after the technician said it was fixed, there were more problems than when I brought it to them. Only after

Very helpful! Dell was going to charge me $40 dollars to answer a question! PC Repair Shack helped me over the phone and my problem was gone just as fast! Thanks guys!

Hes so fast getting my computer done. he did a real good job i am going to keep using him and can tell you in English this place is for you. They offer excellent computer repair at reasonable prices. They treat you like a person not a number. Tired of dealing with a super store? try Ask Andy

Repaired my broken laptop, on time and within my limited budget. Very knowledgable on both hardware and operating systems. Highly recommended.

11/10/2008 this company is wonderful. the guys there are truly amazing and offer a great service at a great price! small company with awesome business practices. have told eveyone i know about them. keep up the good work Dan.

If you want people who actually know how a computer works, and can tell you in English this place is for you. They offer excellent computer repair at reasonable prices. They treat you like a person not a number. Tired of dealing with a super store? Check out ETS.

This company stands on the highest degree of Standards.