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Replaced my broken LCD screen on my laptop. Great timely service and affordable!

They are very knowledgeable however they have poor customer service. It is never open so I could not retrieve my computer. Upon picking it up, they were very unprofessional and rude.

I am new to Fort Scott, just moved here. The technician was on time, worked with me while I was at work and I had to have my landlord let him in for the repair. He installed my DSL from AT&T, setup my wireless network and my Wii. Thank you Mike.

Our server crashed over the weekend and no one we called could get out the same day to fix it. Our company is small and we don't keep a full time IT on staff. I was a little skeptical at first about calling a company I hadn't really heard anything about. They arrived only fifteen minutes after

Everytime I required Joe to come out to fix some issue with my pc, or internet, he has been a joy to work with. I tell all my friends about him. Joe is my goto guy to technology.

The best computer repair in Wichita bar-none Mom and Pop shop with wonderful customer service

Under 'old' management, these guys were nothing but problems. I purchased an ABIT K7 motherboard from them. A month later the ABIT bit the dust, they told me I could either send it back to the manufacturer or they could replace it with something of EQUAL value. Now tell me, how in the world

Thought I had lost all my pictures when my computer got fried in a thunderstorm. They found my pictures and burned them to cd for me. Thanks guys!

Jesse built my laptop and two PC's for my business. I recommend him above any computer store in Topeka, His staff is always friendly and knowledgeable on the things I need for my business. The things I see above sound like they are coming from a competitor not a customer. I will continue to

I was amazed at how well 123Computerservices.com did with fixing my computer. My computer was practically unusable with the amount of spyware and viruses that were on it. The rep told me that there were close to 1500 instances of spyware\viruses on the computer and he removed them all without

The guys at UNI are great. They always know what is best for my computer and they don't try and oversell me things that I don't need. GREAT STORE!

Awesome people who will fix your printer, no matter how old it appears to be! Reasonable rates, too!

Great Prices and very speedy service had my PC back in 2 days and worked great. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

The guys at Hofftek have saved our butt many times. Their virtual network management and repair keeps us up to date and allows them to identify and repair our problems before they become outages. After getting the run around from other Consulting shops in town we found Hofftek and we will never

My experience working with Bodine Training Games LLC has been excellent. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile to make customers happy.And did I forget to mention they put out great training game software? Their product is light and entertaining,

I have a great deal of trouble getting about so having someone come to my home to fix my computer was wonderful. Repairman was knowledgable and friendly and was done in about 75 minutes. Reasonably priced.Nice people to deal with. On my who to call list.

Very good and reliable place to have your computer serviced. The people are friendly and above all patient!

Very knowledgable, prompt and excellent in all aspects. Also has been quick to answer questions. I will definitely use him for all future computer needs.

Good place to get your computer work on if you have a problem.call computer doctor in holton ks if you live near by.

Last week I purchased a rebuilt IBM Think Pad from Laptop Service Center. The price was great and the laptop is loaded and works great. I highly recommend this place!

Told me I had bad Mother Board. Took to another shop and found out just bad memory

NND serviced my PC and had it fixed in one day! I called on campus and all the other PC shops and the turn around time was almost two weeks. One flat fee and NND picked it up and dropped it off for no extra charge. Neil was very professional and quick. If you need your PC fixed right and fixed

Bought a 900 dollar system from Napkin Computers. The system has the latest technology, performs unbelievable with an Athlon 64 3200 Processor and a GB of corsair XMS memory, and got it at the best price I could find anywhere. My experience with the Napkin guys absolutely blew Dell and Alienware

I heard about LoveTech through word of mouth from a friend.I had never heard of LoveTech and at first I thought it was a dating service or something.let me tell you, this is far from a dating service.this is top notch computer repair like I have never seen.I mean, let me give you some back

My 4 year old computer had slowed down and I thought it was a virus. I found out later that there were more like 6 viruses and over 500+ pieces of spyware etc. They cleaned it all for one price. PC runs like new again.

Travels, Completes the job in one day! Great prices!

Needed a cable to go from 4 pin to 6 pin for my video card. New Egg wanted $19.00. Went to Real Tech and found it for $5.00

Wow fantastic customer service. Highly recommend for the technology challenged and for the savvy computer user who is just a bit over their head.

He has all the skills without the inflated costs of bigger companies. Quick trouble shooting skills. Solved my problem fast! Highly Recommended!

The following takes place between 8:00pm and 11:00pm on December 7, 2008, on the day my wife receives a new iPhone 3G. Events occur in real time. (tick,.

I had a laptop that gave me troubles from the start. One day it just stopped working completely and I simply bought a new PC.Life went on until one day I.

Very good service, repair pc in fast pace

DMD Networks was very professional and attentive to our technology service needs. They were able to diagnose our problem and were able to restore our system quickly.

With local technicians, this is about the best you can get in the Wichita area. The machines are good, but if they do have a problem, DOS is there to get you back up and running the same day.

Service was Fast and Friendly, I was up and running in no time.

My 6 yr old dell desktop would not turn on after a storm hit nearby one evening. To make things worse, all of my family pictures were stored on it. Took in the pc, they swapped the power supply out, and I was back in business within a half hour. Would recommend to anyone in the market for computer

I'm actually quite surprised at the number of wonderful reviews this company has gotten. My mother is not very computer literate and she has been in this store a number of times for help with her computer and has been ripped off every time. They told her she a had a virus on her computer twice,

Jason and his assistant completely set up my home office after my move. He showed me how to make it more efficient than the way I had it set up before. He also secured my wireless (which i didn't know you could). Great work for a fair price!

Our cameras are on twenty four seven. Alastic IT made it so easy to watch everthing on Camera. I love the touch screen interface.

I have bought all of my Macs from Macenthusiasts ever since they opened their shop. And I have had them deliver and set up all of the equipment. I have used their Macs to write and publish more than a dozen books. They have provided outstanding recommendations on back up systems, color laser

What a great company! They provide remote support with a simple phone call, and handle our backup and compliance needs. They installed our medical office management system, setup a secure wireless network, remote access, vpn access to the hospitals for our Doctor, and an off-site backup solution

I have had PC Nurse fix problems with my computer twice. Once I was having a problem with my internet connection and the other with my laptop. Unbelievable service and great work. The price is very reasonable as well. I call her my computer girl now.