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This is by far the best computer company around! My first ever PC was built by Noah and it was awesome and now I built my own PC and he helped guide me through getting everything working. Best customer service I have ever encountered. I highly recommend Mid-Iowa Computers to anyone.

They did a great job on my laptop repair.

Spectactular Service!

Was at the office when my laptop went down. I tried everything to get it started back up, when finally the office manager came over and gave me the number to our office IT specialist. I called and S7 said they would be right out. Albert came out and took one look at the blue screen, loaded

I had excellent service. I appreciated all the assistance I received regarding the work on my computer and going the extra mile to show me how to do things. Thank you!

This guy James that works on computers for Compu-tek does not like working on laptops, he would just like charging money.

He came right out and did a fine job. Scott Thomas, broker

EnCompass was great to work with and solved ALL of our network problems for a great price.

I've shopped at Neo Computers several times and the people there have always been helpful and knoweledgeable. Their prices aren't as good as pricegrabber. com but if you need it today they usually have it in stock.

I purchased an express warranty only to find out that means nothing, still took 22 days to repair.

You gotta love these computer geeks. Are they just socially inept or brain-dead when it comes to customer relations? I'm new to Iowa City so I call Flan Tech to see if they service laptops. The guy who answers the phone says, (this is verbatim), nah.we're too busy. O-K. Well, then, I ask, who

These guys put the Geek Squad to shame! I took my computer into Best Buy and it took two hours to figure out what was wrong and wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for it. I called Larson Computer Services and Bryan came out and picked up the computer himself. He fixed it super fast and the

It's a Best Buy. They've got good prices on some cheap to midrange stuff. It's a good store staffed by average employees. I'd go back (and I have many.

Tired of dealing with dell and thier refurbished parts and horrible customer service. I had NJR fix my computer and did an upgrade and could never be happier! Dell could never provide this kind of service! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Bought a lot of computer parts here. The only real downside is that they charge more then the online stores. I have bought cases, processors, motherboards and memory from DIT.all have been great products, just a little high on the cost.

For being a locally based company. These guys compete with the big companies and even beating them on pricing with the same product. We found out that they are Authorized resellers of a lot of name brand computer items. That was great because they give you better pricing than the other comany

If you feel that a locel Internet Service is unreliable, I have good news for you. Marshallnet is different from all the rest. Their servers are truly top of the line equiptment. The service center for repairs & updates to your herd drive is professional, & Curtious. Bring abord you service

This is by far the best computer store in and around the Muscatine area. They have the best prices,and quality work, and just a overall great attitude toward there customers. My family and I would definitly recommend this store to anyone.

Great customer service and very knowledgeable. Everything explained to me very well. My computer was not only fixed very quickly but the man working there installed several programs to help keep my computer running well, at no additional charge

Though I have not been to this computer store, I would recommend it, highly. I know of other's that have purchased computers through their business. R.J. Ender Computers have a vast knowledge of computers and they build them the way YOU want them!

Excellent Service, Stellar Support. If you need computer repair or data recovery this is the place. A+++

I was told my pc was unfixable by another repair shop so I took it to M & M for a second opion it was less then an hour and I was up and running I am so glad I brought it in to them they saved me the price of a new computer

I've had to have my computers serviced many times in the past but this time I decided to try someone new. I am very glad that I did! It's nice to use someone who is friendly, cares, and doesn't speak over my head. Will not hesitate to use again.

I had a hard drive go out, and he had it replaced that night!

Not to bad of service, just a little exspensive! If Marshallnet is not open, then I would give them a try!

Rob knows his stuff and is a very nice guy. The service is fast and I love that he comes to you. I have been using this service for a number of years and so do all my friends. This is a company you can trust.

I have used My Own Computer Guy a couple of times and I recommend this repair service to everyone! They are so good to work with - excellent work - reasonably priced. I'm so glad they're in Ankeny!

The first thing I will say is that this company was a pleasure to work with. They were kind and were able to explain things to me in a way I could understand them. They took extra time out of there day to answer a few questions I had. I could not have been happier with that company and the

The above review must have been past management-these guys are GREAT! They're very knowledgeable and their turn around time for typical service (virus removal, data backup, etc.) has been around 3 days for a LONG time! Buying a computer through them, I got a 3 Year warranty and when a part

Fast response. Came to my home. Same day service and great price. Tech was very helpful and answered a ton of questions. Had me up and running inno time!

All data was recovered, computer runs faster, spyware was removed, I now have a wireless network, very personable, very knowledgeable. I won't complain about the cost. I won't go anywhere else.

Barbs computer service is one of the few locally owned and operated businesses that do an excellent job providing a good product at a good price. They beat the pants off of the big corporates (Best Buy etc).