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Steve has kept my computers working well for several years now and I have never been dissatisfied with his work. He has always been willing to take the time to explain my problem in a way I can understand as a novice. He is prompt with the result and reasonable in his pricing. I would recommend

Knows computers. Great help to us and gave us good advice. Came on short notice. Will definitely use him for all of our future computer needs.

I have had work done with Tim's Computer Repair several times. My computer died and Tim was able to recover everything from the hard drive. It took some time but he stuck with it. Any time I have an issue Tim is my first and only call. I have been happy with the result, time required, and price

My computer was shutting down randomly without notice for about a week and it was starting to get real annoying to me. So that's when I started searching online for computer repairs; 1010 computers was one of the first ones I ran into. I called them right off the bat, which I don't normally

Wonderful, wonderful customer service! I got my computer fixed way faster than I expected and at a great price. Mrs. Brandi was amazing at keeping in touch with me about what they found wrong with my computer, what they could do to fix it, and prices along the way. I am now a customer for life!

I recently built a computer that kept crashing. I tried to troubleshoot it myself, but it ended up going beyond my scope of expertise. Computer Solutions diagnosed it, determined that there was faulty hardware, and since it was a new build and most of the parts were under warranty, they just

Keith and his team does an excellent job and always delivers on time and on budget!

Rarely do you get this kind of service anymore! I have used 1010Computers in McDonough, GA twice, once for a desktop and once for a laptop, and have been extremely pleased both times. They do an amazing job on repairs, are very upfront about the cost (which is very reasonable), and provide

Excellent service, quick response and now he is our designated IT person. Originally he came to get our QuickBooks networked back together. He did a great job and pointed out some issues we have to get everything operating efficiently.

They answered all of my questions and explained to me how to get the most of my specific type of computer. Their customer service doesn't stop after they fix the problem, I've called them multi times and they continued to assist me on how to properly use my computer with no hidden fees.

David did a great job setting up my new PCI and transitioning from the old one. He also upgraded the OS on my laptop. His rates are reasonable and he wasted no time. I would recommend him to anyone who needs computer service.

Would not use again. The tech David was rude and only talked about his miserable life after leaving the air force and now being married to a woman he can't stand and wishes he could leave.

Found this company and they designed a website for me and I am very pleased. Never had to meet, we emailed all information and it came out great and the price was more affordable than any company near me. Very professional organization.

I was driving down the road and noticed a Geek Fast sign, and was interested, so I pulled in. I recently dropped my laptop off of my kitchen counter and destroyed my screen and I thought it was going to cost like and arm and a leg. Turns out, they said it would cost less than $150 so I ran

Once again Digital Doc has saved us. They synced our iPhone to the iCloud. As well as getting all of our MAC and Apple problems fixed up. They are the best computer repair service in Savannah. With a focus on great service and taking care of their clients first. Digital Doc takes the time to

I had a virus on my computer and it was running slow. They connected to my system performed a removal and restored my pc back to normal. I also purchased a anti virus package directly from their site. It was a great teaching tool.

I really am, I called on a Saturday night a little tipsy, and the owner (I guess) picked up. I talked and talked over wanting a new desktop, not just any desktop but a custom build like the one I got 3 years ago. Well Joel came to my house on Sunday, yes Sunday and looked over what I had and

I look for two things when I shop for service (any service) price and comfort level.

I look for two things when I shop for service (any service) price and comfort level.

I contacted Mike at CNR over some problems with the way my Desktop was working. We were able to fix problem in an efficient over the phone manor. This saved time and money. Mike also cleaned up another Desktop for me at a reasonable rate. I would recommend CNR for your computer needs as they

I'd like to thank CNR Technologies for fixing the computers in my house. We got some pretty bad viruses and nobody could get on the internet! A neighbor of mine here in Bridgemill here in recommended CNR. They sent a tech out right away and an hour later both computers were working, as good

Fixed my pc pretty fast and nice price.

At 68 years, I don't have a lot of experience with computers. The lady at this store was so helpful in teaching me about my computer. She spent a lot of time with me and didn't even charge me anything for her added time. I am so grateful for her help!

I, too had a hard drive I was told was unrecoverable. This guy had my data in just a couple days, and for half the price the local shops wanted just for an estimate. Yes, I agree his rural location is a bit of-putting, but he is worth it. He is honest, and, like the other guy said, talks on

This guy really knows his stuff. He fixed my PC when the regular shop in town said it was not repairable, and recovered data from the hard drive that the shop said could not in any way be recovered. And he was not expensive, either. Didn't make me feel stupid, either, like most PC shops do.

Answered my call and was at my house within an hour. Fixed the problem quick and told me what I did wrong. Setup the computer with antivirus program to prevent future problems. Very friendly technician. Will use in the future! THANKS.

I have had several problems with my computer over the year. Had a friend repairing it, and it kept having the same problem. The guys up there fixed the problem and even cleaned up my computer with no added charge. They added a free antivirus program too. My computer is actually faster than

The name of my consultancy business is Craig Binnie Consulting, Ontario, Canada. My website was designed by Roger Koo - RKPCService, Computer Repair, Website Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I would highly recommend Roger for the speed and efficiency

I was having trouble with my computer. It kept getting slower and slower until it finally wouldn't even work. I called Simon and he came over took what he needed and ran a stress test on it. He found the root of the problem and fixed it. He also got rid of many viruses, installed new updates,

I had a computer that I needed Windows XP put on and the drivers for it were really hard to find as the computer model was no where on it. Simon got my computer, installed windows and even anti-virus software! All the drivers were working perfectly and the computer runs great. Thanks so

These people help out in bad jam for may laptop. Their prices are low and services are great.

My small business came to a hault when I had a virus on my computer. I called ATR and got concise helpful advice that walked me through my problem. They did not charge me, and called the next day to follow up and make sure that my problem stayed fixed. I would highly recommend them and will

I had the blue screen of death so after finding Ron at ACPC, he came out and discovered bad memory. Replaced only what I needed and very happy with the service. He offered services like remote support in the future unless another hardware problem arrises.

Thanks Geek Quarter, My Computer is now running smoothly, no more crashes!. the backup tool you recommended was very helpful. you saved my job! Thanks again.

These people know what they're doing! Very pleased.

They have a great staff, quick turnaround time (24 hours for almost all things), and best of all, they speak English!

Outstanding service without outrageous prices. These guys were very knowledgeable and were able to fix my computer issues in no time. I was well informed throughout the entire repair process and was shown how to prevent future problems. I have recommended It Solutions 2 Go to my friends and

Great, friendly service! This gentleman tried to recover my lost files after a hard disk crash. He was very knowledgebale and gave me the best advice!

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What a pleasant service call! She knew what she was doing and explained everything to me. I learned some new tricks! The price is reasonable and a huge value. We will call A Computer Wiz-Nerd from now on.

Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Worked on both my desktop and laptop computers. Good prices. Fast & Friendly hometown service. I Recommend highly.

Very knowledeable and courteous. A lifesaver with his savvy computer knowledge.

The staff is very professional and well trained. They were right on time for there appointment and able to solve the issue with my system in a short period of time.

I love Best Buy. Actually, I don't love it; but we have a close relationship and our share of disagreements. Seriously, best buy is a great place to get.

Excellent on site servicer was prompt to respond and repair was made to my complete satisfaction

This is an awesome store you can get just about any time of game for any type of system. and the employees are very very helpful.

People just don't know what their missing. I have iwispr and I love it.

Top notch people, i didn't get tricked into getting something i did not need honest service and most important an explanation in plain english of what the problem was and what to fix it. and a fair price.

This is a great Apple store. Yes its slightly smaller than the one at north point but hey, its an apple that's close to me. Ive been to many different.

O2 Secure Wireless is a company that setup wireless networks for apartments and condos. I tried it out at least a couple times - this is my third try.It's.