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Robinson Technology helped set up and network 6 new computers in my agency. Not being a technology person myself the task seemed overwhelming but Sean made it easy and seamless. He answered all of our questions and was available after the job was complete to answer any additional questions.

A complete rip off. I brought my computer in to be assessed due to water damage and they tried to rip me off by claiming that every component was destroyed. I took my computer to another place and the graphics card and hard drive were fine. Stay away! When I told Rick and his employee what

They supposedly fixed the case of our laptop and charged $180 for the repair. In the process, they broke the camera angle and we were not able to use the camera when Skyping. Took it back as soon as we realized what they had done and they said they had told us that might happen. Not true.

John did an excellent job with our laptop. Definitely saved our money! He replaced the hard drive and the keyboard installed the software... it looks like i have a brand new laptop! Highly recommended!

I called them because I was having trouble with my laptop. My screen kept going dark. I brought it in for a free diagnose. They called me with in the same day they gave me an estimate. They are very knowledgeable I highly recommend them to anyone with computer problems. They are very reasonable

I called in the evening to schedule an appointment and spoke with a very pleasant woman who scheduled me for the next day! I was very pleased at that point. Come the next day however, the appointment time came and went with no tech and no contact. About a half hour after the appointment time

Returns calls promptly. Reliable estimates. Service visits made in a timely and convenient manner for the client. Problems explained in plain English. Work and repairs explained in plain English. Clear itemized bills. Excellent follow-up after work is done to make sure everything is working

NerdsToGo came right to my house within a few hours of making the service call. I had picked up some kind of virus or malware and the technician located it and had the virus removed within minutes. I never would have been able to find or fix this issue.

Solapc built me a custom desktop for home office and gaming use. It was ready quickly and they came to my home to install it and set it up just the way i wanted. This is the fastest computer i have ever used and the value was incredible, i paid much less than going to dell of best buy.

My computer was infected with a virus and I needed to finish a paper for school. I dropped it off to have it repaired and it was ready in less than 24hrs! My important data was still intact and was able to finish my paper on time. Thanks!

On time, courteous, and professional.

Jonathon was excellent and very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions I had. I would certainly recommend OTFCG to anyone I know of that has any sort of computer problems. While he was fixing our computers he was also very friendly and courtesious! A+ all around!

This place is awful! They had my computer for weeks, never called me with a diagnosis, then when I finally called in to find out what was going on they lied and said they had been leaving me messages! But they couldn't teel me what they said in the messages, and when I said, "OK, what is

My laptop was messed up for a long time. I needed it to be looked at I didn't want to dump a lot of money into it unless it was worth it. I contacted a couple different Computer Repair shops and they wanted to charge me to look at it. I found NETTNETTS PC LLC and I called them and they told

It took Eric 45min to make my computer free of virus. Excellent service at a fair price. Thanks Eric.

I brought my laptop to them when the fan broke, turns out I had had a nasty, sneaky trojan lurking my hard drive too. I know I could have brought it to a ton of people who never would have bothered checking my laptop of virus's.

I brought my laptop in to there shop. My dc jack was broken off. They soldered a new Dc Jack. Laptop works great. I called around to other repair shops at they wanted to charge me a lot to fix. NettNetts PC has great prices. Excellent work.

My hard drive crashed. They recovered my files. Put a new hard drive in and fixed my computer nit works great. They're prices are affordable and they offer great work. I would highly recommend them.

Since Iím a college professor, you would think that I know a thing or two about computers. I just know how to grade papers with them. I needed my computer, and Geek Choice promptly responded to my request and had a technician out sooner than I expected.

They have great prices, whole set for 120, and even cheaper ones. My kid is taking a class there in February, awesome organization.

Wow.I have been to other computer repair shops, only to get my computer a week or more later with more issues. Techs R Us picked my computer up on a Friday night, and dropped it off on Saturday afternoon, working as good as new. They even printed out the results of virus scans and gave me pointers

Went to 3 places to repair my old computer - Best Buy, Comp USA, and another local PC repair guy. No one had answers for me, just bills! Anthony fixed my PC on the spot in 20 minutes, for less than I was charged by the last guy for diagnosis. (and cleaner!)

We had a major problem with our network. We thought it is a virus outbreak but these guys quickly identified the root cause at our file server and solved the problem in less than 2 hours. We were very impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism. Not just a bunch of geeks like

Extremely rude-will NEVER, EVER shop at this store again for ANY reason. Customer service is not their forte at this particular store.

These guys are great! I have a small business that kept on going down due to our faulty computer hardware and network configuration. I contacted the Computer Support People and they were able to detect the root of our problems. They came up with a simple solution that was affordable and fast.

New Britain really needed a store like this. Great, honest computer repair, tasty sandwiches, and on top of that, a fun friendly atmosphere. Their downtown location is covenant and easy to get to.

We Care Computers isn't just a name. These guys really do care. That's what makes them so awesome. It really is amazing how using the services of local.

My brother bought a computer from them, he loves it, and then i had problem and he told me to go see New England Business Solutions they will treat you very good. They repair my PC and my Printer and i can't belive what they charge me very low. and every thing work perfect. Thanks newebs.

Fantastic support when we needed it most. RIOT Computer Technology (formerly Convenience Computers) does it, and does it right! We trust our entire network to them - and for all of our electronics/technology sales. No more needing to go to Best Buy or Circuit City! We get the items at our doorstep!

I couldn't have made it through graduate school without these guys. In the middle of a project, my computer died. They bought it and sold me a refurbished tower for $200. Since that day, I have not had any problems with it, and I also bought an IBM ThinkPad that I can't live without. I don't

I met Brian of Everything Computers while working a local car dealership where he was contracted to fix our computers. Brian was also strongly recommeded by my hairdresser. I called Brian with some comuter issues I was having; he promptly came to my home and fixed my computer. Brian has proven

I have taken 3 Microsoft test at this center. The first test was flawless. The second test the test computer crashed and had to be restarted. The last test, employees gather by the testing room engaging in loud conversation, laughing and slamming doors and creating distracting noises.Not sure

I have had only pleasant, helpful service from these guys. The store is a great business model - really knowledgeable computer folks who will help you decide what you need, sell it to you for a reasonable price, and provide service as needed - not the 1-800-HOLD that you get when you buy from

Kevin Is very Knowledgeable. When it comes to computers he is your man. He is extremely reliable. You can call him anytime of the day and he will be able to help you out, weather it be by phone or in the office. He makes an effort to make every one happy. We haven't seen this kind of commitment

Robert & staff at PC Warehouse have many years of experience supporting hardware and software. As a technician, I can always count on them for the correct advise and parts for my customer's needs. Excellent prices and reasonable rates make it a homerun.

I called Effin Computers after trying 2 other companies. The bottom line is that Effin Computers was able to resolve a variety of computer/network problems that the others couldn't. Besides that, they were very friendly and thorough in their communications. I highly recommend them.

I love Eppy Computers and am so grateful they know computers so well. I have had them fix virus issues, hard drives that crashed, laptop part replacements and they always manange so save my data and my computers always come back better than new. I really trust them and anytime anything is wrong

Called a few local tech shops here in Hartford, and they didn't get back to me first, but fast enough and had the best price to offer. I'm glad I went with TP because I was able to get back to work in my computer in no time!

They helped me with my computer when I lost very important documents. I don't know how they did it, but they saved me about $13,000 and two months of work. Thanks guys

Gary identified and fixed my PC problems in less than 24 hours. I dreaded logging on to my PC prior to the great work Gary did. I would and will recommend Gary to any one I come in to contact with. Gary was proficient and easy to work with. He was so good that he could probably even convince

I had a usb port problem-Best buy and Circuit City wanted 60.00 to 70.00 dollars to look at it. Then they were talking around 500.00 to fix the problem. I called Final Computer Solution and they told me to bring it right in- 30.00 dollars to look at it. I did and an hour later they called me

We used Prospect PC and Web because we have a good friend that referred us plus they are members of the Better Business Bureau. Our office computers work great and if we need phone support they are there. We are also talking to them about a website. Thanks Prospect Pc and Web.

Professional, knowledgeable, prompt service. Automated my entire office. I highly recommended them!

They showed up in a timely manner, did the repair on our color printer and didn't overcharge. Great!

Gino did a great job. I just wanted him to debug new computer build, and handled it well at a fair price.

Recently we hired NES to revamp our entire network including a New File Server, Firewall protection and re-wired our entire facility. The process went smoothy and exceeded our expectations by far. We have since made an ongoing commitment for support and could not be happier with our network

Fast service great prices they know what and how to help i loved the fact they dont try to upsell honest service

DFS Computer Services has great services and great prices, I suggest everybody to check them out!

I found out about The Computer Guy when I searched the Toshiba web site for an authorized Toshiba repair facility. My laptop had stopped working and was out of warranty. I called and talked to Terry. She told me what to expect when I brought my laptop in and what they charged for doing repairs.

I wouldn't go any where else! These guys are inexpensive and smart! This is a true dependable business.