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This is a professional who not only knows his trade, but is also willing to walk an extra mile for you, because of the kind of person he is, and not because you are a client. Very appreciative of his swift help in the moment of work emergency.

Brian is a liar and is grossly incompetent. He claims to have an IT degree from a religious university that doesn't offer any technical degrees.

My external hard drive was failing and I thought I was going to lose years of design work. These guys were my heroes and saved my work into a new external hard drive. They were super fast (24 hours!) and affordable too! I'll be back for some computer upgrades. They also do new phone screens

I've never wanted to jump across the counter and hug someone before. Danny is my newest BFF, even though he probably doesn't even know my name. He called me around 4pm and said my computer needed a new hard drive. I had it in my hands by 5pm. My world without my laptop was a lonely one, but

We purchased a pretty expensive MacBook Pro and it was everything that we had hoped for. My wife uses it for her new home based business and it serves her more then well. We had an issue with the power cord today only to realize when we brought it to the Apple store it wasn't an actual Apple

No matter the problem he can literally fix it ASAP. Whether it is taking my computer to his shop or even coming to my house to get all of my devices running - he is just a gem. He is the kindest young man who treats his customers with compassion and respect - even when I have a problem that

This is a great place if you want a Mac Book or other Apple product without paying the price for a new one. The advice and customer service are excellent. I bought a Mac Book earlier this year. When it had a fatal problem they gave me a big discount on a replacement. They offer a warranty on

Don't Panic I.T. Solutions is by far the best I.T. company in town. Been using their services for about 20 years. . and if the computer still exists, so will my loyalty to this company.

IT Colorado / Mike are AMAZING. Shows up early to appointments, explains what he's doing and stays until the job is complete. Within 1 week of signing up with IT Colorado, we had a major glitch in our system. What we thought was going to be a quick and easy fix, turned into 6 hours. Mike never

Sam is super knowledgeable, turns things around quickly, and is friendly and professional. My top choice for data recovery and computer repair.

Always gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended for everyone’s technology needs!!

My work computer stopped working and I called IT Colorado for assistance. I’ve used them in the past for other issues, but this was new and literally thought I may need to purchase a new computer. Well, great news I didn’t have too! Computer fixed, fast turn around and great customer service

Great store! I came in about 6 months ago worrying my old MacBook finally died but they checked a few things and it was just a bad charging port. I went in again today when neither the charging port or the adapter was working. They swapped the charger and the adapter free of charge! They also

This team is awesome. Met with Adam online initially, using Yelp. He walked me off of the ledge because my Mac Mini was driving me insane. I was about to cash it in and get a Windows server. He encouraged me that I didn't want to do that ... but ... every time I did any kind of operation I

Convenient, timely, professional, and knowledgeable service. Mike was so friendly and let us know what the problem was and what he's doing to fix it. He also went over a few things I can do myself for the next time I come across a similar issue. We would definitely use IT Colorado again!

I've brought both my computer and phone to LikeNewPCs. For computer fixes, I think they're great. For phone repairs, they tend to take longer than normal phone repair services simply because they have a lot on their plate with other devices and computers. I think it's just an understaffed crew.

If I have any tech issues I don't hesitate to call. They are professional and won't sell you something of cheap value. They look out for their customers and will help any and all ways they can. If you want it done right, take it here!

As they fixed all my issues I saw them help out one of my friends get his speaker cleaned out to make his phone usable again! Fast and friendly!! I go to them for all my repair needs!

These guys saved my 2007 iMac and helped regain photos that I thought were forever lost! Adam was awesome and I would highly recommend this place to anyone who's in need of help with their apple products. I never thought I would be able to use my beloved iMac again as it had been sitting here

Came into my computer and resolved a number of issues that had been bugging me for quite a while. Figured out how to clean out a corporate email file that I had been trying to clear out for several years. Great job, fast and efficient. Saved me having to disassemble the computer and haul it

Great business that sells, repairs and fixes various Apple products including computers, laptops and much more. I brought in a 2008 MacBook Pro and the guys at Mac Outlet fixed the old laptop and restored and transferred all files from it onto an external drive. Other businesses told me that

Amazing people. They were very knowledgeable and kept me in the know about my laptop the whole time. Their prices are very competitive and their work is the best I've seen.

Absolutely perfect and amazing work was early to appointment and got the job done within minutes. Was very friendly and made the whole process a lot more fun and even taught me some stuff about what he was doing while working on my computer. Will definitely come back again and get more computer

The staff are so helpful and I'm always able to get my device repaired without it costing a fortune. I've even purchased a couple used items from them and have had no issues. Whenever anything goes wrong with any of my products- mac outlet is my first call

I have received the best service from All in One Computer Service. My computer has been acting up for months and I finally took it into All in One to have it tuned up. Jeff was very patient with me, showed me a few tips. They were very timely and fair price. I highly recommend them for all

iT Colorado is very efficient and was really fast at getting our computer back. Anybody needing their computer worked on should call Mike.

Bought a previously owned MacBook for far less than retail. It has been a reliable work horse. And Mac Outlet has been available with a simple walk in for Immediate assistance. Real experts of the Mac products who can help quickly, affordably, and as mentioned, often Right Away! As a matter

I had IT Colorado fix my desktop and was very pleased with the level of workmanship and professional demeanor. Mike came to my work to pick it up and returned it. It works great and was very reasonably priced.

I have been very pleased and impressed with the staff at Don't Panic IT Solutions since I began to use their service 3-1/2 years ago. Their relocated office is easily accessible if I do need to take my computer parts to them but I love the fact they can see, remotely, what is happening on my

I have been very pleased and impressed with the staff at Don't Panic IT Solutions since I began to use their service 3-1/2 years ago. Their relocated office is easily accessible if I do need to take my computer parts to them but I love the fact they can see, remotely, what is happening on my

Old-school shop with today's tech. With a tough set of system-level issues, I found this shop willing and able to go the extra miles and then some, to make sure all is well in the end. Along the way, you get to learn a lot of useful nuggets on architecture, software, and how they work together

His expertise with all things computer related is matched only by his incredible customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with him.

Had a great Spencerian with Like New PCs! I do a lot of work on my rig myself, but when my liquid cooling system broke I wanted someone with more experience to take a look. I wasn't sure that this would be something they could do, but after talking with them I could instantly tell they had

Took our business computer to Rich when it was basically a brick. He was super friendly and came to our business in Greeley to pick it up. After a few hours he called to let us know what was going on and gave us some options. We decided to have him fix it as well as do some upgrades. He had

Brian is the best! His technical expertise with both the hardware and the software is in the stratosphere. But just as important is the relationship he builds with his clients -- he's always ready to help, and is very generous with his help and his time. He always treats you like you're

When our laptop went south during the Christmas Holidays 2012. With all of our life on it we felt desperate. As our normal PC repair shop was closed for the holidays, Brian was recommended to us by friends. We gave him a call and discussed the problem. Brian told us what the cost would be,

We just wanted to say thanks for such an outstanding job done by Jesse. He had an ideal, inexpensive solution to our problem with our laptop. It saved us having to buy a new one altogether. Prompt to respond, professional, and knows what he's doing. Unsolicited follow up was impressive. Excellent

I would recommend VA Denver Computer Services without hesitation. I wanted to switch out my PC to a laptop I had purchased. I called on a Sunday morning and recieved prompt, professional, affordable service the SAME DAY!! Vasif goes above and beyond. I highly recommend him for your computer

We had a great experience with All in one computer services. As customers we didn't make it easy, but All in one really went out of their way to make us happy. They have a lot of technical knowledge and they go the extra mile to keep the customer satisfied.

Jesse is great. I've called him a few times and he is always a pleasure to work with. He drives out to my place, and I don't pay more for his attention. Very patient, very experienced, he is just a great person to have work on your computer.

Our Computer got very sick, and we were in a BAD situation. We were foolish, since we had a LIFETIME of Family pictures on our computer that we neglected to back-up. We spent about a week trying all sorts of internet-based fixes but things just got worse to the point where we were unable to

Fast and friendly, fixed everything, good follow through, even called to be sure things were still working the next day. Jesse, you are great at what you do.

Thank you Jesse for everything. The computer is running fine now! I'll recommend you to all I know.

Jesse, thank you. You guys are the best! I thought I had lost all of the information on my computer, but you recovered everything. I will be telling all of my friends about you.

Jesse was professional and helpful. He fixed my old clunker computer and i bought a great new HP laptop from him at a very good price. He works very hard on problems and i was very satisfied.

Very good service. Fixed everything on my dell.

This guy saved me. He had to reinstall Windows 7 because I had a worm on the computer. Jesse was still able to back up my files, I didn't lose my photos which was awesome. Higly recommended for computer repair work!

I recently called Jesse to help with a crashed computer. He was able to fix everything, and also got my internet back up and running. I highly recommend him to anyone in the area. He is great to work with and acutally returns my phone calls (which his local competition does not bother to

Brian is the epitome of customer service. He has worked on our business computer at Glacier Park Storage and did so well that I promptly turned over two personal desktops and two laptops. His service was prompt, complete and unbelievably fair priced. Brian is an honest, ethical business

My computer would not stay on and Brian got in touch with me almost immediately after my inquiry. He was extremely easy to get a hold of from day 1. He replied to emails and answered his cell anytime I needed to talk to him. He listened to the urgency of the need for my laptop since I'm in