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Neil was very helpful in recovering my lost data and provided precious advice in order for me not to make the same mistake again. He even recommended other alternatives had I not needed his help. The ratings are real, no fake news here! Took 3 days for him to retrieve my 1to of lost data.

We run a small business here in Simi Valley. We've had Gold Coast come out for computer repairs several times in the past, but this time our whole network was down and the server could not be accessed. We called gold coast and the technician diagnosed the issue and had it fixed pretty quick.

Neil responded to my call immediately. He explained all the charges up front and how he planned on fixing my laptop problem. Within a few hours, he had diagnosed the problem and identified the fix. I was able to use my laptop even while a new battery was being ordered.

Hello, I'm the office manager for a local food distribution company and wanted to give a big thank you to Gold Coast Computer. Our business is located in Simi Valley and we recently hired Gold Coast to be out computer support company. Murphys law, on one of the worst days possible, our server

Our main production server suffered a hardware failure last night at 8:01 PM. I was contacted by our CSD rep at 8:07 to verify if it was a scheduled shutdown. I told them no and asked them to investigate. 5 minutes later they reported that our RAID controller was dead. I asked how soon

Mitec Solutions are amazing! Best computer support in the valley

I'm the general manager for a local car dealership, and we have been using the managed services from Gold Coast it for about two and a half years now. In the two-and-a-half years that Gold Coast has supported us, they have been prompt, courteous, and professional each time we needed technical

Was expecting a hard - sell contract driven maintenance plan and was instead asked what my problem was, and after we discussed everything, they took care of it in no time. They then went above and beyond to use the remaining time we had purchased to look over the setup in general to see if

I am very grateful to Mitec for fixing my laptop! They were very responsive, calling me every day with an update. Helpful in answering questions and concerns. Made helpful recommendations! I have a basically new PC for a few hundred bucks (I just wasn't willing to start over with new operating

Neil help me with my MacBook and my website really nice guy and very friendly

They were very nice and fix my laptop like new

Yesterday afternoon our wireless network went down in the office, we were unable to get any work done and basically the entire day was going to be wasted. Upon the recommendation of our accountant, we called Gold Coast computer services and scheduled an appointment for them to come out later

Thanks to Anthony and his team I had my fears relieved and MacBook restored! Not only did they fix the problem, but took time to explain what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Great job!

My workplace was having some technical challenges, and I worked for two weeks on troubleshooting the issues without any success. The problems were simply beyond my abilities. I was granted approval to hire an I.T. guy, and after many conversations, I went with Mobile Computer Repair.

As a teacher representing a school, I have nothing but positive things to say about the service Mitec offered us. The company was efficient, helpful, and authentic. Most importantly: they're effective. It's always refreshing to work with a knowledgeable company that makes their first

These guys have help support my team so many times to set up the new HP laptops when we get new ones in the office!

Great planning and execution of install. I was given insight into the choices I had to make, allowing for educated decisions in every detail. Clean, curtious service that shows pride in every part of job. TechHub Direct does it right the first time for sure.

Alex is perfect! He replies quickly to phone & texts; arrives on time, focuses on the job to get it done efficiently, has the customer test everything before he leaves and is reasonable! I ordered the equipment on Amazon, so i just paid for the labor. I prefer this so I can know I am not

Great service - prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, quick turn-around time. They gave me useful advice and recommendations that helped a lot. Thanks for going the extra mile!

San Diego Computer Help by far the best service. Forget the “other guys”. The other guys made it so difficult to talk to a live person and by the time I finally did, I literally said forget it, you guys lost. San Diego Computer Help on the other hand took my call, booked my tech on the

I was referred to Alex by a friend. For starters Alex shows up on time or even a few minutes early. The last IT guy would be a couple hairs late if he showed at all. I have a business that has a relatively small network but like any network when setting it up or changing things there are

We had exceptional service! Nile came to our home and quickly took care of our computer issues. He was professional and took the time to explain the process to us.

Matsie is the best! We used him for our business (Diablo Theatre Company) and he was professional, courteous and so helpful.

Matsie is the best! We used him for our business (Diablo Theatre Company) and he was professional, courteous and so helpful. I recommend without hesitation!

Local Small Business and Friendly Staff! Insured and Over 30 Years of Combined Experience! They removed my viruses off my computer. Fixed networking issues our office had and tuned up our slow computers for faster performance! Definitely recommend! Honest and affordable.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

5.0 star rating 5/17/2017 We called one week, had the best internet service ever the next week, we were able to finally dump AT&T. AT&T says it is high speed, but truly dial up was faster, I can't believe we suffered so long with miserable internet service. Mitec employees are professional,

I've dealt with them twice--both experiences have been perfect. Tony, Darren, and Armen are fantastic people!

For starters, I spoke with Saul, over the phone. He was personable and very knowledgeable; I was definitely impressed with the length of time that he said that it would take him to tell me, what was wrong with my lap top. It took several minutes and I was stunned because my prior experience

I have used this company for over five years. They have managed the web site for my car club, done repairs on my personal computer, and helped me with any number of questions I've had for both my own problems, and with my clubs. Thank goodness they are reasonable and always available.

Top notch. Mac crapped out while traveling. Stopped in they were very busy. Anthony jumped out and expedited the service. With my less than stellar computer knowledge walked me through the repair process. Never tried to make me feel less than knowledgeable about the Mac. Repairs were quick

Very nice people willing to help me whenever I need it. The help for free I can just call them and ask a question anytime. They come out and fix my system when I need it. Great service

Had an Mac book Pro crash about and was very hesitant to do data recovery due to expense. Found found Bay Area Computer Repair with glowing reviews and discovered that our solution was right down the street. We contacted Them on Monday afternoon and by Wednesday evening, our hard drive was

We were so happy with the in-office work installation completed by Just Tech. They were thoughtful, knowledgeable, professional, and paid attention to my budget. They were also able to explain their recommendations in terms I understood. And, get this - 2-3 days after our appointment, we

I bought parts for a custom gaming rig I wanted to have put together, called several people and even got quoted high. I called him and he said to come on over. I was hesitant at first but this guy had put the thing together in literally under ten minutes. Even gave me advice on settings for

Alex, owner of User Friendly Computer Services, is professional, knowledgeable and very personable. I recently had PC response issues that, despite my best efforts, were getting worse and I could not resolve on my own. I called User Friendly Computer Services and Alex was at my house within

When my system's display was not functioning properly, I almost felt like throwing it away. I was not able to watch the movies or listen to my favorite songs, so I just called my friend and asked for help and he recommended Techvedic, they fixed my issues instantly and I was pretty satisfied

Techvedic's backup service is excellent and they always go an extra mile while delivering the best that one can even ask for. I was fortune to have got them to take care of all my documents and I always enjoy being at their helm every single time.

The data recovery service that was offered by Techvedic technologies private limited address was simply remarkable, the best data recovery support service I must say. It assisted me in the best possible way. I was about to lose my data due to my employee's negligence. Thank you so much Techvedic

Through their splendid CRM service, Techvedic has brought my rosy days in the business. I was looking forward to obliterating my competitors and Techvedic has helped me in this pursuit. May you be blessed guys and thanks for such support?

Thank you Techvedic for resolving my outlook email problems. Now I can manage multiple accounts with Outlook and luckily without any problem. The easy-to-follow solution that you delivered to fix slow computer has also made a big difference to my computer. I'm really satisfied with your service.

I appreciate Trinity's responsiveness to our IT issues. Thanks for doing a great job over the past 3 years!

I love this place! Rae is always so nice when I call. They helped us with our DVR systems when other companies only wanted to over charge our small business. We are always happy with their service.

My computer is fast, he removed all virus from my PC.

So my laptop crashed or whatever happens when you lose everything. All the kids pictures, my candid wedding photos and the glory videos from my last labor and delivery. I called a few different places near me but they were rude and I could barely understand their IT language. A friend of a

Mike is a great individual. I am impressed with his ideas and concepts. Their pricing is also a great value. I would recommend their services to all companies and business owners!

Matsie is reliable, affordable, dependable and I would recommend him and his business without question. I needed a new computer and he helped me select a new one. When it was ready, he came to my house, set up the new one, migrated over my data and even looked at my girlfriend's laptop while

He helps me with all of my computer needs. He is very knowledgeable. I would definately recommend him for any computer needs.

Had a a broken screen on my iPhone and they fixed with no problems, quick, low cost, friendly and professional.

Arrived on time and took care of our issues rather quickly. Friendly good service free software and help.