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Wow. The work Telecomp provided my client empowered them communicate with their board of advisors, all over the world. What was once impossible, TeleComp had solutions. It was also aesthetically gorgeous and became the "showroom" when giving tours of the campus. Well Done TeleComp, well done.

I must give Enoch Computer Technologies, especially John Crabtree, a rating of 5 stars. If I could go even better, I would!!! I totally trust them. The whole team is outstanding! My very old computer has been kept going by the best.

They were very fast, had a Virus and they fixed it and had it back in one day.

I have been dealing with Computer Medic for years. Their work is as awesome as the people who run it! Definately the place to go for all your computer needs. Friendly enviroment, good work, speedy in repairs and very quick to educate and answer questions!

I had a run in with a vicious malware infection that disguised its self as malware remover. I'm fairly computer savy but this thing kept changing my registry key values to suit it's own needs. I couldn't get rid of it no matter how I attacked it. I took it to Telecomp and they said they would

My secretary's Old HP computer was Really starting to act like it Needed Replaced, but Chris took a look at it & within Just a Couple of Minutes Knew the problem.. That it had come "out of the box" with a Slow Celeron CPU & not Nearly enough memory.. He Replaced the Celeron with a Much faster

These guys are great! They had 2 of my Laptops fixed within 24 hours for a great price. Would recommend to my friends.

The staff was very helpfull and listened to my needs and advised me on different ways to approach it even when it ment a lower profit for the store. THIS STORE IS FULL OF CAREING PEOPLE.

We were having trouble setting up the internet at our new house, when we learned our ethernet card had gone bad. They not only came out to the house to swap it for a new one, but it was done in under 15 minutes! And for only a fraction of what I would have expected to spend anywhere else. But

The best service and repair shop in Nortrhwest Arkansas! These guys know how to treat and please the customer. I highly recommend doing business with the Shermans and no one else in Northwest Arkansas.

Cheap and fast. Fixed a laptop power jack for 100 bucks.

I've had some custom Ethernet Cat6 anc Cat5 cables built to various lengths at various times, excellent work, super customer service. Thank you.

I had a run in with a vicious malware infection that disguised its self as malware remover. I'm fairly computer savy but this thing kept changing my registry key values to suit it's own needs. I couldn't get rid of it no matter how I attacked it. I took it to Telecomp and they said they would

Very knowlegable in their computer skills quickly identified and fixed my problems with my computer. Would diffenately do business with them again in the future. :)

I had my computer repaired first an one of the other repair shops before I knew about S & L, that was a complete waste of money and time. A few weeks later I took it to S&L and they fixed it right the first time with about half of the price. Highly recommend S & L.

I went in to there store once looking for a gpu for a PC I built so I wouldn't have to order it offline and wait. I seen the exact card I was looking at on, but the difference was was asking $169 and DBEST was asking $299. I asked them if they could go lower and the sales

Your address is wrong, their address is 2888 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista Arkansas 72715, and has been for some time. Nice guys, they do great work, but you need to update your database.

The staff at Radio Shack are always willing to help and give advice.

The store has recently moved to 5309 Hwy 5 N Suite 140 Bryant Ar 72022 Tey have ben nothing but gr8 at answering all my Questions about repair of my broken E -Machine my hats off to John thanks

Awesome business Savy, real computer guru, wonderful thing is this company makes house calls, no more lugging your broken computer to the store to be fixed, free estimates, and very reasonably priced, He had my computer up and running in no time, and I haven't had a problem since! Highly recomended!

This man fixed my computer for less than he quoted, and had it done the same day. I haven't had any more problems with it since! Definately Recommend!

We found Office Pro Systems the place to go for fast reliable repair on our computer. They removed a virus that disabled our computer, installed Norton and at a reasonable price.

John, provides one of the best, reasonable, honest computer repair business, that I've seen in a long time. He very prompt, knowledgable, and dependable when he makes service calls and when he works from his shop. He has never let me down or disappointment me when he services my computers.

My business is servicing restaurants and when one of my restaurants went down on a friday evening, the service man was there within 10 minutes and worked diligently in getting them back up and running. It meant the world to me that even on a Friday night the customer service was there as promised.

Kirkham Systems actually listens to your needs and helps you acheive your requests. They can provide detailed information on the best way to accomplish the task at hand and tell you why it should be done a certain way.

Excellent store, extremely helpful! From now on when I have computer issues I'm calling them first!

My hard drive went out and they helped me get a new one and restored all data off the old one. Thanks Protocol!

PC Doc is the best. They are honest hard working people that will help you with repairs, buying and problems with your PC. I drive 25 miles just to use them, because I know I will get good service. I have purchased 4 PC and other PC equipment from them. Thanks PC Doc for all your help. Susan

He built a computer to me with the spesctns.that I wanted and my unit is flying! including a 19 LCD screen.

Hi When I need my Computer Work on he work on it got back up in one day and at a low price.geart job.

Fresh Beanz is a welcome change from the other coffee places around town. While you'll find the standard stuff: hot, cold, and frozen coffee drinks and the typical Wi-Fi connections and collection of reading material, Fresh Beanz offers a few things that you might not expect from a coffee shop.

I have gone to GCM quite a few times now. They always have what I am looking for, they have great customer service and the prices are great. I also really like the idea of shopping from a local business instead of a major chain store. Definitely a business I recommend and a business that I

I took my pc to several computer repair shops in jonesboro, it never did work right when i got it back. A friend told me to take it to nca. when i got it back it ran better than it did when i first got it and they also have limits on what they charge to fix a computer so they never will run

This is an up coming new Company, although small there appreance is that of a Enterprize CO. OUTSTANDING Support and patients. Got a Problem with a PC network or want to learn how to use it. Give them a call.

Every time they come out they are very kind and are able to fix my copier every time and explane in terms to me what was wrong and how they fixed it. every one should do business with them.

Last week my computer crapped out on me and so being the computer dummy I am, I needed some assistance. I found this place online because it would.