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Tim was a true professional. He kept me informed every step of the way and saved me money, too. I highly recommend him and Computer Speed Shop!

Tim was a true professional. He kept me informed every step of the way and saved me money, too. I highly recommend him and Computer Speed Shop!

Mike you did a great job as always on PC, thanks.

This is the second time in two years that I have used Dothan PC. Mike McArdle made me feel like family, and had my slow computer up and running... Saving ALL my data. It was done in a timely manner and exactly the price he quoted! I highly recommend Dothan PC!!!

Thank you Mike and Jan for your great service. I had almost given up on getting my laptop fixed. I will recommend your shop to everyone

Amazing customer service and very good technicians ! Keep up the great work!

Great, reliable, and wonderful service. Knowledgeable, well prepared staff and fantastic products. Happy and proud to work with Taylor.

Best computer guy I know! These guys can design anything. If you need a web design, look no further.

My computer crashed on me and I was afraid I had lost all my work, but Bit By Bit restored my system very quickly. They were very professional. Told others about them and they were very happy with the service they received.

Jeremy Peters took my friends computer and $100 in advance to do a repair. He put the computer owner off for 6 weeks and then stopped taking her calls or inquiries. The computer owner then found out that he had pawned her computer and was no where to be found. He took her computer and her

Quality Service at a great Price!

I called and left a message with their voice mail and they didn't call me until the next day. This was not an issue because upon calling, Brandon quickly scheduled a time to come out and look at my computer. When he arrived, it only took him about 15 minutes to figure out that I had an issue

I thought my computer couldn't be repaired but since these guys told me if they don't repair then they won't charge me so I had them work on it and by golly the not only repaired the windows system but had it running fast, just as it did when I first bought The only thing I didn't like is

I took my computer to a repair shop (which I am not going to name) and they told me I had to get another system. I wasn't convinced so I found Rocket City Computers and they diagnosed and repaired it the same day. Great service!!

We all know the value of an excellent auto mechanic and Mike is the computer repair equivalent. Mike is an A+ Certified Computer Technician and this sets him apart from many computer repair persons. In May of 2011 I brought two computers in for repair; one was completely disfunctional and

We where very very happy with the merchant website they did for us a few years back. Now, about 30% of our revenue is from orders nationwide - not just in Tuscaloosa. Awesome Guys. Jerry - Woods N Water

We had 77 PC's that couldn't get on the network after a tornado. Our main server had lost it's data and the SQL database backups where gone. Jim, from Edutech came over and spent the entire weekend working on it. As I write this our data is somehow recovered and we are ready to operate tomorrow

Edutech revamped our website and did a wonderful job. We contracted them for a support contract for our network and they have been great! Just wanted to give them a plug. Fred

At the UAB we use several technical contractors for computer - network support. My favorite is Edutech - they seem to really really know what their doing. I'm an IT support manager and when I get in over my head I call Jim over at Edutech. He rattles off solutions like a computer and most of

Don't get me wrong, these guys setup my network and got it working - eventually. I had 21st Century setup - a small Server 2008 network and it seemed like every day some user could no longer access on of our shares. They came out and fixed it each time but this went on about a month. Finally

The tech we used was "stumped". Our point of sale system wasn't updating the server and no sales where getting entered! Out of desperation we called somebody else - Edutech. They took about two hours and we where back up and running! :)

Edutech setup our 2008 server network, mail servers, firewall and routers. We brought in our corporate IT guys from New York to verify our setup (we're in Tuscaloosa) and they where impressed. They told us of any remote office they've checked out ours was setup "exactly" like it should be

I've called on these guys around 50 times or so to either fill-in for our IT techs or to solve a problem we can't. I would say 49 out of 50 times (something like that) they hit a home run. Not bad! I've used every major tech support company in Tuscaloosa in the past to help us with our outsourcing

Our network wasn't letting users access our email server - we called another company (the one we used in the past normally) and they spent about 5 hours on it. The tech said that none of them really understood our "router" and they tried to sell us another brand instead of the Cisco brand

Wow what a mistake taking it to him for repair. Lost my data and was not to happy about it.

My computer recently experienced what most believed was a motherboard crash and I was strongly urged to just get another computer. I felt that it was something that could be done so I started a search for a Computer repair specialist with the idea that if it would be too much then i would just

Just have to say that they really saved the day. I thought that I had lost all of my files but they were able to restore all of them. Thanks again.

These guys support our entire network. Easy to work with and great at explaining what is going on with our different systems. I would recommend them to anyone who has to have critical support for their business. When we get in a pinch, We call Chris

Excellent work and very reasonable rates! I noticed this new business on Weatherly and called them for help with a firmware update i needed. he burned the disc for me and i popped it in and was back in business without a single hitch. he charged me next to nothing and did this all on a saturday.


I will definitely call them again! They are the best at what they do and can answer any question about technology as they helped me and all four of my roommates with all the computers and gadgets in our apartment. Thanks again for the great service!

Quality work, friendly people and NO phone tree! I got to talk to and see the tech who did my work! Computer works great now, I left it there before lunch and they had it ready before I got off work!

They do good work and want you to see what they have done before you pay

I have been having my laptop locking up on me. It was happening over the Christmas break. They got my laptop in the shop and fixed it and it was ready for me to pick up that afternoon. Thx!

Very knowledgeable, professional, and quick. They have helped us out many times and I couldn't imagine using anyone else.

These guys are great! They are also the cheapest in baldwin county. I would recummend them to anyone needing computer repair or upgrade.

Computer Partners has worked on several of my computers. They do a real good job and take the time to explain things.

Great service every time. a good selection and knowledgable staff.

Great Services Professional Tech's Tech's are very helpful

Others can't compare to the speed that you will have your computer back up and working great. The time and skill of Compumedic can not be found anywhere else. Will always trust my computer needs to Compumedic.

Honest and Friendly Helping to Aid those in need through training and support of Any and All pc related issues.

I have this for email service and have found it to very unreliable. I need email on a daily basis. I am finding that about twice a month they are down and there is no one to call on the phone. They have a phone number but if it's not convenient to them you get no response or you get an automated

I've used this company for 3 years. I have enjoyed great service from all the guys. They come to my business, come to my home, build, repair and maintain my computers! Awesome service! I will continue to use them. I will continue to buy my computer gadgets here as well. Warren Counseling Services,

The service is great. The staff is friendly. They are willing to help in any way. I would recommend their service to anyone.

They provided great service and was finished the same day! They only charged $42 an hour and they was alot cheaper than the rest of the companies around here!

Solufix provided prompt and courteous service when my business needed it. Honest & straightforward, and very professional appearance; I would let them work on the receptionist's computer anytime. Online Assistance came in handy, too, when we had a backup question.

This place is great the owner works hard for the customer. I recomend it will be doing more business with them

This computer shop is the best one around. Along with the excellent as well as friendly service, the shop has very reasonable prices. Baileyton Computer Shop will definitely have my business as long as I am able to use a computer.

I highly recommend calling this guy when you have computer problems! He is a no bull kind of person. He'll give you a straight answer and get you back on line fast! We had several people come out and no one else could fix our problems, but he did it. He is the only computer repair person we

On-Site computer service usually next day sometime same day.