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SAMSA supplies computer services for Michigan residents and businesses. Expect better results from a pc repair expert specializing in Virus Detection & Removal for Windows. If your pc has been running slower than usual, is showing unexpected popups or advertisements, has been displaying error messages, or locks up frequently, a virus or spyware infestation may be to blame.

  • Go above and beyond to help... when I first visited Midland years ago and my laptop ceased

Twelve years in the computer business have taught Empire Industries what it takes to develop a computer system of exceptional quality and reliability. Our technicians build all of our systems with name brand components, add software that suits each client's specific requirements, and then subject each system to benchmark and quality control testing.

We are a full service computer and laptop repair facility repairing all makes and models. We perform FREE virus scans for all of our clients. We also can do upgrades on all computer components at your request. If you are looking for a specific computer part please check out our E-Store at for all things computer related. If that is not enough, we also offer a complete

Business forms shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. Computer Repair Fast turn around time and quality service. Prevention is always better than a cure. Preventative maintenance is the term used in connection with computer networks to describe the function of keeping software and hardware in top working order, thereby preventing costly breakdowns or slow-downs in business.

We're situated near the Columbus Business District in Bay City. Stop in or call Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM or contact us online.

We currently have recently updated our web page with new information on our products and services. StarNet Wireless is a distributor of long selection wireless equipment, computers, and networking equipment.

Let us Design your custom computer! We are a growing firm that builds custom computers for those who know what they want and do not want to buy off the shelf only to buy a wealth of upgrades to get what they need. We provide both Intel and AMD systems. If you know what you want, let us know. If you are not sure, tell us what you want to do with your PC and we'll aid you configure what you need.

Coordinating apparel for kids and adults. I am astonished at the speed in which I get my questions answered and work completed. SAMSA is fast, courteous, and capable to easily work within my personal preferences. Your guidance and services have done nothing but nice things for my firm.