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Blow your mind with true 7.1 channel surround sound, record TV, paused live TV, categorize movies, music, pictures, and much more. Gaming PC For those gamers who want uncompromising performance at the finest levels and are willing to invest in the finest of the finest, the Genesis Dragon gaming PC is the PC for you!.

It's always on, which means, no dropped calls, no busy signals and no phone line. This service can be shared with multiple computers in a office or home, each getting the same high speed connection. EJ TurboNet - Think of it like adding Super Premium to a Pinto or a having your own designated service lane during rush hour.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009 Now accepting orders on our Wheeler & Breckenridge Towers, give us a call! Thursday, May seventh, 2009 Great Lakes clients, welcome to the new website! Any questions about its use feel free to contact us! See what KASL Technology can do for you! KASLnet supplies services to the whole state of Michigan.

Up & Running PC specializes in affordable, convenient on-site pc repair service in Central and Northern Michigan. We provide a comprehensive on-site pc repair service convenient to our clients, and somewhat unique to this Michigan region. Our services include pc repair, software and hardware installation, virus removal, spyware removal, internet, networking, wireless network installation, troubleshooting

Flat fee computer and game console repair. New and used parts and equipment. We've proudly served the Central Michigan and surrounding areas since 1999. We offer sales, service, support, training, custom built computers and an array of other services and products.

  • Very knowledgeable in the field, stands behind their work 100%. I trust all my computer

Music firms are struggling to keep their albums and music off of the internet for free and movie firms are in the same battle. Computer software is not exception. Unfortunately, one of the most misused software packages is the operating system itself. We have all seen the advertisement, Web Site Package, up in 10 minutes, Guaranteed.

Does your pc need repair? Is your PC giving you more hassles than aid? Are viruses or spyware leaving little surprises in your start menu and on your desktop? Or are you just plain lost with your new computer, wondering if you're ever going to learn to use the thing? We provide affordable service to the home user and tiny business owner.

SAMSA supplies computer services for Michigan residents and businesses. Expect better results from a pc repair expert specializing in Virus Detection & Removal for Windows. If your pc has been running slower than usual, is showing unexpected popups or advertisements, has been displaying error messages, or locks up frequently, a virus or spyware infestation may be to blame.

  • Go above and beyond to help... when I first visited Midland years ago and my laptop ceased