Experienced computer repair specialists skilled computer technician solving your problems and getting your computer back up and running the right way.

No need waiting for days to get your computer back sometime we can have your computer issues solved within 24 to 48 hours. At Computer Speed Shop we use top-notch solution to solve your issues the first and the right way. we have fixed many problems for home, home office and small business. Some of the problems we’ve solved include Virus & Spyware Removal, New Computer Set up for customer have brought new computer and need help setting up their computer.

Also we have done Wireless or Wired Networking set-up. Our Tech at CSS offer top-notch customer service. They will diagnose your problems and give the right result the first at affordable rates. Here at Computer Speed Shop (CSS) we specialize in getting your computer back up and running. a computer repair specialist with first at Circuit City and then at Staples, I am able to understand your needs and give you top-of-the-lines support and efficient customer service with a smile

At Computer Speed Shop will give you a Free Diagnostic to assess your problem, offer a solution, and provide recommendations for future upgrades. With low and reasonable rates can provide better service than larger companies. All computers that are serviced are given a free diagnostic check for your PC or laptop. The diagnostic enables us to analyze the severity of the problem which may include basic maintenance, or more of a widespread problem.

Below are some of the reasonable available specialty services which CSS offers:

Virus and/or Spyware Removal to Improve Internet Security
Set Up of New Computers and/or Wireless Networks
Various General Computer Repair Services

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Aug 3, 2019

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