San Francisco, Peninsula Area Only, Please read my add all the way before you call me. If you are having trouble with your computer, give me a call. I may come out to your home and work on your system. Depends on the locations. You can also bring your system to me.

As you can see my price is extremely competitive. Satisfaction Guaranteed. You will be happy to fix your PC for this hourly rate. No one will offer you this price in Craigslist, not even in retail store. Specialize in HP, Compaq, Dell Dimension, Dell latitude and Toshiba, Sony and generic computers, custom built computers.

I guarantee professional, top-quality service, at my place or yours. My Service is Fast and professional and I have 15 years experience of IT background. I have worked for Dell computers for 3 years. I also do monthly and yearly service to your computer, tune up and checkup. I am expert in Diagnostic Troubleshooting. I can help you buy right parts for the computers and even get it for you so that you do not have to run to the store looking for wrong parts and wasting your time. I am extremely friendly, honest and reliable.

My Education:
CompTia A+ Certified.
Pursing my Masters in Business Management in Standford.
Bachelors Degree in Technical Management Devry University.
A. S. Degree, Telecommunications, Skyline College, San Bruno,
A. S. Diploma, Computing Science, Box Hill Institute of Technical & Further Education, Australia, Melbourne.

Please leave your name, phone address, PC brand name, operating system and description of work needed and I will call you. Important Note for laptop computers: I do not fix laptop screens because the labor is too expensive. But I do replace hard drives, memory, and software installation/ upgrades. Tune up. - Domain email setup, configuration and management (you@younamehere. com)

Hardware Upgrades
1. Hardware upgrades expertise includes.
2. Installation of system memory (RAM) .
3. Install DVD burner.
4. Brand-new hard drive or second hard drive to your computer.
5. Install sound card, network card, U. S. B 2. 0 card.
6. Check and troubleshoot inside the computer which is causing fault to the system to operate the way you want it. Check hardware components such as fan, power supply, processor (CPU) , faulty cables (IDE cables) .
7. Troubleshoot on Hardware that gives you headaches.
8. Upgrade existing pc hardware, replace damage internal components, and install brand new device internal and external. I can help you to connect VPN where you can dial remotely from another computer to access data.
Setup e-mail from multiple mailboxes or domains!

VPNs, Firewalls, Switches, Airport Extreme, Airport Express/ Disaster Recovery for Information Systems/ Internet/AOL account setup and configuration/ Dust removal and Fan (s) check/ Digital Camera/MP3 player installation and configuration.

Rest of the information you will find on my website.


$20/ hr


Published on

Nov 25, 2018

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