Where would any of us be without our computers? Most of us do not even joke about that scenario. For starters, you would not be able to read this. That may not be particularly funny, but it underscores the point that without our PCs, many of us are out of business.

Bay Area Computer Repairs understands the important role the PC plays in your business. It is literally your lifeline. It is ours too. That is why we offer a full battery of computer repair services for both individuals and businesses to keep your machines up and running. Let's face it most repair shops and retail stores overcharge for computer repair, that's why our motto is "We Beat the Geeks".

When it comes to computer repair in Delaware we guarantee you won't find a more reasonably priced service provider.

Diagnostic & Consulting it free if we can fix it we will give you the quote.
Desktop and Laptop Repair upgrade.
Data recovery deepens on the size of your file.
Wireless/ Networking Installation.
Optimization tune-up speed up your computer.
Virus spyware malware removal.

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$25/ hr



Published on

Nov 6, 2018

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