The #1 reason computers develope most problems are infections from trojans,spyware, adware and pop-ups. Legitimate software can also play a big part. I'll find and fix all issues for about the same price most places charge you just to look at it! I'll even clean the inside of the case to avoid over-heating and increase longevity. "Do-it-Yourself" websites that sell PC repair software may repair some symptoms temporarily but do nothing to stop slow peformance for good. Depending on what your problems are, downloading even more software may even make your problems worse!

As computers get older, we keep telling them to do more with the same hardware they had when they were new (and empty). We all know how the IT techs tell us: "You're going to need a new computer to do all that." I'll recommend any upgrades you might need to get your computer ready to do anything you ask of it, and it will be a small fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

I'm always very surprised to find unsecured networks in this day and age. But there are many of them still out there. I'll set up a secure wireless network in your home or place of business. Or, I will fix any problems you may have with your existing network. You can never be too secure.

Repair places love this one. You have files you really need or cherish, but they're gone! The techs will tell you how time consuming it is and charge you a lot for that time. Data recovery is not hard to do if you have the right tools. And I won't charge you for sitting in front of a computer watching it while it recovers your lost files. Since the only guarantee you get with data recovery is the cost, make sure that cost is not a lot.

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Your Own Personal Computer Guy is exactly what it sounds like, Steve treated me very well and went out of his way to save me money. Went to great lengths and at times inconvenienced himself to fix the problems, I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

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