Woopti Corporation based in Aventura, Florida was launched in 2009 with the college inspired idea of taking off the edge between computer users and technical support Experts. Woopti is a green computing IT company which offers environmentally sustainable computing or IT solutions for both home and business users. Woopti.com focuses on maximizing the lifetime and energy efficiency of computers while promoting their recyclability and reuse in order to decrease the global impact of electronic waste. Fixing the Planet one Computer at the Time is Woopti's mission and 15 percent of every service or purchase is donated to a greater cause.

Woopti challenges the common perception behind expensive computing solutions by offering an innovative array services designed to address most computer users needs and wants. There are plenty of computer smart people that can repair your computer; however computer lingo and complex computer talk could in some instances create a gap in the understanding between service providers and customers, making the computer repair a worrying, nerve-racking and needless to say expensive experience. By adopting all of this issues as our own, and focusing on the customer's bottom line Woopti Corporation has been able to reinvent a modern and unique way to remedy the frustrations that come along common computing problems.

Catalyzed by the outgrowing number of laptop and netbooks computers sold in the US every year, Woopti is also involved in the research of energy efficient solutions that aim to ultimately decrease the possibility of permanent damage to your computer hardware in order to decrease the global impact of electronic waste. Woopti plans to continue capturing market share from both homes and businesses by offering a real alliance to customers that brings confidence, reliability and ground breaking products and services on the newest computer technologies available today.

Contact Details

  City Miami , FL
  Zip Code 33180
  Address 2775 NE 187 ST
  Phone Number (305) 974-1368