We are here for all of your computer service and sales needs. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Our mission is to take a non-functioning or under functioning computer system, network or other electronic component and transform those systems into a fully operational tool or toy.

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Products & Services

Damaged hard Drive? STOP! Don’t make it worse! Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

There isn’t hard drive recovery software or disk recovery software that has the power or experience that WeldonPC can provide. Most software packages cannot retrieve data, and when in need of recovery data or recovery files, there is no subsitue to experience and the best hard drive recovery service available.

Deleted file recovery, external hard drive data recovery, and other hard disk recovery is what we do. Give us a try!

Unsure of the issue plaguing your computer equipment? Just want to ensure proper operation of your computer? WeldonPC performs a full system diagnostic to ensure the operational performance of your electronic devices.

Windows (PC) and Apple (Mac) computer users Welcome!

Our diagnostics include: power supply testing, virus & malicious software checks, temperature readings of your computer, hard drive performance and more! A fully printed report is available by request!

Need data from a broken or old hard drive? Our data recovery experts can help you obtain your lost data today.

Slow & Dead Equipment

Computer slow down without a software issue? Did you shut your computer down and it simply will NOT turn back on?

We bring slow and dead computers back to life!

The ‘nuts and bolts’ of a System Recovery at WeldonPC, (formerly named the blue package) is the backing up of any requested data, restoration of your computer back to factory standards with a bit of a WeldonPC. com twist and installation of all software provided. All software updates will be completed and any item backed up will be thoroughly checked for viruses.

Why would someone need a system recovery?

The short answer is … for many reasons! Some computers are infected with viruses and others just have a serious problem with the current installation of windows. This is a cure-all process for your software problems.

The average turn-around time for a System Recovery is on average 2-4 days.

Remote IT Management, formerly known as the Customer Care Program, is a suite of services that handles your personal or office computer (s) .

** Remote Support is the ability for WeldonPC. com to access your computer remotely at your request.

** Remotely Managed Backup is a backup solution that WeldonPC is able to monitor and manage remotely. We are able to select the location of the files that are going to be backed up. We are unable to access any of your data via Managed Backup remotely for your safety and security. We are only able to manage the “what and when” your data is backed up. If recovery of your data is needed, the backup software installed on your computer will contain a restoration function OR you may contact WeldonPC. com to perform data restoration for you. Storage space is unlimited. 4gb limit per computer. Additional space may be purchased.

* Blue Packages are offered to each or our Remotely Managed Clients after the 6th month of signing up. The ‘nuts and bolts’ of a blue package is the backing up of any requested data, restoration of your computer back to factory standards with the WeldonPC. com twist and installation of all software provided. Each Additional Blue Package is $80. Discounts do not apply. Blue Packages will be rolled over year to year if unused and if continuing your agreement.

* Website Filtering is available too! Monthly reports are emailed to you containing dates, times and sites that were refused.

* Virtual Box will be installed upon the time of signing. Virtual box is a computer within a computer. It should be used when searching websites that are unfamiliar and when downloading large quantities of files from the internet. Virtual Box can be installed on any operating system that is Windows Vista and newer. You machine should meet or exceed the following criteria; 1. 5 GHz Processor or Better, 2GB of RAM or better and 10 GB or more available Hard Drive Space. This service is not available for clients running Windows XP or OLDER.

** Remotely Managed Anti-Virus is a premier anti-virus program. The difference between normal anti-virus and Remotely Managed Anti-Virus is that standard anti-virus is something that is up to you to manage. With remote managed anti-virus WeldonPC. com manages your anti-virus for you. Scans, updates and infection notices are displayed on your PC and on our dashboard. This helps keep your computer running like new.

Unlimited Priority Queuing is a premium service at WeldonPC. com. Your equipment will immediately be placed on the first available station OR will be placed in our express lane with other priority queued equipment. All priority queuing customers take priority! Get your equipment back FASTER!

20% Discount Is provided for all services offered at WeldonPC. com. All Products are also at 20% OFF as long as we have them in stock and on hand.

** Mobile Device remote Managed security and location Service is offered to one mobile device that has internet connectivity. Android or Apple devices that are LOST or STOLEN have the ability of being remotely locked and if the need arises wiped clean of all personal data. A generalized map will be included. Personal Data may be recorded in our system.

* Must be used on equipment designated at the time of signing.
** denotes that internet connection is required. Monthly Reports will be sent via email only. WeldonPC. com is able to monitor any problems remotely
* If paying quarterly or yearly service is available at any time without needing to wait the 90 day grace period.

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