Virus Free PC is ran by one tech & one tech only. Let me start by saying that I started this company in 2008 out of my house and do most of the repairs out of my garage. The real motivation for me doing this was because I found it very difficult to obtain a full time job even though I have a degree in Computer Science. Another big reason is around my area there aren't a lot of PC repair shops around and the big boys (Geek Squad) are over priced and from what I heard from some of my customers is they have no clue what they are doing. This was my main goal, to bring affordable computer repair to anyone who needed it and to fix it the first time, every time. And this is what I will continue to do for as long as I can.

For as long as I can remember, I have been taking electronics apart, seeing how they work, and then putting them back together. I can remember when I was 8 I got some of my dad's screwdrivers and tried to rip open my Nintendo. I wanted to see what was inside, to see what made that thing work like it did. Today, I do the same with everything electronic. PC's, Gaming systems, TV's, DVD players, you name it I have probably taken it apart. The point I'm trying to get at is, I love what I do, everyday is different and wouldn't want to do anything else with my life.

I try my very best to keep my prices low so everyone can get quality work for a lower price. I know how hard it is to be without a computer and that is why I strive to get the repair done and then return your computer to you asap.

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  Person Neal
  City Moreno Valley , CA
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I have over 12 years experience working on computers and 4 of those years working in the IT field. In this time I have had a chance to work on some of the older machines which included everything from old IBM's which ran MS-DOS 3.0, windows 95 & 98 to the newer OS compatable machines which included 2000, server 2003, XP, Vista & now 7. I have also built computers I have also, designed wireless networks for homes and businesses that needed the flexibility to run various computers and be able to access them where ever they wanted to within their office. I've created multiple websites for personal, business and for others. I attended Westwood college in 2004 and graduated with a bachelors in 2008. I'm currently obtaining my A+ Cerification and I have completed various web seminars & Hands on Simulations on MCSE, MCSA and CCNP. I plan to get certified in all 3.

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