Uriah's pc repair in Bozeman, MT is here for your computer service needs. Pick up or drop off for In-house service or on-site service for virus/malware removal, tune-ups, diagnostics, etc. with competitive prices and friendly service.

Serviced Areas

  • Bozeman, MT

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, I of course, I accept cash as well.

Contact Details

  Person Uriah
  City Bozeman , MT
  Zip Code 59715
  Address 113 W Lincoln Street
  Phone Number (406) 641-0043

Business Representative



Ever since my Dad's 286/12 packard bell that ran dos (286 is way before even pentium 1)
I have been interested in learning how to optimize computers and to make them work properly
if/when something goes wrong. Over a decade later, I have acquired many skills that have led
me to be able to help many people get their computer(s) working smoothly again.

Products & Services

Password reset

$15 (Estimate)

Have you ever forgotten a windows login password?
If so, I can reset it safely. When you get back into your computer, you can easily
set a new password. This takes roughly 30 minutes.

Hardware diagnostics

$15 per half hour

Hardware diagnostics are necessary to determine if your computer has a part that has failed.

Virus/malware removal


To remove viruses and other types of malware, I employ the best, most updated
removal software. Unfortunately, that alone isn't always enough, so I have other tools (software tools) that allow me to look into the computer and see if there are any other questionable things going on.

Sometimes this process is fairly short (relatively speaking) and sometimes it can get pretty time
consuming. This is why I charge a flat rate for this service.



A tune-up basically consists of making sure that your computer has the latest security updates of its installed software, cleaning out junk files, making sure that certain settings are beneficial to the particular machine etc.

Customer Testimonials

Uriah is amazing! I have a hand me down laptop that has obviously seen better days. Knowing absolutely nothing about computers, I asked Uriah to look at it. After a tune up and system restore didn't help, He performed exhaustive diagnostics, and checks for viruses/malware. Unfortunately, none of these things helped. I have faulty/damaged usb ports, so backing up my data was unreliable, so he reinstalled windows without having to format the hard drive and all my data was kept in place. End result..... I don't have to buy a new laptop until I'm ready (Black Friday?). Uriah... You Rock!

My laptop (dell with windows xp) would no longer start. After taking it to one computer technician, who was unable to fix the problem, or to retrieve the data from my hard drive- I took it to Uriah. He determined that the hard drive was almost completely dead, but was able to retrieve my data. Furthermore, he gave me a linux-based live cd that allows me to run my system in a windows-like environment to browse the internet, write documents, etc. This will get me by, affording me a functional computer until I decide to replace the hard drive.

My laptop running windows xp would no longer open anything. I couldn't run any applications- therefore I couldn't even look at photographs, or use a word processor, email etc. I took it to Uriah and it was returned the next day with everything in working order. My laptop is a useful tool again, instead of a paperweight! Thanks