Although self taught for many years, holding mainly IT jobs throughout my life. I later decided to make if official an obtain a degree in PC information systems with an emphasis on PC repair. After 15 years in the industry; performing these duties everyday I figured it was time. :)

For the last decade or so I have been primarily a Linux user. However, thats not to say I don't use Windows or the Mac OS. Since I've been in the industry for so long. I find myself on these systems often. Usually repairing or upgrading them in some manner. So I get to stay up on their changing interfaces and underlying technologies without issue. Over the years I've become quite fond of repairing computers but particularly bringing aging computers back to life using a lightweight version of Linux. I truly get the biggest kick out of this particular service I provide simply because of the joy and surprise people display when they receive their computer back with my custom setup and start using it. Its fast, easy, modern and bulletproof.

I enjoy performing upgrades to existing hardware to give a usually needed boost to the overall system. One of my favorite things however is building what I call an Eclectic PC. Basically just taking part from where ever and combining the best parts from each if compatible and creating a unique system loaded with a custom lightweight Linux. It feels new and unique.

Lastly, I try to keep overall cost down so I can provide excellent service at better than reasonable rates. I don't set hourly rates simply because if you have a problem thats unique and takes a lot of time to track down the issue, thats not your fault. I'm not having you pay for my future experience. Once I discover your unique issue, I now have that knowledge for future customers who would have to pay less than you because you paid for the research and development. That doesn't seem right to me. So I don't do it.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We unleash your aging PC.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • CIS Degree, Certs

Serviced Areas

  • York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Surrounding Areas

Payment Options

  • Debit Cards, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA

Contact Details

  City York , PA
  Zip Code 17403
  Address 308 E. Market St.
  Phone Number (830) 865-3274

Products & Services

Unleash your aging PC!

Unleash your aging PC!

Our base and or original package which is a completely custom install of a modern lightweight Linux desktop operating system, customized for your specific older PC. Designed to be full featured yet light on system resources it simply flies on your aging PC. If you would like a demo first, just give us a call to schedule a test run, you'll be surprised how fast and simple, yet stable and secure it is let alone being a modern operating system.

Transferring Files


Moving your files from your current system to your new Linux desktop. Our definition of files are music, pictures, videos, and documents. This service is our most popular if you're unsure how to backup and restore your files to your new Linux PC.

Dual Boot Option


Dual boot option. Basically a dual boot will allow your to keep your existing MS Windows operating system and install a customized Linux along side of it. This will allow you to choose whether you would like to select either the Windows or Linux OS.  Please note: This option essentially cuts your hard drive in half, one for each side. If you already have another Windows machine then this option isn't necessary. We suggest that everyone has access to at least one Windows PC due to Windows specific situations.

Trouble Shooting And Virus Removal


We offer a general troubleshooting service for all platforms which includes Ubuntu Linux, Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows, just in case you need something configured, updated, installed or Viruses, Malware, Spyware & Trojans removal.

Eclectic PC Build Service


Our very unique Eclectic PC build service. Do you have two or more older computers that either don't work at all or kinda work? Do you think if the parts were combined you could have a nice fully working system? Bring them in and we will do our best to combine the best parts from both machines (if compatible) to build your very own unique custom Eclectic PC. We will then install our base package of a lightweight Linux Desktop OS to turn your new Eclectic PC into a full featured modern really fast desktop.

House Visits


Need a house visit? Do you need your new computer setup? Wiring up all the cords and arranging everything the way it needs to be can be a hassle. Modems and routers, wifi & passwords can all be confusing and stubborn to get working in the right order. Throw in a wireless printer, a scanner and a webcam and well, its quite the daunting task at times. Sound like a bunch? No need to worry about it, we can take care of all of that for you and will have you up and running in no time.

Mini From Broken Laptop


Have an older laptop but the screen is broken, either smashed or just not working? Is the screen too expensive to have replaced? Well don't just let that good older laptop go to waste. If you have an extra monitor available, you already have the computer, keyboard and mouse. Why not put it back to use as unique lightweight desktop PC? We will detached the laptop (s) screen from its base and perform our basic install of a customized lightweight Linux operating system. If you decide to hook up an external mouse, its difficult not too see at it as a lightweight full featured custom mini desktop system.

File Recovery


Have a computer that won't start or turn on? Maybe its in a constant loop, or crashes at boot. Would you like to recover your files including: Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents? Bring it in and we will do our best to recover those important files. We will either burn DVD (s) of the files or put it on USB drive if no CD/ DVD capability is present. The scope of this service does not include hard drives that are physically damaged or broken mechanically in some way. Otherwise we should to be able to recover the files.

General Hardware Services.


General hardware services include, installations of motherboards, processors, memory, hard drives, DVD/CD drives, media card readers, case fans, sound cards, video cards, tv cards & power supplies. All these components must be purchased separately.

DD-WRT Installation Service


We will install DD-WRT on any router that is supported in their database. This is a Linux based replacement firmware for your router. This will add performance and numerous options to your current router that is usually found on much more expensive hardware. Once installed it will be tested and setup with the proper wireless settings and set with your desired login and password.

Customer Testimonials

I had an old Dell that had been sitting in my closet for a while. One day I was sorta like, this would be nice for a second/guest computer. I wasn't sure what I could do with it because of its age. I stumbled on this site and decided to give them a whirl. I had heard a few things about Linux but didn't really know enough to attempt it myself. Nor did I have the time. Needless to say I'm very happy with the results. I really didn't think this old PC could perform the way it does. I often find myself jumping on it even when I don't have to lol. Hasn't given me any problem yet and its been several months now. Hoping it continues. Wanted to write this testimonial just to say thanks.

We (my wife and I) are writing this small testimonial to show appreciation for the services provided by We really only use our computers to jump on facebook and send emails to keep in contact with our children. Occasionally my wife and I may look up recipe or a howto from time to time. Considering this is all we really do on the computer we were always baffled and upset that we were always seemingly taking the computers to a shop or having someone come out to services them for viruses, spyware and all that stuff. So we decided to give this service a try since they claimed that our older computers would work better and that we wouldn't have that other stuff happen all the time. So we gave it a shot and couldn't be happier and this was about 2 years ago now. Still no problems. We turn on our computer, do what we need to and turn it off. Now thats what we wanted from the beginning. Again thank you so much for making the continuous headache stop lol. Thanks again

I actually had a fairly new PC but it kept giving me issues. Time and time again I kept having slow startups, things just not working and well general overall slowness. I figured it is only 2 years old but it will eventually get older so why not give this lightweight thing a shot. So I called unleashpc and had them redo my laptop with a lightweight version of Linux. Well worth it in my opinion, although I did have to learn a few key differences but nothing major considering that overall I don't have to worry about my PC. I use it for my general everyday stuff and occasional work stuff and it just simply works. Thats what I wanted most and thats what I got. Thanks again hope this encourages others.

This is great! I have had no problems with using Linux. I did not experience any inconvenience with looking anything up and it is very easy to handle getting to the sights. It seems less confusing than my other program I was using. Now I find that I can very quickly turn my computer on and get into what I need to do faster. I get it done, turn my machine off and it takes me much less time. My frustration from being kicked off line and waiting for things to happen is gone. Thank you so much Unleash PC.

I don't have too much to say but I wanted to at least take the time to write something. Mostly out of sheer glee over something I gave a shot and have it work out so well. To keep a long story short. I had UnleashPC perform this service on an old "beige" computer that I still had from quite a few years ago. Needless to say I wasn't expecting a whole lot but didn't want to throw it away either since its wasn't a bad computer for its day. Low and behold it performs better then I thought it could considering today computing demands. However, handles it is putting it mildly. I find myself using the older system more and more because it always just works. Comes in really handy when kids are on the main PC or if the main PC is having issues I can always count on this box. Just wanted to say thanks and if I ever need anymore of my older computers brought back to life I most certainly will be coming back to UnleashPC... Thanks again!