Univirtek Technology was formed to assist small companies owners take advantage of the awesome power of technology for increased productivity. To extend the reach of their products and services worldwide. Small firms owners face challenges each and every day with their businesses. One of our purposes is to lighten up the load for our business customers by taking care of their technology needs. We love to partner with them to achieve a win-win situation for all.

Why are small business owners not taking advantage of the power of computers to grow their business? Some cite lack of expertise in modern technologies, plus the fast turnover of new technologies and finally our government requirements on handling sensitive electronic data.

Others owners are concerned about the cost of keeping a reliable and secure network. We have the expertise to tailor solutions to address these challenges successfully.

We are in business to offer cost effective solutions to small business owners. We have different customizable programs to satisfy each budget. We have the experience to deliver optimal service, on time and within budget.

Our technical support staff are industry certified and adhere to industry recommended best practices. Our business is built on relationship. We work a lot each day to gain your trust and to deliver exceptional and satisfying service. We service your needs like you are our only customer. We listen actively to understand your problem and study hard to understand your line of business and how you can leverage the power of computers for profitability. We will work with you to find the best solution. We are ethical, professional and honest with all of our clients.

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Univirtek Technology has many support plan options. These options help small companies owners get and gain the benefits of expert IT support for desktops, servers and application software for any budget. Small business owners can now concentrate their attentions on their core business tracks while Univirtek Technology support team handle your IT support needs.

You can buy block of time service contract, which is good for a year, you can also customize our support contracts to meet any budget. For a flat monthly fee, you have a support engineer 24/7 to handle emergencies when they arrive but more significantly, proactively maintain your network to reduce downtime, which will result in increased productivity for your business.

Customer Testimonials

As the office manager of a large funeral home, my computer, of course, is an essential tool for daily operations. Even a minor system malfunction will cause problems not only for me, but for the my fellow co-workers who rely on my support to serve families in need. Our entire staff would certainly attest the fact that whenever we have computer trouble, Univirtek Technology staff is always on the job and never fails to deliver. Their prompt attention and extensive skills are invaluable to us and even more importantly, to the families we serve every day.

I was most impressed with Univirtek Technology abilities and creativity in maximizing our network performance. Univirtek staff was very cost conscious in his recommendations and recommended network ehancements based on the need to meet business objectives.