PC problems? We offer a down to earth solution to your PC problems. We understand your frustration and we have the time to deal with your problems. Because we are local we can be there for you quickly. Give us a call on (912) 220 0765. We provide local, professional expertise in computer repair and maintenance, fault diagnosis, virus & spyware removal, networking and other computer support services to home users and businesses.

Friendly helpful down to earth service call Tim we are your local PC Medic remember we will have your computer fixed and running like new in no time! Think of our computer repair store as your own personal IT department, on-call whenever you need us. The technicians behind (TCR) are professionals with years of experience. We understand computing and we have the skills to deal with computer issues quickly and efficiently and cost-effectively.

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  • PC & Laptop Computer Repair
  • PC Support Services and Upgrades

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  City Savannah, GA
  Zip Code 31406
  Address 1503 Kings Way
  Phone Number (912) 220-0765

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Our technicians are standing by to take your call now and we can usually visit you within 24 hours. So, if you have a computer problem Give Us A Call! (912) 220 0765

Business IT and Home User Support
Laptop, Computer and DC Jack Repair
Data Recovery
Data Backup
Malware and Virus Removal
Network Support
PC Health Check (MOT)
Remote Support
Laptop Screen Replacement
& Much More!

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I have had work done with Tim's Computer Repair several times. My computer died and Tim was able to recover everything from the hard drive. It took some time but he stuck with it. Any time I have an issue Tim is my first and only call. I have been happy with the result, time required, and price EVERY time! Tim is profession, knowledgeable, and happy to take the time to answer questions and explain the process. I would recommend as computer issues try here first!

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Check out the commercial I put together for my business for virus removal. http://t.co/wc22bwImpP
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Nasty rootkit on a Dell desktop is loading false NIC drivers not allowing a ip to be attained. Just another version of TDL4 on my bench.
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New video posted up http://t.co/vX3OAskn11 HP TouchSmart IQ505 All in One Hard Drive Replacement
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@fixitdaz Can't wait to see more vids from you
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Cloning a Win8 hard drive is not recommended due to the way it handles UEFI in relation to GPT partition. Create a image to restore from.
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@cliffordcare sure... how do you prefer to connect up?
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Just battled a new rogue. Windows Efficiency Console. Straight forward to get rid of it but fixing the damage left behind is different.
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Just saved another business in crisis. Connecting but no accessing net. When all else fails rebuild the ip stack :)
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From Our Website

We fix and service all makes and models of laptops and desktop computers as well as mobile phones and tablets. If you are looking for a reliable local Savannah GA Computer Repair Shop, then you've found it. Contact us with the phone number above or email us.

Here at Tim's Computer Repair we get a lot of complaints about peoples laptops overheating or shutting down unexpectedly. There are many reason for this, but the most common is overheating due to clogged up fans due to dust build up. Remember some laptops run hotter than others. The usual suspects are CPU fan failure, poor heatsink contact, dust, poor compound, poor thermal pad solutions and blocked ventilation channels. Other issues could be due to Internal components such as graphics cards, These can increase the amount of heat generated in a laptop.

A system tune-up costs a flat rate of $85 in which your computer will be taken away to undergo a thorough speed boost. Over time computers become bogged down with excess registry files, bloat-ware and massive hard drive fragmentation. There are two options to solving this problem. The first is to upgrade your computer hardware to accommodate for the massive amount of processing power required for the excess software, or to clean up and optimize your computer. Buying hardware can be expensive and does not actually solve the underlying problem.

If you suspect your computer is infected, try to avoid using it and call us. We offer a friendly service and can detect viruses and delete them, quickly and efficiently. Here at Tim's Computer Repair (TCR) we understand that you need hassle free, instant help. Our friendly team can remove malware (malicious software) from your PC or laptop. Not all computer issues are due to a virus, so it is vital we diagnose any occurring errors so that we can fix them properly. We work quickly to detect a virus, removing it safely, leaving you with protection from further damage, and with the confidence that you can use your computer safely.

Well you have come to the right place. Here at Tim's Computer Repair (TCR) we can upgrade your laptop to all of your needs. We are laptop specialists and market leaders when it comes to laptops. We offer a full range of services at very competitive prices. So why not add a new lease on life into your old laptop and give Tim's Computer Repair (TCR) a call at: 912-220-0765. We can get you the best parts at the right price for the right laptop with a fast turnaround. You're not without your beloved laptop for too long.

It works hard, plays hard, and goes everywhere with you. But with all that use, certain laptop parts can wear out. Even systems that still run perfectly well on the inside may suffer from problems on the outside. The most visible signs of aging and abuse are often found on the keyboard. Keys may have stopped working after one or two accidentally spilled beverages. Cosmetic flaws, such as rubbed out letters, may have started to appear. But you don't need to replace your entire laptop, just the keyboard.

If you find that you are having problems with your computer, it could be that you have a virus, or a hardware or software fault. We offer a Free Fault Diagnosis, as well as a No Fix No Fee policy. We can fault find any hardware or software problem, and source replacement parts so that you can continue using your PC like there was never a problem with it.

Affordable and comprehensive Small business IT support, that does not compromise on quality, and is available at the right price. Why not talk to our IT Support team and ask for a appointment. TCR can be your IT department until a time when you have grown enough to have your own. If you run a small business, chances are that you always have a dozen conflicting priorities. You don't always have the time or the expertise to be confident that your IT systems are cost-effective, reliable, and up-to-date.