Thundercurrent is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) we provide the team and expertise to keep your business going. Would you rather come in to work only to find that the server crashed in the night? or Come in to work knowing that all systems are ready and if there was a problem in the night it was swiftly taken care of before your first sip of coffee!

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  • IT Managed Services

Serviced Areas

  • Mississippi, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan

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  • American Express, MasterCard, VISA

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  Person Tom Cannan
  City Ocean Springs, MS
  Zip Code 39564
  Address 2953 Bienville Boulevard #164
  Phone Number (859) 415-4982

Business Representative

Tom Cannan

Business Tech Engineer

From Our Website

Your company works to set specific goals, identify needs, clarify wants and validate standards to meet their technology objectives, so do we! We ensure your machines are working when you need them AND pride ourselves on being one step ahead of any possible issues - proactively resolving them before they become an interruption. ThunderCurrent strives to plan, execute, and constantly evaluate the technology needs of our clients, in an effort to simplify their business processes.

From secure, remote backup to replication of your servers and workstations, our comprehensive disaster recovery solutions provide peace of mind. With a fully integrated, fast and encrypted solution, our consultants backup your systems and can quickly restore them, without incurring extreme costs or complex situations. Cloud-based and offsite backup help to ensure your business can be up and running in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Our data centers are secure, redundant and SAS 70 compliant and help us guarantee reliability and availability.

As companies grow, IT departments get overwhelmed with the daily red flags. That's where managed IT services come into play. This means more support is necessary, internal projects seem to become top priority and maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly gets pushed to the backburner. Instead of hiring more staff, businesses rely on us to assist as needed. We don't compete; we just supplement your exiting IT professionals by alleviating stress and filling in the gaps. When your company server experiences outages or is consistently having problems, the result is a lot wasted time and money.

The digital age may have helped us develop effective business processes, but it also presents challenges in maintaining, protecting, and managing electronic information. There are a host of threats that could affect your company's productivity. We partner with CISCO, to assist companies with writing and implementing security policies and procedures and conduct network audits to track potential threats. In today's ever-changing business environment, each and every computer is imperative to the course of doing business, cannot be down and must be treated with proactive and reactive procedures to keep it safe.