When your computer isn’t functioning, you need answers quickly. Whether your computer is meant for personal or business use, Techsperts has got you covered. With years of experience in the IT industry, we have a repair shop staffed with personnel that possesses the ability to resolve your issues in a timely manner. Our experience dealing with computer hardware issues allows us to get the root of the problem.

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Computer Repair for Personal Uses

Many of us rely on our personal computers for hundreds of tasks from researching that school project to calculating your taxes. When your computer is overburdened by malware or facing hardware failure, you’re never going to get a decent level of productivity from it. Simple activities like typing up a letter and printing it can take hours (as opposed to minutes) when you’re dealing with computer troubles.

Consider your computer as a hub for your personal information. Your company might store sensitive information, such as; bank account numbers, social security numbers, copies of your driver’s license, home address, and cell phones. If your company has been acting up recently, you may be dealing with an operating systems issue - maybe you need to update your hardware and software.

The issue can be more serious, however, your computer hardware may have become infected with malware and you wouldn’t even know it. These hacking tools are designed to run quietly in the background while they log your keystrokes or hijack sensitive files and information. A service call may cost you a few bucks, but a serious data breach can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and plenty of headaches. Don’t let a minor issue snowball into a major disaster.

Computer Repair for Businesses

We live and operate our businesses in a digital world where computers reign supreme. Running your business as efficiently and optimally as possible means keeping all of your computer hardware in top condition. When one or more of your desktop computers or laptop computers go down, you’re losing time and money. Having a reliable computer repair service in your back pocket is the best way to navigate our digitally-dependent business environment.

You need a company with above-average customer service ability. When your computer equipment goes down, you want answers quickly. Other computer repair companies place you on hold to handle ‘more important’ tasks. but what’s more important than taking care of the customer? At Techsperts, our representatives are ready and willing to assist you.

Customer Testimonials

Techspert Services has been integral to our ability to combine our operations and services with technology which puts us several steps ahead of our competitors. The restaurant business is one of the most difficult businesses to operate successfully, and we know that technology drives the current successful business models; Chic fil a, Cafe Rio, Panera, Cheesecake Factory, King's Fish House, etc....

Techspert has been able to provide and maintain technologies, both old and new, for us to keep pace and accelerate in the restaurant space. We look forward to our new systems coming that integrate communications, online ordering, with social media and customer engagement via the latest technologies.

Online ordering and mobile apps are here to stay and the slow adopters to new technologies will be the first casualties. For example: Sears, Radio Shack, Kodak are examples of success stories cut short by inability to pace with technology.

Robert and his team are highly motivated and I highly recommend Techspert for your IT and tech needs.

I am a business owner and have worked with a number of tech support people throughout the years. Robert is the "whole" package...He is a true expert in his field, a smart businessman and a warm people-person. I think the thing that sticks out for me the most is that Robert takes his time with the work he is doing and thoughtfully communicates to the client what he is doing. I have a lot of confidence in Robert. And, that is a good feeling...especially when you have technical problems.

Robert is an extremely knowledgeable and talented techy. The thing that separates him from others is his personal touch and ability to explain exactly what the problem is and what it will take to resolve. He is excellent at communicating and training the end user on his solutions. He has answers to items that you dont even know you have a questions on until you become more informed through his training. Very reliable and valuable in a small business!

Robert built a computer for me. I told him what I wanted to be able to do on my computer and he gave me a detailed list of all the parts he would be buying and the cost of each. I did some research, and found he was charging me less than what it would cost me to buy the same part online. After he finished, he told me if I ever had any issues, he would fix it free of charge. At one point when I was moving, the fan inside fell out of place. I called Robert and he reattached the fan, true to his word, for free. I have had the computer for over 4 years now, and I have never had an issue with a bad part or poor performance. Robert truly does do quality work.


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