Tech Wizard Solutions was founded in November of 2011 by a computer industry veteran of over 28 years. The goal of Tech Wizard Solutions was to provide affordable and dependable computer care remotely. Remote management is a method that has been used to care for Corporate computers for decades and is now affordable enough to be able to provide to all computer users.

American owned and operated Tech Wizard Solutions makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the critical care and the advanced protection that corporations do at an affordable price.

Computer care and services are one of the most critical needs in today's Internet driven world. Whether you are a computer user that enjoys playing games, staying in touch with family or whether you depend on a working computer in order to work or do business there are certain things that are critical to your computer's care and safety.

Payment Options

  • American Express, PayPal, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Tech Wizard Solutions
  City Lakeland , GA
  Zip Code 31635
  Address 568 Cross Creek Rd
  Phone Number (877) 698-3249

Products & Services

Remote diagnostic and repair of your computer. Over 85% of computer problems are caused by Viruses and Malware. Have viruses and malware removed and cleaned remotely while you sit and watch. A thorough diagnostic process ensures that no hardware issues are causing issues and that the actual problem is being taken care of. No high prices and no doing without your computer for days or even weeks. 30 day money back guarantee makes sure your problem gets fixed or you get your money back.