We offer real solutions to your computer problems. That means saving your files, replacing or reinstalling items only if it's absolutely necessary, and being thorough when removing viruses and spyware and making repairs.

Our quality service comes with affordable prices, so you can get the most out of your computer purchase. We never charge by the hour. Our in-home services, such as network installation and repair, are provided for a specific cost, so you don't have to watch the clock tick away your hard earned dollars. In most computer virus cases, to really fix a computer takes more than a couple of hours. Instead, we offer flat rates that make the repair worthwhile. Our diagnosis is free if you choose to have your computer repaired with us. Plus we always let you know your total cost, not an estimate, before repairs or ordering parts.

Payment Options

  • American Express, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  City Tallahassee, FL
  Phone Number (850) 339-5115

Customer Testimonials

I wanted to offer a sincere thank you for the work that you did on my nephew's computer. Tara was wonderful in helping to set up appointment times, and the technician's work with the computer allowed my nephew to complete his academic requirements as needed. The timely manner in which you all responded, the reasonable quote that you gave, and the personal touch that you offered was so very much appreciated, that a mere thank you seems a bit lacking. We would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone in need of technical assistance contact Tallahassee Tech Guy. You will not be disappointed with the service, with the price, or with the way that everyone in this organization responds to your needs. In a world where "service" is so often lacking in customer service, they are a breath of fresh air and have served to renew my belief in American craftsmanship. Thank you again for your help and support.

I am very pleased with the work that the "Tallahassee Tech Guy" did for me. My four year old computer was refusing to access emails; would not download Itunes, was sluggish and was generally useless to me. I was starting to wonder if I should replace it. After contacting the "Tallahassee Tech Guy", he came to my home and retrieved my computer. After returning it, it is virus free and faster than ever. He spent so much time with me going over each program and file being careful to not delete anything I needed. He taught me how to download pictures using the operating system and eliminating proprietary software; and showed me how to download songs onto my newly purchased ipod! I highly recommend this company for fast and knowledgeable service and for a very reasonable price.

I would like to thank you again for being trustworthy, reliable and competent. It has never escaped me how fortunate I am to have discovered the services of your company, “Tallahassee Tech Guy”. I am simply not in a position right now to replace my computer and your technical support has allowed me to continue working my five-year old computer beyond its life expectancy. I know that when I do get ready to replace my computer you will be there to help me make my selection and to ensure that all of my programs and files are seamlessly transferred from the old computer to the new. Thank you for helping me to upgrade my computer in ‘2007 and again last year, and for rescuing me when my computer was attacked recently by vile beings. Your technology team is the best!