(Business closed until further notice) Thank you for considering my computer repair services. I will try not to disappoint you and would like to hear from you. I am honest about my work and fair about the time I've spent. The best reward is seeing you happy with your computer.

I'm very forward with the efforts I'm capable of. Will make short work or thorough work of the situation, depending how you would like it done. Short doesn't mean leaving unresolved issues, and will discuss with you what I can or will do.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Fixing error messages
  • Identifying the nature of your problem
  • Hardware Installment
  • Software Installment

Serviced Areas

  • Napa County, Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga, Oakville, Yountville

Payment Options

  • Cash Only

Contact Details

  Person System PC
  City Saint Helena , CA
  Zip Code 94574

Business Representative

System PC

(Business closed until further notice)29 years old and eager to fix computers. They have been my passion since DOS. Have come a long ways in my experiances and look forward to expanding. I have facebook with this email address to anyone who wants to look me up.

Products & Services

Installing Hardware

$20 a hour and $20 added when finished

If you have purchased hardware and are uncomfortable with putting it into your computer, I can do this for you, and install the software when needed. This can be anything inside the computer for expample memory, network cards, cd rom. Can also be outside the computer such as router, printer, wireless device, monitor, ipod, and sound system.

Virus/Spyware removal

$20 a hour and $20 added when finished

Will remove root kit viruses which are started before your computer is even fully finished starting up. Then will be removing the rest of the virus. When this has been completed the spyware is removed. Have some recommended free virus scanners that can be installed afterwords.

Installing Software

$20 a hour and $20 added when finished

When you have purchased software and would like help making it operational in the computer, this can be done. Older software works different on the newer windows, so it can be complicated at times for your basic user.

Fixing error messages

$20 a hour and $20 added when finished

Lots of the time when something is removed the wrong way you will get error messages. This can also be caused by viruses but no matter what has made this happen, it will be fixed.