What is Sphylox intelex Enterprises
Sphylox intelex Enterprises is a development company dedicated to develop and produce art, music, multimedia, communications, and computers products or projects for the development of our society. We are here to serve the public with a good, professional service. As an industy, we look to new technologies and creative ideas to bring the world a better source of goods and services.

A Breif History about the industy
About the founder: When I first started, I was working on a friend computer in 1992. I was not interested at the time. While fixing on Kewanee Colman's computer, I got inspired to persue this area even further. So, by 1996 in enrolled in Hinds Community College to major in Engineering. I spoken with an advisor of electronics and computer service. He advise me to double major in Computer Service and Telecommunications. This will be the foundation for my success.
By 1997, I started working for the school as a student worker in that particular area. I graduated from this institution in 1999. At this time, I started looking for work in my field, but I had little experience in the area. "No one would hire me!" Then, I can across another individual who was looking for someone to repair his system for him, so I check it out. He didn't pay me for my work at the time, so I begin building a system that will work for me. This was how Sphylox was born. The first name I gave the company was "Sphylox Arts Production Company". Then, I changed the name to "Sphylox Technical Development Corporation". At the time I came up with a perfect name, I was not incorporated. I begin working on a new name, so I can get my first license. The name was then called "Sphylox Arts & Design". I doing artwork for people who needed this type of service. It didn't last long. I begin to have interest in other things.

By 2002, Sphylox became a development company. I came up with the name for this comany. I called it "Sphylox Enterprices". The name was given to represent the prices for my service. I send a mail off one day with this name. A business changed the name "Enterprices" to "Enterprises" So, I was stuck with that name. I decided to add a third name to it that will give it more meaning. I needed a name that will catch people attention. I decided to call it "Sphylox intelex Enterprises". I kept the other names for future reference and business practice.

About the company: This compy was first called "Sphylox Arts & Designs". It had no known location or building at the time. The address I was using and still using is 447 Meadow Moss Road Jackson, MS 39206 and the number is 601-366-5668. The company was label as an arts production company (art studio) operated by a major corporation called STDC (Sphylox Technical Development Corporation).

The Industy (Our Foundation)
The industry: Sphylox intelex Enterprises was founded in 1999 by Ramon E. Stamps.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Computer Repair, Computer Training, Computer Programming, Internet Development
  • Artwork, Music, Multimedia, and Communications

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • None

Serviced Areas

  • Jackson, MS, United States

Payment Options

  • American Express, Diner's Club, Money Orders, Carte Blanche, Discover, PayPal, Cash Only, Financing Available, Personal Checks, Credit Terms Available, Google Checkout, Travelers Checks, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Ramon E. Stamps
  City Jackson , MS
  Zip Code 39206
  Address 447 Meadow Moss Road
  Phone Number (601) 366-5668

Business Representative

Ramon E. Stamps


I am a computer technician with advance skills of computers. I can also take your picture and design you a website.

Products & Services

Computer Repair Service

We service new computers and fairly used computers no older than 5 years. If you have any computer problems and need some one to fix it based on your income, we can help. We will have someone to come to you or your business and get the job done, or you can come to us for our service.