Soring PC Repair brings trust and value to computer repair. Expect top-notch customer service and fair prices. Jonathan Soring will personally work on your Mac or PC, bringing his many years of experience to your service. Most jobs can be guaranteed and are complete in a few days at most.

Contact Details

  Person Jonathan Soring
  City Hazel Park , MI
  Zip Code 48030
  Address 367 W Robert Ave.
  Phone Number (248) 990-7530

Business Representative

Jonathan Soring

I am Jonathan Soring of Soring PC Repair. I have helped many people with their computer issues for years now. This is what I enjoy to do and I understand how frustrating computers can be. I have repaired many computers. While I admit that it can sometimes be a challenge, it's what I like to do! From family members, to just some friends from school, to co-workers, I have serviced many computers and I have had zero complaints.

Products & Services

Virus Removal

Soring PC Repair's Virus Removal Service will leave your computer virus-free - guaranteed for one month. We can make this guarantee because we always inspect your current anti-virus software and, if necessary, we install a new antivirus program for free to ensure that you don't catch a new infection. After removing your computer virus, we'll make sure that Windows Update is running properly to help keep your computer secure. Rates are $200 for next-day removal or $100 for 3-day removal.

Network Setup

Setting up your own computer's network can be a bit of a hassle, but have no fear. Soring PC Repair will get you up and running. Whether your network just involves two computers and a wired router or many more that need to be connected via a wireless router which needs to be connected to the internet, your computer network will be operational in no time.

* Wired Network: $95 for 2 computers - add $50 for each additional computer.
* Wireless Network: $125 for 2 computers - add $75 for each additional computer.
Additional charges apply for Internet and printer networking.

Laptop Repair

Soring PC Repair covers most laptop repair needs, including Mac repairs like:

* MacBook Pro
* MacBook Air
* iBook G4 and iBook G3
* Powerbook G4
Soring PC Repair services Windows laptops, including XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Laptop repairs start with a $59 on-site diagnostic fee ($39 for drop-offs) , but the diagnostic fee is waived if you choose to move forward with the repair after receiving a quote.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data is sensitive and so is your time. We understand this. Your personal settings as well as things like music, pictures, videos, and system files usually can be recovered in the event of a computer crash.

1 to 3 standard DVD's of data (roughly 5-15 GB) : $75.
4-6 DVD's (roughly 15-30 GB) : $125.
Anything beyond 6 DVD's (or roughly 30 GB) : $200.

On-Site Printer Repair & Installations

Soring PC Repair has experience in solving a variety of inkjet and laser printer problems and would be happy to assist in installing new ink or laser cartridges for your printer, as well as diagnose and repair problems with your printer, such as poor print quality, print head alignment, network connectivity issues (wired or wireless if applicable) , etc.

Printer services normally range from $50-$100. You will receive a quote for the exact cost of repairs.

Computer Tuneups

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Soring PC Repair will help you bring it back in time to the days when it ran faster.

Tune-up service includes disk defragmentation, startup entry inspection, RAM and hard drive analysis, and an inspection for problems like viruses and spyware.

Your tune-up includes the following:

* Security analysis: ensure proper functioning of Windows Update.
* Disk Defragmentation.
* Startup Entry Inspection: check for excess unwanted software slowing down your computer.
* Hard Disk space inspection.
* RAM inspection.
* Anti-phishing and pop-up blocker installation for IE or Firefox (optional) .
* Discounted Rates if it turns out that any new hardware upgrades or services are required (for example, a 40% discount on our virus removal service) .

Cost: $75.

Computer Upgrades & Installations

Installation of any internal device (anything inside a computer tower or case) : $65.
Anything needed to be externally installed (outside a computer tower or case) : $40.
Hardware Upgrades & Installations

* Graphics card upgrades
* Hard drive installations
* RAM upgrades
* Windows upgrades
* Software installation
* and much more.
These services include driver installation to ensure system stability and performance and a 30-day guarantee that your device will be up and running properly, or it's fixed for no additional charge.

Custom Computers

We can build you a custom computer from the ground up. Whether you just want to save a little money in comparison to just outright buying a new PC out of the box or just would like something different then the computers that are "pre-built", we can take care of your need for a custom-built PC.

Whether you just want a basic, budget computer (for e-mail, chat, and home-office work) , or a top-notch, computer workhorse and powerhouse that is a major multi-tasking and gaming giant, Jonathan of Soring PC Repair can help. Prices for installation vary based on each individual build and equipment costs. Soring PC Repair will do its best to provide a reasonable and accurate quote for the job, including a realistic time frame for the build to be completed.