Technology changes every day. We choose to evolve with it, and we’ve structured our organization around prioritizing flexibility. We build partnerships with industry leaders that allow us to provide cutting edge technology solutions without the drag of a traditional supply chain model. Our network of contractors allows us to rapidly scale our potential impact to ensure that we’re capable of any project regardless of the scope.

We love New Orleans, and we think it shows in our approach to how we treat our customers and our employees. We contract with individuals that love what they do — Designers are allowed to focus on design; our technicians are free to focus on providing technology solutions, and our specialists get linked to projects that suit their respective passions. It allows our core staff to ensure that we’re able to provide the best service that we can at a reasonable rate.

We like to get things done. We believe in asking questions, performing analysis, and following through on our commitments. We mesh strategy with reality, focus on aligning people with the right goals, and deliver results as promised.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • How We Work - No flashy ads. Just good service.
  • We’re not just a computer shop. We’re a network, and you’re part of it.

Contact Details

  Person Sidekick Solutions
  City New Orleans , LA
  Zip Code 70119
  Phone Number (504) 444-8019

Products & Services

What we offer:

Home and Home Office - You depend on technology for communication, productivity, and recreation. We provide in-home computer repair and technology solutions, and work around your schedule. We believe in conducting our services with transparency and honesty so that there are no surprises or hidden fees.

Small Business - We understand the challenges that small businesses face, and our solutions are focused on providing value to our clients with between one and fifty computers. Our repair contracts ensure that you have access to professional technicians without the risk of costly on-site repairs. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer cloud services that greatly decrease the cost and rigidity of old Exchange and traditional software installations.

Community - We’re proud to support the social entrepreneurs, the non-profits, the educators, and the people that bring such a positive force to the community. We offer special discounts to organizations and individuals alike involved in making New Orleans great.

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