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  City Sioux City , IA
  Zip Code 51109
  Address 5115 Military Rd
  Phone Number (712) 577-3267

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Was at the office when my laptop went down. I tried everything to get it started back up, when finally the office manager came over and gave me the number to our office IT specialist. I called and S7 said they would be right out. Albert came out and took one look at the blue screen, loaded a disc into the drive and boom I was back on my laptop. He then explained to me that my "master boot record" or he kept calling it my MBR(explaining to me that this file tells Windows and the PC how to get along) was corrupted.

All I could think was man that was all it was I now I have to pay his hourly rate for his 15 minutes of work. As I waited for his bill I noticed he walked over to the Offic Manager to talk for a minute. He came back and had me log back into what I was doing (sales stats for the office). After he verified what I was doing, he let me now the cost. Free.....thats right free. He explained that since I was at work doing work related business on my laptop that I was covered under the Business Agreement that my company and his company had. He handed me an invoice, I signed, my office manager signed off on it and my company was billed the time against their contract. Now how is that for customer service.

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QualityService value exceeds cost.
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