Fast computer service at a great price. 100% Guarantee!! Tired of waiting on your computer to be fixed? Then give me a call or visit my website. Before you call me for anything you should know that I am not Certified in PC repair. I am 32 years old and have been working with computers since I was around 13 years old. I have always loved messing around with them. I do this for a side job for now and currently work at Campbell Brothers Auto in Rushville, IN. I also work on all the computers at Campbell Brothers. Thanks for taking the time to read!!

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  • PC Repair, Web Design & Web Hosting

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  City Rushville , IN
  Zip Code 46173
  Address 316 South 350 East
  Phone Number (765) 561-9720

Products & Services

PC Repair

If you bring me something to work on 95% of the time I only charge $50. No matter how long it takes me. I do not work on Mac's. I never owned one and probably never will. I don't have anything against them I just never had the urge or need to have one. If you would like to see what other people have to say about my work head over to here and see what they to say about me.

Another thing I don't do unless absolutely necessary is reformat computers or in other words is reinstall windows. That's just something someone does because its faster and they usually charge more to get rid of virus's and other infections. Most virus's and other infections are pretty easy to remove if you know how. And with the programs I suggest over in the downloads section you will most likely never have an issue with virus's again. I can say this because I have used both Nod32 antivirus and Malwarebytes for several years and never have had any issues since. I am not saying these will protect you 100% but they are a very good combination.

Web Design

Looking for your own website to show the world? I can help you with that. I have been working with websites for around 5 yeras. I am by far not a webdesign expert but I build really nice looking websites.

Prices for designs like these are around $400. Contact me for more info HERE.
1. Joomla Themes
2. WordPress Themes
3. Drupal Themes
4. Blogger Themes
5. DotNetNuke Themes
6. HTML Themes

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