Redcoat Computer Services, LLC provides a unique combination of services and products focused on computer problem advice, diagnosis, solutions, repairs, and technology education. Our services are targeted at home computer users and small businesses with particular emphasis on helping customers who find technology challenging and complex. We will differentiate ourselves from competition by being responsive, friendly, and patient whilst delivering high quality, clearly explained services and products.

As technology continues to evolve at an astonishing rate, we believe that there are many people who tend to find that the complexity of using a computer is overwhelming. The ease with which young people adopt technological innovation becomes an assumption amongst software and hardware manufacturers however this does not allow for the discomfort that everyone else feels when trying to keep pace with change. It is vitally important to us that our customers develop trust in our services and we believe that our company culture builds rapport and credibility quickly. Our customers are predominantly residential computer users, including seniors, non-tech savvy individuals, and concerned parents. We also see that our technology education and training business delivers peace of mind and enjoyable learning opportunities and is in great demand by other groups including small businesses, educators and community groups.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Onsite repair service, specialists in virus/ spyware removal, internet reconnection & data recovery

Serviced Areas

  • East Lyme, CT and surrounding area from Madison to Stonington and north to Haddam

Contact Details

  Person Tony Foster
  City East Lyme , CT
  Zip Code 06357
  Address 8 West Main St.
  Phone Number (860) 691-3012

Business Representative

Tony Foster

Products & Services

Computer Repair

Redcoat Computer Services technicians diagnose and repair, if required, all types of computer problems such as software errors, virus/ spyware removal, hardware failures as well as performing operating system installations/ upgrades and performance enhancement. Repairs are be carried out at the residence or offices of the client, remotely thru secure access over the internet, or dropped-off/ picked up for investigation at Redcoat Computer Services workshop in Niantic, CT.

Network Installation and Solutions

Redcoat Computer Services installs new networks, wireless and/ or wired, ensuring that the customer receives the optimum performance and security. Existing networks are analyzed for performance and security strength, with recommendations for upgrades or changes made with the best interest of the client in mind.

Internet Connection and Security

Redcoat Computer Services ensures that the client's internet connection affords them the best combination of security and flexibility. We can provide software and configuration to reduce the risk of family members or employees reaching inappropriate content. We also provide recommendations for how to use the internet safely and how to be aware of and avoid unsafe activity.

Data Recovery, Transfer and Backup

Redcoat Computer Services provides best effort capabilities to recover lost or deleted data from computer systems that may have had hardware or software failure. We will work with clients to establish a disaster recovery routine to safeguard data. In addition, we are able to provide backup services to ensure that a client's valuable information is secured in case of disaster. Backup services can be provided remotely and on a frequency that suits the client's usage of information. We provide services to transfer data from old machines to new machines when the client would like to do so.

Training & Education

Redcoat Computer Services aims to make our clients more self-sufficient and confident in their use of and enjoyment of computers. We provide easy to understand education and training in the form of hardcopy literature, podcasts, videos, small group and large presentation formats. Presented in simple terms and with the express intent of making customers feel comfortable to ask the dumb questions without feeling intimidated, Redcoat Computer Services specifically supports customers who may be intimidated by overly technical or condescending geek services.

The company believes that these educational materials are ideal for school and community purposes and will work closely with educators and community leaders to deliver the highest possible standards of information. Not only will Redcoat Computer Services offer training in standard software for computers but also provide best practices and information about how computers (and technology in general) and how the internet can be used safely and effectively.

  • I would recommend this business

Returns calls promptly. Reliable estimates. Service visits made in a timely and convenient manner for the client. Problems explained in plain English. Work and repairs explained in plain English.
Clear itemized bills.

Excellent follow-up after work is done to make sure everything is working correctly, that the client's questions are answered and that the problem has been solved to the customers satisfaction.

I have had Redcoat service my laptop, repair an aging desktop, install software, clean out malware and install a new desktop system. All has gone smoothly, on time, on buget and I understand what he's done and how to use what he has installed for me.

He is personable and easy to talk with and takes the time to find out what the customer is looking for.

I highly recommend Redcoat services. IT without anxiety.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent