24x7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Instant Alerts, to the right technician. With accurate information, so we can fix it fast*. Just $1/month per workstation and $29.95/month per server.

Already have an I.T. service provider? No problem, they can use our server to give you the same service we can. See the back of this page for details.

Puget Sound Technologies LLC 24x7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring turns conventional IT support on its head. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed often involving time-consuming systems fiddling on your part our 24x7 monitoring will alert us to problems at your sites. We'll almost always know about a systems issue before you do, so we can fix it fast and minimize your business disruption.

What is 24x7 Round-the-Clock Monitoring?
24x7 Round-the-Clock monitoring checks your server's critical systems every five or fifteen minutes at your option. Whenever it sniffs a problem, it sends an email or SMS alert showing the exact nature of the problem directly to us. And it updates our WallChart, a large screen in our office that shows the exact status of all our Clients. We'll see the true nature of the problem rather than having to depend on (ahem) your best guess. That means we can fix it faster and radically boost your overall uptime.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • New computers and network security

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • APC Technical Consultant for Data Centers
  • VMware VSP and VTSP

Serviced Areas

  • South King County

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  Person Scott McClure
  City Federal Way , WA
  Zip Code 98003
  Address 24847 208th Ave SE
  Phone Number (425) 905-7428

Business Representative

Scott McClure


Systems Administrator, technical consultant and installer. I work part time learning how to setup, build and maintain computers, digital video recorders, network security appliances, VMware, NCPI, and setup any computer or network related equipment. I can setup your office or data center to save the company 30-50% off the annual IT budget. I have all the best diagnostic software and hardware. I can fix things that other people can't figure out. I isn't a matter of knowing everything, it's a matter of being able to learn and research effectively. I am also very familiar with most of the standard open source diagnostics and testing software.

Products & Services

Computer Repair

We offer all of the following products and services:

# Flat Rate I. T. Support
# Remote support
# Onsite support
# Data Loss Prevention
# Data Backups w/StorageCraft
# Power Protection w/APC
# LAN Setup & Administration
# 24/7 Instant Alert Support
# End Point Security
# Patch management
# Network Scanning w/vulnerablity reports
# Custom made Workstations and Servers
# Battery Backups w/APC
# Wireless Networking / Troubleshooting
# Proactive 'Daily Health Check' Service
# Anti-Virus & Virus Removal
# Windows 7 migration
# Hardware Upgrades
# Software Install's
# Data Center Consulting
# VOIP Solutions and PBX's
Call us today 425. 905. 7428 or Email scott@workstationhealthchecks. com.

Customer Testimonials

Puget Sound Technologies created a website for us that surpassed our initial desires and went the extra mile
in helping us to have as good an experience as one can have trying to get a website up and running.
We are fortunate enough to have known Scott, the owner for a number of years and when it came time
to move our site from another venue and make some much needed updates Scott was understanding of our
needs, and his ideas and directions were very helpful.
It's good to know Scott will be able to help our business going forward.