Our goal is to provide our customers value by providing the highest quality interim technology products and services through an honest, reliable and professional staff. Our Los Angeles Computer Center has been serving Southern California customers for over twenty years. We are computer experts, able to handle any and all of your computer needs, and we stand behind the products and services we sell.

Our company concentrates on 3 main points - Effectively, Efficiently, & Affordably.

Effectively - Our computer equipment is custom-configured for every project. It's then tested by our technicians to ensure that you can perform all desired tasks. Clients benefit from our commitment to excellence on all elements of the job, including ongoing technical support, quality control and client satisfaction.

Efficiently - When our staff works efficiently, you save time and money. Efficiently is a priority on all aspects of your project. You set schedule - and we make it happen - even if it means getting equipment there in the middle of night. Our experienced field technicians ensure proper installation and system structure, using correctly configured, name-brand equipment.

Affordably - The rates at PRO Computer Center are always competitive. The high level of quality we provide is a great value when compared with "bargain" rental companies who can't always deliver. With Rent-A-PC/AllService, you get the high-end service you expect at fair, affordable prices.

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Products & Services

Wireless Networking

If you wish to share information between groups of people or family members then Wireless Networking can be set up at home. It is a simple process and then you will be able to enjoy the benefits of high speed along with the entertainment. The wireless network allows you to access internet via wireless connection which can be shared in a home. With the help of this connection all the members who are interested in playing the game can do so and have a great time. Apart from this you can even connect your game consoles as well as video games device and get as much entertainment you wish to get.

Printer Support

Printers are used not only in offices but also in homes. It is because you may need a hard copy for any document and hence you cannot go out and waste money for every print out. So the best option is to purchase a printer which is able to fulfill your needs and gives a clear print out. Though printers can be attached to both computers and laptops you need to check for Printer Support. It is necessary because if your system is not able to support this feature print out cannot be taken. Hence support is a big feature which you need to check

Data Recovery

Are you facing problem with your PC and live in Los Angeles? If yes, then do not worry as there are reliable Computer and Laptop repair which cater to the needs of the clients of the city and the adjoining areas as well. These services not only repair your computer but also provide you the service of data recovery which means they recover the lost data of your hard drive.

So, if your computer has broken down or you simple need the services of data recovery then you can opt for these computer repair and maintenance services.

Computer Repair

Los Angeles is a place where the professionals are always on the move. Thus they need hassle-free and free flowing networking systems while using their laptop, or PCs to meet their tough deadlines. In this tough competitive world they can not afford to miss any communication break down. So, ensuring an efficient 24X7 working computer or laptop is must for every goal centric professional.

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