Providing computer service & pc repair, troubleshooting, and teaching to the Pensacola community. With a complete array of Tech Support and Computer Help - We come to your pc! With Windows Vista now being installed on the most of computers, make sure you understand all about the features and differences of Windows Vista.

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Here at Pensacola Computers we strive to offer you services with a difference. From computer repair and problem diagnosis to upgrades to give your computer a fresh start, we can get your system running the way it should. We also teach you how to use your computer. We aim to offer outstanding personal service at a price that can't be beat. At Pensacola Computers we offer a wide range of services. If you are having computer issues, want to upgrade your system, set up a wireless home network, or just want to learn how to really use your computer, take a look at our service offerings.

The ONLY people who would ever call you about a problem on your computer would be your Internet Service Provider, and if they call saying there is something wrong, hang up and call their main office. Anyone else calling about your computer is a SCAM. NEVER let anyone you don't personally know have access remotely to your computer! There are many scams where people are falling victim to ‘fake support' service. Any security message on your computer that has a phone number is a SCAM - don't call it!

Recently, a previous client called me and told me that Microsoft had called them and told them their computer was infected, and that they needed to allow one of their engineers to remote into their system to clean it - Please note: MICROSOFT WILL NEVER CALL YOU ON THE PHONE ABOUT A VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER! As a matter of fact, no one reputable will ever call you on the phone and tell you there is a problem on your computer - first of all, how would they know? Remote computer support is something that a lot of technology companies offer, but it should only be allowed if you know the person/company (and trust them).

On this page you will find reviews and links for the best in software solutions - both paid and free versions. All the software on this page is recommended as what we believe are the best solutions. We also provide links to some great computer help resources and special offers. Pensacola Computers offers full tech support and computer help services, including remote access help. We also offer new computer setup service, and computer learning classes to help you learn how to effectively use your computer.

Here at Pensacola Computers we just completed a build today of one of the fastest gaming machines we have seen. Using the latest 8th generation i7 8700k unlocked 6 core monster, in conjunction with the just released Z370 series motherboard, and sporting 32 GB DDR4-3000 memory along with a NVidia GTX 1080ti Gaming video, this machine boots to WIndows 10 in less than 5 seconds with the help of a PCI-E m2 Samsung 960 Evo SSD. It was a great and fairly easy build with the help of the excellent Phteks Enthoo Luxe case which has outstanding cable management and maximum expansion and full liquid cooling support.

Unfortunately for some, not all computers that qualified for the upgrade can actually run Windows 10 - this has mostly to do with driver support, especially on older hardware. In addition, although your computer may be able to upgrade, all of your software may not work with Windows 10 (QuickBooks for example doesn't support any version before 2015), Also, it is very important to note that if your computer has ANY issues, errors, malware, viruses, freezes, etc, then it is quite possible the upgrade may fail, and worse case you could be left with a system that won't boot with your only option to reinstall your original operating system.

There are so many things to consider when buying a new computer, and many things to beware of. Pensacola Computers has compiled a list of things to consider when purchasing a new computer, along with some guidelines to help you find the best computer for you at the best price. If you are getting ready to buy a new computer, give us a call today BEFORE you buy at 850-390-4242! Our general advice is always free, and we offer services for those who want more comprehensive help, as well as new computer setup and configuration service.