Why Choose Us - PcCareSupport stands alone in the computer support services industry because we above all value our customerís patronage. We understand that we are not the only computer support and repair company out there, but we provide an experience that our competitors canít. Our 100% United States based support means you donít have to suffer through hard to understand conversations, making your experience with us quick, pleasant, and precise. Our completely free initial diagnosis means that you donít have to pay anyone for just taking a look at your PC.

These benefits tied with an Iron Clad Service Guarantee makes our company Stand out in the increasing impersonal and difficult computer support services industry. We stand by our record; we resolve 99% of all computer problems for good and 95% of them the first time we are contacted.

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  City Lindon , UT
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  Address 350 S 400 W Ste 100
  Phone Number (888) 727-5951

Products & Services

Computer Speed Booster

Pc Care Support is proud that we resolve 99% of computer problems. Your support technician can comprehensively diagnose your computers performance problems, increase PC speed and improve computer performance with our exclusive PC speed booster tech.

Virus Removal

Just like people it can be near impossible to avoid getting sick all of the time. Even the best of us eventually come down with a cold. The same goes with your computer; unfortunately even the best anti-virus programs and security software canít protect you 100% of the time. Having caught a particularly nasty virus most prefer to go to their doctor to cure the infection as soon as possible. PC Care Supportís virus removal specialists will treat your computer with the same urgency and care as your family physician.

Computer Cleaning & Optimization

A computer is much like a vehicle; if well maintained properly it can run great for decades. As well like a vehicle most people do not perform the maintenance on their computers themselves, most of us find a great mechanic we can trust that does quality work for a good price and trust them to perform regular maintenance on our vehicles. We want to be you and your familyís computer mechanic. We provide the most affordable and practical regular computer cleaning and computer optimization services available in the United States Today.

Remote Data Backup & Recovery

Computer and hard drive failure is one of the most common types of technical failure today. Along with the inconvenience of having our personal computers and mobile devices out of order for days and sometimes weeks, most of us lose everything that we have saved on our personal computing devices. The data we store on our devices ranges from contact information, documents, memories, and financial data that are often irreplaceable. Having the best online storage and remote backup services can prevent the loss of any data; that is why PC Care Support has built affordable, scalable, and unlimited online storage services.

  • I would not recommend this business
  • None!
  • The are terrible at customer service. Paid over $250 and they did nothing except destroy my PC.

Don't waist your money. This outfit is just terrible. Nothing was done in a timely manner, in fact my computer ran worse that before they took over. I wouldn't use them if they were free. Terrible customer service and brain dead techs that treated me like I was from another planet. If you use them, you are throwing your money out the window. Absolutely the worst!

Value for moneyLost money.
Service & supportNon-existent.
Overall ratingPoor

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