Our company is a locally owned and operated IT business that focuses on delivering professional computer services at the most affordable rates in the industry. In the technology world, the level of customer service has declined as companies continue to outsource. Our representatives are locally based, and do not require you to have to speak to someone in another country to get your router to work.

We have observed big companies selling things clients do not need, by encouraging the purchase of support contracts which are not helpful or necessary. A call might require waiting for hours, then in the end, the customer is told to ship the computer to their main office. The price of shipping the hardware is sometimes more than the cost of the item itself! In the end, a new item is purchased when the problem could have been as little as replacing a blown fuse!

Contact Details

  City Pasadena , CA
  Zip Code 91103
  Address 602 N. Fair Oaks Ave
  Phone Number (626) 793-9934