Washington State Incorporated, Secure Remote Support, Inc is a trusted provider of real-time, online computer support for the home, home office, small business, business traveler, and college student on a nationwide level. We can also support residents in Canada and parts of Europe.

Our cutting-edge computer and personal technology services supply support for PCs, Mac's, MP3 players, PDAs and other mobile devices, networking and network devices, printers and other peripherals, digital cameras, and any software, connectivity, or operating system level issues.

The web-based nature of the company's online service provides an affordable, convenient, efficient, and effective computer support option at the click of a mouse.

Our Personal Technology Experts have:
* An average of 2-4 years of industry experience
* Advanced technical certifications, such as:
o A+
o Net+
* Over 160 hours of in-house training to become Personal Technology Experts.
* Ongoing weekly training on new technologies and the latest issues.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We specialize in being able to service ANY computer, mac (apple), mp3 player, printer,
  • Mobile phone, or any other electronic device that you may have

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • All technicians carry one or more certifications. A+, Network+, Security+, MCSE, MCCP

Payment Options

  • American Express, Credit Terms Available, Debit Cards, Discover, Financing Available, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, Travelers Checks, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Joe C.
  City Vancouver, WA
  Zip Code 98661
  Address 6715 NE 63rd. St., Suite 507
  Phone Number (800) 644-0211
  Tollfree 800.644.0211
  Fax 360.597.4828

Business Representative

Joe C.

Lead Technician

Joe Clark has been with the company for over 3 years. During his tenure here he has made his way through the ranks and is currently the Lead Technician. He oversees 24 of our tier 1, 2 and 3 techs. In addition to his daily responsibilities of managing the techs, work orders, and daily operations, he also assists customers and strives to provide a high level of support and service to our clients.

Products & Services

Guaranteed Malware Removal - Windows 7, Vista, XP

Guaranteed Malware Removal - Windows 7, Vista, XP

We guarantee the removal of all malware, viruses, adware from your machine. There is a no-fix no-fee guarantee as well. This is one of our most requested services and is performed by certified technicians based in the United States.

General Windows 7 Repair

General Windows 7 Repair

Repair any problem that you're currently having with your computer. No sound? Printer won't print? Having pop-ups and errors from Windows? This general repair service covers almost ALL possible repairs for your Windows 7 operating system.

General Windows Vista Repair

General Windows Vista Repair

Repair any problem that you're currently having with your computer. No sound? Printer wont print? Having pop-ups and errors from Windows? This general repair service covers almost ALL possible repairs for your Windows Vista operating system.

General Windows XP Repair

General Windows XP Repair

Repair any problem that you're currently having with your computer. No sound? Printer wont print? Having pop-ups and errors from Windows? This general repair service covers almost ALL possible repairs for your Windows XP operating system.

Basic Installation & Setup

Basic Installation & Setup

Service includes the installation and setup for devices such as printers, mp3 players, scanners, fax machines, wireless routers, home servers, external and wireless storage devices. Service includes installation of software as well as personalized training on how to use the device.

Promotions & Discounts

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  • I would recommend this business
  • Affordable, high quality repairs, timely
  • none

Secure remote support has been the IT gurus in charge of our companies IT support for over 4 years. We had been utilizing an in-house IT support division but with increasing costs, it was no longer realistic to have an in-house team to manage our 40-50 user terminals.

In the last 4 years we have experienced a tremendous 100% up-time on all terminals and have experienced next to NO issues with the support provided by the technicians at secure remote. These guys are very professional, well educated, very polite, and easy to speak to. We do have a couple of dedicated technicians to our account that seem to take a deeper role in understanding our needs and making sure they're being met.

Over the last four years we've have countless problems, as any growing company does. Josh and his team have always risen to the occasion and continue to provide outstanding support for all of our employee's. The easiest thing about these guys is that they always have someone on call that will answer the phone. We canít explain how annoying it is, with our old team, that we werenít able to get immediate results or had to wait days for a solution. With our current solution, we usually have results within a few hours. That is of utmost importance when you need to keep your team up and running.

We have only positive messages to relay about secure remotes team and their work. If you're considering hiring a technical team to help with issues you may be encountering, look no further. Try and ask for Josh, Joe or Chris as these guys are the main ones that help us on our account and do a phenomenal job! They are quick to respond, upfront with how long it will take to repair, and most importantly, do a fabulous job.

Thanks guys! Keep doing your thing, we are happy to have you aboard and we look forward to many more years of working with your team.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Computer faster, no freezing, browsers work much better, starts up faster, etc.
  • Was expesnive to get up and running, but it works much better now.

I hired Secure Remote Support based on the suggestion of another customer of theirs. I've gone through a couple different services and was not happy with the result, so I was really hoping that didn't happen again.

I came across their site when looking for some reputable online computer companies that could log into my pc and repair it as quickly as possible. I didn't realize quite how bad the viruses were on my machine, but the technician, Chris, that I reached when calling their toll-free number, helped me out. He assured me they could fix it within 6 hours or so. We connected the computer and they called me the next morning with the viruses gone. He informed me I had a conduit virus that had introduced some other little nasty's into the computer.

They upgraded me to their lifetime protection also. Chris said that they couldn't warranty their work if I decided to keep Norton on the machine. I opted to pay the extra money to get their lifetime protection software. So all in all, it was a fairly expensive repair, but:

My computer is much faster
No more freezing
Browser goes to the website I search
Actually starts up quickly
No more slow programs

I also have guaranteed virus protection, so if this happens again, its will get repaired. I think in the long run this service will pay for itself. Norton was charging me $70 per year to renew their software and I still got viruses.

I've finally found someone that I can trust, and am extremely please with Chris and the other tech that worked on my computer. I will be referring them to my family, friends and clients.

Value for moneyExpensive to get started, but will save my family money down the road.
Service & support
LocationOnline. I didn't have to take computer into an office for repair
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • fixes everything, convenient, affordable, reliable,
  • none

Great job fellas!! My PC has never ran better!
My family and I use the crap out of our home computer.....Everything from our bills, social networking, surfing, school, and the kids (and I) are always playing online games and videos.

Well, needless to say we got hit with some nasty viruses that I couldn't handle. My brother had once told me that he had someone fix his computer remotely, and thought that was super convenient. Luckily, I stumbled across secure remote on the Google search and gave them a shot.

It was so easy! and they fixed everything and added anti-virus protection as well!
The whole thing only took about an hour or so!
Secure remote support gets my vote! The tech couldn't have been more helpful or easy to talk to!

If my family ever has another problem with the computer, I know where to turn....Thanks Secure Remote

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • price, support ability, everything else
  • none

Thank you guys! I can't express my gratitude enough to have found these guys. I was originally really worried about having to take my computer into the geek squad for repair. I'd done this previously and it was quite an ordeal. Once you pay the exorbitant price to have it repaired, it takes two weeks before you even get it back!

Once I contact secure remote and gave them the reins it was about 2-3 hours before I had a fully functioning computer back. I was able to turn in my finals papers on time and get my facebook fix before the night was up!

I appreciate everything the repair guy did for me and my computer and would recommend their services to anyone interested in having a virus removed or their computer repaired.

Value for moneywasn't the cheapest, but wasn't the most expensive either.
Service & supportperfect!
Qualityway better than the geek squad, hadnt had any problems since they fixe
Locationdidnt have to even leave my house!
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • DID GREAT WORK! Couldn't believe how fast it was completed

It was the week before midterms and I had 3 separate assignments that I had to hand in. So while doing research I somehow got a virus. My laptop started to run slower and slower and I began to receive pop ups promising to enhance my manhood. Paranoia starts to set in when I realize I could lose all of my work and have to retake the entire term. I very quickly started looking for a repair service.

I called Secure Remote Support and received some better prices that fit more into my budget. They only charged me $105 to remove it and speed it up, and they did the work by connecting to my computer by the internet. So I didnít even have to take it anywhere. I liked that a lot. It really goes to show you how many other repair companies inflate their prices to make a buck. It is outrageous, but thankfully Ive found secure remote support.

Value for moneySeemed expensive compared to overseas groups, but well worth it
Service & supporttop notch!
Locationremote repair
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • affordable, best experience
  • none!

We have a desktop and a laptop. I switched my high speed internet provider to Comcast and had Joe do the wireless set up on my laptop. There were several issues beyond the "simple installation" and Joe was able to reconcile all. There has also been an ongoing problem with printing wireless from that laptop. Joe was able to resolve the issue and we, after 6 months without, can now print wirelessly. He also advised removing the current antivirus hardware we had (Norton) because it was causing all kinds of issues with the running of the computer.

We did and now, with the combination of comcast, cleaned up computer and new antivirus software the computers are fast and efficient. Joe also worked on the desktop, cleaning up 3 viruses that Norton was "unable" to clear. It works great. This computer repair service is great. I highly recommend it. The ease of having the computer worked on from my house was really valuable. Of course you need to have internet connection to use this. Joe was able to work on my computers same day and solve issues within 24 hours. He kept me updated on what he was doing and his charges were reasonable.

Value for moneygreat price, not expensive compared to other services
QualityNot many times have I seen this quality in the service industry.
Locationremote connection
Overall ratingExcellent

  • excellent customer service, high quality repair

I've posted this review on a couple of different review sites for Secure Remote Support. I want to make sure that all customers evaluating this company get to see my experience and can take it into account when choosing them for their repair work.

With a family of 5, and 6 different computers in the house, we've had our share of computer problems. Over the past several years I can recall many experiences with the area computer repair shops many of them meeting expectations, but never exceeding the service standard that I look for before giving a company my repeat business.

I most recently came across Secure Remote Support on a Angies list listing where they have a very positive following of customers as well as positive reviews.

I hired Joe, from Secure Remote Support, on July 11th to repair one of our computers that had a problem with receiving email through Outlook Express. It had worked for many years then all of a sudden quit connecting properly.

Joe and another technician (Sam, I think?) connected to the PC, offered up a in stone price of $79.99 to repair the problem and a time frame of 2 hours. They were able to meet the timeline provided as well as the price they quoted me. During the work, they upsold me on a optimization service for $25 extra. Because it was guaranteed to speed up the computer, I took advantage of this offer. It did speed up the computer noticeably and my husband is quite happy with the computer now. It is void of any problems or glitches and works very well.

After this service was complete, they offered me a discounted price on optimizing and cleaning up our families other computers. We took them up on this offer based on the service that was provided on our first one and connected them to two other computers that were older and experiencing slower than normal operations.

I'm very happy with the work provided for our families computers. The quality of service has been outstanding, the customer service has been the best i've experienced thus far in the service industry in a long time.

I highly recommend this service to anyone that is looking to have their computer repaired.

Anyone who questions the validity of this review may email me for my contact information at crawfordsarah12@gmail.com

Value for moneyExpensive comparatively, but you pay for what you get.
Service & supportvery peased with their support
Qualitytop 10% of service industry related products
Locationremote service, very easy
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • excellent service

Last week my computer stopped working as it should so I called up iYogi. The iYogi representative that i connected remotely to told me they would notify me when they diagnosed the problem. Almost two hours passed when I called to "check up" on their progress when I was told they hadn't found the source of the issue yet. A bit frustrated I asked what they'd been doing with my computer this whole time. He replied it was waiting for another technician to look at it.

Upon hearing this I decided to do some research on their service. Much to my dismay I found endless amounts of complaints. And tons of recommendations as alternatives such as secure remote support. I disconnected my computer after another 5 hours. So total it took them 10 hours to accomplish what seems could have been handled within a few hours. Secure Remote Support was able to repair it completely within just a couple of hours.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • excellent work

If you have a PC virus or computer problem, Secure Remote Support is the company to call. I knew I had a virus when I booted up and I kept getting a black screen. When I finally got in, I had continuous pop-ups, couldn't access Words, couldn't get to websites, my photo software was messed up but fortunately my e-mail was intact. It was bad, bad, bad news.

I went on-line and read reviews for two recommended anti-virus companies. There were complaints on these company particularly from a customer who paid $260 to have his computer fixed and it was never fixed. He found Secure Remote Support on-line and was able to finally get his computer up and running for only $79.99.

Joe Clark was professional all the way. He asked for a full description of the problems I had on my PC. He worked for 1 1/2 days debugging my PC, which was infected "worse than average". After debugging, he installed a new anti-virus software which I purchased (extra cost). Joe communicated well, asked the right questions and answered my questions with patience and solid information. He's a good listener with strong interpersonal skills. Most important, he's a good analyst, knowledgeable and experienced in fix computers.

Two days after the PC was "debugged and cleaned up" I called Joe about 4 minor glitches. Within a couple of hours they were taken care of.

I highly recommend Secure Remote Support and Joe Clark, for trouble shooting your computer.

Value for moneygreat work
Service & supportBetter than Geek Squad
QualityBest work that i've experienced
Locationworks well
Overall ratingExcellent

  • cost, timeliness
  • senior discount not able to be used with other promotional prices

I am not what you consider a "computer savy" person. I can turn it on, send and receive email, and purchase to school books. About a month ago I received a call from my bank asking about some questionable purchases. I stated, "No those were not infact NOT my purchases" and was promptly sent a new card. Concerned I traced back my spending and suspected an online purchase was the source. My roommate then suggested that my pc might be infected. UGH!

With limited experience I was weary of some of the advertised computer repair services. So I called the biggest name I could find, the Geek Squad and made my appointment. The technician came to my home a couple of days later and proceeded to work on the infection. $250 dollars later, the technician finished his service thanked me for my business and left. 2 days later I get another call from my bank asking about another $900 charge for on my new card. Again I said, "No". By this time I frustrated and concerned about my rent check bouncing. I called GS to alert them to the recurring issue that their technician failed to correct. Upon calling I was rudely told I must have done something to reinfect my machine.

I am 100% that it is still the same intrusion as I only use this for school. The representative was also unwilling to even consider that they didn't fix it properly and I was promptly told they could not help me any further. So I was left with a computer that is sharing my personal financial information with the world.

I started searching the web for an alternative when I found, Secure Remote Support, which offered to fix my issues for less than half the cost of the Geek Squad. Wow! I wish I would have known that before I just gave away $250. And being a college student and being on a budget, I opted for the $79.99 virus removal service.

After remotely connecting to my netbook (I didn't even know that was possible), Joe hopped in the driver seat and in 2 hours my computer was operating flawlessly again. The malicious program was indentified and removed and I was given the "No Fix No Pay" Guarantee. A couple of weeks have passed and I am happy to say that I have had no more strange charges to my card and the issue my PC had are no longer mine. :) Thank you secureremotesupport.com.

Value for moneyWould have given an excellent, but I dont give anyone a perfect score!
Service & supportWould have given an excellent, but I dont give anyone a perfect score!
QualityWould have given an excellent, but I dont give anyone a perfect score!
LocationWould have given an excellent, but I dont give anyone a perfect score!
Overall ratingGood

  • I would recommend this business
  • cost effective, easy to talk to, easy to understand, US
  • none that I can think of

I own a small business and we depend on our computers for our daily operations. So when one isn't working neither are we. When one of our workstations stopped working I had to find a repair service fast but I didn't know where to start looking. The phone book, the internet or one of those big chain stores. Lots of choices.. And I was finding that locating a good computer repair service is kinda like looking a good auto mechanic. We rely on these people to be able to repair things properly, quickly and to be cost effective. Let's face it, times are tough and everyone is watching their budget.

I've been a subscriber on a $20 unlimited monthly plan with SecureRemoteSupport.com for 6 months since our one of our office computers went down. They repaired it quickly and performed their service remotely without having to physically come into our office. They made recommendations to prevent any further possible problems and have been worth every penny I pay for my subsription. Thanks again guys. I'll be sure to recommend Secure Remote Support to my collegues.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Always a real person on the phone, very friendly and educated technicians.
Affordable and efficient.
You can't go wrong with these guys, top notch service.
Will recommend them to everyone.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • Quick & easy to use

Great work, excellent service.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Was able to connect right away and fix it, fixed in under estimated time
  • none

Issue with printer, fixed it in under and hour, well under expectations.

Value for moneyCame in under bid
Service & supportProfessional
LocationDid it while I was at work, remotely
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Hi Joe,

I just logged on to send you an email thanking you for your fantastic service.... and here you are. Your patience, perseverance and friendly service is second to none. Thanks again.

Everything is working perfectly and 'start-up' feels like it is 'instant' compared to before, when I used to go and make a coffee and still it wouldn't be ready.

Part of the BF2 problem was that I should have disabled Norton Antivirus whilst installing the patches. It is great now.... no hang-ups or crash outs like before. Thanks again.

I hope to see Avatar this weekend although I am a bit disturbed that so many people feel depressed about their lives after seeing the 'perfect' life on the new planet. My son said it was very 'thought provoking'.. and wouldn't tell me anymore about it, which is unusual for him cos he cannot keep a film ending to himself normally.

Again, I cannot sing your praises high enough for the service you gave me,

All the very best,


ps. I really enjoyed our exchange and was glad to give you a bit of an insight to English sense of humour. I apologise if I 'teased' you a little for being a 'colonist' but we tend to forget that Americans are really 'foreigners' who just happen to speak our language, and not 'children who have left home and are growing up'...*Smile*

Thanks Joe. I appreciate all your help. This company is A+ in service. Thanks again, Laura L.

Thank you so much! The computer is working great and I can finally get to that online class! Before I called you, I tried a bunch of other places that would have made me wait a week for an appointment or were way more expensive. You were amazing and it was so convenient with my weird work schedule.

As for the monthly thing, I really can't afford that right now, but I'll definitely keep that in mind. I became a fan on facebook, so I won't forget! Keep up the awesome work!!


Thanks Joe,

You did an incredible amount of work and you were extremely patient and helpful. I will think very hard about signing up for the service plan, as I would be thrilled to have regular support from someone as helpful and knowledgeable as you.

Thanks again and best regards,


**NOTE** Ed did go on to purchase our yearly service plan as of February 2009. He is going on his second year of service with us.


Well, that is certainly fair to me!!! And I will definitely rely on you for any computer needs; esp when I move to Coeur d' Alene and don't know any computer services....

I am so dependent on this computer and this job. As I said, it will be the only job I can "take with me," so to speak. Funny how things work out. I just got this job a year ago, on my own off the computer, it's law enforcement typing, and I am set wherever I go.....

But to have your services available when I move is very reassuring to me!

You "saved" me from frustration and probably spending money and time I can't afford. So I am gladly awaiting to pay this invoice!

You have just got yourself a new customer!

Thanks again, and have a very Merry Christmas!


Lisa A.

Thanks very much - the files opens OK and payment will be processed via PayPal, If they handled wine - that would also be sent to you. I feel lucky and blessed to have found you to work with us to unclog the PC. Thanks and good night. All the best, your type and character is RARE!