Oconee Media is a full service media production company specializing in audio, video, and web content creation. Our goal is to offer our customers access to professional equipment and expertise not available within their organization. Working throughout the upstate of South Carolina, Oconee Media offers individuals and small business organizations the resources of large corporations, without the capital expense associated with these services. Think of Oconee Media Services as your media content partner, available to provide media solutions when and where your needs arise.

Oconee Media has invested in technology which let us produce the highest quality content for our clients at a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own resources. Our experienced team works with this technology every day, giving you the benefit of investing your media dollars in the result, rather than the capital. Contact us today to get a quote for your next media project!

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  Person Michael Brown
  City Walhalla , SC
  Zip Code 29691
  Address 307 Forest Acres Circle
  Phone Number (864) 718-1192

Business Representative

Michael Brown

Director of operations

Products & Services

We provide the capability to shoot video in a variety of formats from full HD to SD in a tapeless workflow environment. We offer the ability to shoot in 4:3 or 16:9 screen formats, however; most of our work in the past several years has been in the 16:9 widescreen format.

Whether your event is a dance recital, dramatic performance, wedding, or seminar; we know one certainty, there are no retakes. For us to offer the professional touch your special event deserves, we plan. We prefer a site check in advance. Knowing the lighting, sound, electrical, and facility requirements is paramount to a great shoot. When we explain we will be arriving as soon as the facility opens to setup, the reaction is usually one of surprise. We've been to a lot of events where the videographers are lucky to get setup by curtain. Live events have too many uncontrollable elements to take for granted the controllable ones.

For dance recitals, dramatic performances, and business events we normally use the 3 camera shoot. This has proved to be an excellent method of creating a more exciting edited product. The main camera records most of the action and the two secondary cameras shoot B-roll. For wedding ceremonies, the essence is similar, the two secondary cameras are small enough to tastefully reside almost anywhere, unobtrusively. For the reception, the secondary cameras are setup in an "interview" area, letting your family and friends to record their sentiments for your DVD.

Computers are an important part of life today. We think nothing of buzzing around the internet, downloading music and video, creating and sending greeting cards, playing games, and searching for information. The things that most people use their computer for, are the things that can create issues to safety and security. Email is the most vulnerable point of entry on your computer. My Momma used to say, "Don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been". Does the term "virus" have a correlation here? By employing the concept of best practices, you can protect your computer and your data files.

Our suggestion is a solid Antivirus program. These will have email scanning to look for virus and threat signatures (code) . Windows has a built in firewall, use it! Windows is constantly updated by Microsoft for security vulnerabilities, you should always keep your Windows updated through Microsoft Update. TIP: Do not use preview panes for your emails, preview opens the email and releases any malware which might have gotten past your antivirus.