Full featured onsite computer repair for business and residents.
We service all of Hernando County, Parts of Citrus and Sumter Counties.

We do not sell parts, but we can service all computers with windows operating systems. We also provide services to install ubuntu linux too. We do not however work on Apple products of any kind.

For PC's we offer onsite tune-ups , virus removal, networking , wifi networks + security, 1 on 1 training lessons, full system backups/ installation. You must have your own software / restore discs if needed.

As of 2011 we now offer remote tune ups, so if your computer is running slower or you feel it needs routine cleanup and can get online , we can offer the same servicing remotely. Saving us the trip and saving you some money in the process.

If you still need anymore information feel free to call, all services have up front pricing so you won't have to worry about the ole' hourly gimmick some other companies like to play.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Computer Tuneups & Virus Removal
  • Wired and wireless networking
  • Upfront Pricing

Serviced Areas

  • Hernando County Florida, Citrus County Florida, Sumter County Florida, Spring Hill Florida, Brooksville Florida, Floral City Florida

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, Cash

Contact Details

  Person Noah Burke
  City Floral City , FL
  Zip Code 34436
  Address 12421 S Hyacinth Point
  Phone Number (352) 796-4850
  Mobile 3524101897

Business Representative

Noah Burke


I started Noah Enterprises back in 2003 and have been working at it full time.
Having a great customer support base, I am lucky to not have needed much in form of paper advertisements, as word of mouth has kept the phone ringing since the inception of the company.

Growing up I was the "go to guy" to fix computer problems and by the time I started I had already had a long list of people who faithfully call when they need help, so in a way the business found me and not the other way around.

Products & Services

Noah Enterprises experts in building effective web sites.

We know that all budgets are not the same so we have web development services built into good, better and best.


This is the entry level for NBE website development comparable to the best form of "price house" sites that offer a template website with cookie cutter layout and limited customization.

The difference between our entry level package and the "too cheap too be true" gimmicks out there is that if you have us design you a website in the "good" category you can always upgrade it to the next level.

The other difference is that there are no hidden taxes, no strings and you will always know exactly what your getting.


This is the next level up. This is what separates true web designers from the template guys. In this package you will get a website that is fully customized around your business or personal website to your "personality".

This also involves search engine optimization, domain email address and ftp access for you to manage your own site.


This is the highest level. You get full access to customized animation, logos, advanced website promotion, and extensive keyword optimization.

The best package provides you ability to set up your website to be a e-commerce site. Allowing you to have a online shop, sell products and/or accept donations.

We know that it is confusing on why allot of companies can charge various rates for a "website" but believe this.

Choosing The Right Package:

Our hosting packages are $20. 00 a month. This is for personal and buisness websites. If you need SSL certificates or a banking gateway the price is determined by your bank.

Custom Packages:

We are offering hosting packages for individual users, business sites, and e-commerce sites.

Keeping your business from unnecessary computer problems:

We understand that in order to keep your business running smooth the equipment you use must be in excellent working order. We suggest having a full system check-up twice a year, like a car routine maintained is cheaper than major repairs.


Networks with important information usually get attention from prying eyes. If you have a wired intranet or wireless network, you should make sure that it is secured. before someone else finds out for you.

Sensitive Data Destruction

Business have security guards, passwords and internet security measures but when you throw out all the old PCs, along goes all the data with it. Make sure you have your hard drives data destroyed with our data swiping service. This service uses the same measures as the D. O. D. (Department of Defense) .

Virus / Spyware Removal
Full Operating System Reinstalls
New Hardware Installs | Upgrades
Visual Inspection & Hardware Testing
Sensitive Date Destruction
Removal of old/unwanted systems
Data Recovery Services
Customized Training Lessons
Registry Repair|Bloatware Removal
Home Networking Setup
Wi-fi Networking plus security
Wireless & Corded Printer Setups
Operating System Upgrades
Firewall | Security Services

Customer Testimonials

Noah has been servicing me and my families computers for 10 years and he is always on time and very honest and gets the work done! He is always professional and dresses nice and is very respectful as well. A very good business man I highly recommend that anybody needing computer work call Noah.

If you need any kind of help or repair for your computer this is the guy to go to A+

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Anyone near 41 and county line road, you might want to get inside, the fugitive police helicopter has been flying around for 40 mins now. Seems someone is on the loose.
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It is true, there is no cloud, just someone else's computer somewhere else. Make sure when you do backup's you know who is watching!!
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A lesser known service I provide is photo editing / mastering with Gimp or Photoshop.
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Well despite facebook starting this in 2008, 2017 is better late than never to claim the business page.
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