The Technicians of No Geeks PC are a breed of their own. It's so easy to label us all technicians, even the owner (me). We are indeed, but more importantly each of the No Geeks Technicians have years of unique experience in computer support, residential and commercial networking, data recovery, and a variety of fields of the communications industry. Our experience and specialized knowledge in technology is something you and your household can benefit from.

No Geeks started as a result of 5 years of research, trial and error, and a genuine will to help everyday people with todays tech. We will provide every household with a cost effective solution to bridge the gap that exist between the average persons knowledge of tech, and the horrible tech support and dishonest computer repair shops in Oklahoma City. More than a computer repair service, we support all the technology in your home or office. By phone, through email, and even in person with quality services.

Your satisfaction is important at No Geeks PC. When you choose us for computer repair, tech support, or home networking service you will always receive a 90 satisfaction guarantee on all labor performed by your technician. Best Buys Geek Squad and Staples EasyTech only warranties their services for 30 days.

Contact Details

  City Oklahoma City, OK
  Zip Code 73122
  Address 5538 Woodbrier Dr.
  Phone Number (405) 889-3634

Products & Services

OnSite Computer Repair Service

$149.99 - Flat Rate.
OnSite Computer Repair Service

No Geeks PC is a licensed Oklahoma City computer repair service, and our PC repair technicians are all certified professionals, each with years of unique experience in the I. T. field.

Ever had a computer repair shop or technician tell you within a few minutes that they must replace major hardware components?

We always thoroughly inspect each computer and run diagnostics to ensure the problem is found, and corrected, the first time. saving you time, money and maybe even a little your sanity. No Geeks technicians are willing to take the time to sit down with you to explain your problem, suggest recommendations, and offer a true solution that you are comfortable with and can afford.

Who else will stand by their work like No Geeks PC?
Our 90 guarantee goes beyond the customary 30 days that other computer repair shops and services offer. At No Geeks we want you to know we care enough to offer you the best guarantee in the industry, and we are confident enough in the computer repair and support solutions we provide to go beyond your expectations.

Contact Us to Schedule your appointment, no travel fees within the Oklahoma City metro area.

Viruses & Malware Removal

$149.99 - Flat Rate.
Viruses & Malware Removal

If your computer is infected with a Virus, Trojan, or Spyware then there is a high likelihood that any stored passwords, email addresses, personal documents, or information entered into forms will be "read" by a remote attacker. This information is then exploited for the purpose of Internet Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, or Identity Theft.

We take your personal and financial security seriously, so all virus removal request are given priority over other non-emergency PC repair request. We can not stress how important it is that you have your PC looked at by a professional if you suspect your computer has a virus. Some common symptoms of infection may be:

  • Slow or Sluggish Performance.

  • Excessive Popups and Intrusive Advertising.

  • Odd/Unknown Virus Warnings or Alerts.

  • Anti-Virus Application insist you "buy" the product to remove infection (Scareware) .

  • Messages appearing to come from Windows warning of infection.

  • Overall Odd or unexpected PC behavior.

  • Your certified No Geeks PC technician will completely remove the offending malware, then apply numerous enhancements to protect your PC against future infection. Additionally, we give you a 90 day guarantee on Virus and Malware removal, so you know we will do it right the first time. More service. for half as much as any "geek" in Oklahoma City. No Geeks PC.

    * No Diagnostic Fee (saves you $129. 99 over a "geek".
    * No Travel Fee in Oklahoma City. We don't charge extra for coming to you.
    * The industries best guarantee. Because we care enough to go beyond.

    Internal and External Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Up to 500GB $499.99 / Up to 1TB $699.99
    Internal and External Hard Drive Data Recovery

    The most important hardware component within your computer by far is the Hard Drive.

    We spend countless hours collecting memories, working on projects, building collections and keeping track of customers. We depend on our data to "be there", but what happens when your data is lost, deleted or corrupted?

    True Fact: Hard drive manufacturers have outsourced the labor and materials used to manufacture hard drives. As a result the quality of the one hardware component within our computers that we depend on the most has taken a severe beating.

    Hard drive failure/malfunction is the #1 leading cause of data loss. It's estimated that 1 in 4 businesses throughout the U. S. will suffer some form of data loss this year. Now, that fact may not effect you if your a "home user", but it does shed light on the fact that your not alone.

    No Geeks PC specializes in Data Recovery. Not just for Americas small businesses, but also home users just like yourself. Looking around you will find many companies and service providers who will offer to recover your data, but only No Geeks PC can do it for a fair and honest rate without compromising your privacy and security.

    For testimonials from our data recovery clients, please visit our website. We have helped countless home users and businesses recover lost data, and we will help you too.

    Facing Data Loss or Hard Drive Failure?

    First and foremost is "Don't Panic". Acting out of desperation often makes matters worse. Follow these simple steps to preserve your data:


    Turn off the computer or device (external hard drive) .

    Do not turn it back on, or try to reconnect the device.

    On a piece of paper perform a through inventory of your data on the affected device.

    Evaluate your situation and options.

    Not everyone will have data that is "critically"important enough to warrant data recovery. Make the decision based on your needs and budget, but don't scrimp to the point that you hire a shade tree computer guy to recover your data. Most computer repair shops and services do not have a comprehensive knowledge of data recovery. They typically use Windows based software to access your data. This increases, not helps, the likelihood of permanent data loss in many cases.

    If your data is important to you, or critical to your business then you absolutely should seek a qualified data recovery service. No Geeks can help, and we use the same specialized data recovery and forensics environments used by Law Enforcement, not Windows based software.

    Our rates on Data Recovery remain less than half that of National Data recovery firms, and in most cases we can recover your data without the need for a ISO Certified clean room. In cases where severe mechanical damage has occurred, No Geeks partners with the nations most respected data recovery firm - Drive Savers. We will make every attempt to recover your data without this service, but please be aware of the possibility that your hard drive may need to be sent to Drive Savers to be mechanically repaired so that data recovery will be possible. In such cases we will always notify you and give you the choice before sending your recovery project to our partner for Clean Room recovery.

    Call Now for a free consultation by phone. You may also visit our website for rates and conditions for our data recovery services.

    Customer Testimonials

    Thank you very much for saving me over $1,500.00 dollars. That is the amount geeksqaud would've charged me to perform a data recovery and to put a new hard drive in. Your the greatest Comp. Tech. that I ever met. You were very sweet and you knew exactly what you were doing! I give limitless kudos for you! Also, I would recommend you to everyone who has problems with their pc's! Thank you!